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Now You Love Me? (Need Male) 1x1

By SmileBright

Replies: 5 / 4 years ago

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[pic http://s3.favim.com/orig/42/couple-cute-kiss-love-pretty-Favim.com-358607.jpg]

Jace met {BLANK} when they were 6 years old. When Jace was 17, she told {BLANK} she loved him. He told her, [i "I love you like a sister, nothing more. Sorry." ]

Jace then started to date Andrew, the player of the school. He cheated on her, put her down all the time, and just would bug her. But {BLANK} was still her best friend. Once he realized that she would come to him for everything, {BLANK} realized he did love Jace. Then Jace finally got dumped by Andrew, so she was very close to {BLANK}, but she always talked about how she would never be in a relationship. Will {BLANK} make her fall in love again? And will it be with him?

+Real Pictures Please!
+Cybering is a 'NO!'
+Cursing is alright, no overdoing it.
+One liners KILL roleplays! I wont do it so you wont either. Try to at least give me one to three paragraphs
+plot twist are acceptable.
+No god modding!
+ Be creative with posts
+Tell me if you are leaving
Jace was in the bathroom washing her face as she heard his voice. It made her smile lightly. "I'm upstairs." she smiled, making her way into her room and siting cross leg on her bed. She smiled as he sat on her floor, presenting a whole array of things. "Oh, let's just mix everything and watch the movie. But first..." she said, going over to him, pushing him down so he was laying down, and hugged him tightly. "Thank you" she smiled, and getting off of him so he could get up.

Jace Olivia smiled, grabbing the movie and putting it into the DVD player. "Come here and cuddle with me?" she smiled, pulling on his hand. "Oh, I didn't even look what movie you brought, what did you get?" she asked, smiling at him.
Keagan was outside on his bike when he heard his phone. He moved and he sighed looking down as he heard her talk. Keagan nodded softly listening and listening.

"I'll be there, give me 10 minutes ok?"

The other informed her confidently. He moved kicking the peg on his bike up and peddled to the store. He got some of her favorite things, a corny movie and went off.

He arrived at her home knocking on the door lightly.

"Honey- I'm home!"

he called out in a mocking tone and made his way upstairs towards her. He sat down in front of her taking things out of his bag.

"I got some ice cream, candies.. some pop- oh! and a movie."

he said to her with a big goofy grin.

"What would you like to do first? Or do you just wanna mix it all together and watch the movie?"
Jace Olivia just got home from what she wasn't sure was a good or bad day. She was just horribly dumped by her now ex-boyfriend, Andrew. Sure, he was an awful guy, but she did love him. Now, she was alone.

Andrew was a jock, a cool guy. Always telling her she was stupid, or getting fat or anything to put her down. He never called her by her first name, thinking it is 'a boy name', so she was Olivia to him. But she loved her name, and now she never had to deal with any of that again.

Jace knew who she could call, her best friend. He was just who she needed to talk to. She scrolled through her phone, pressing call. "Hey, it's me." she started. This is when it hit her, and she started getting sad, she could feel the tears well up in her eyes. "A-andrew broke up with me, and, uh, I just need you. You are the only person I need right now." she said, breaking down now. She was sitting in the middle of her room, crying. "C-can you come over?" Jace finished, starting to calm herself down.

--I'll have more to write when I have more to go off of!--