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the flames of edo

By lalouche

Replies: 8 / 4 years ago

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Tomoyo stopped on the building then turned.
as he spoke three elite ninja's lept up to the roof and drew their ninjato blades.
A warrior spoke
the lead ninja spoke
"I am hanzo hattori of the hattori ninja clan. Surrender your life and We will grant you amnesty. Fight on our side!"
"No way in hell i will fight for the tokugawa's "
"Then it cant be helped!"
the lead ninja slashed as the other two got around his sides and rushed in
Hanzo then thought.
"He can't get out of that,no matter how fast he may be"
Tomoyo slid a foot back as he spoke
"Watch this girl"
As the two ninjas slashed he spun,the blades just trimming locks of his long hair.As he came out of the spin he drew his own blade. As he finished the draw he then lunged forwards.The two ninja falling to the ground off the roof bleeding from there chests.
His strike was so quick it was almost invisible.
By now soldiers were helping the girl up.
Hanzo shouted.
Tomoyo then swung his blade quickly as hanzo blocked it then threw a smoke bomb.
Tomoyo then smashed his sword shut as a small boom was heard,Smoke now vacating his area Hanzo coming down with a straight slash.
Tomoyo side stepped as hanzo spun flinging his leg out.
Tomoyo jumped over the kick as he smashed his own foot into hanzo's face,causing him to bleed through his mask.
"Do not chase me again"
He then turned and ran off,vanishing into the flaming night sky.
lalouche / 4y ago
Vana wasn't expecting that type of speed.

Upon completing the roll, the red head had cut her katana, fucking imperialist bastard. To add actual injuries, he cut her leg, causing her to buckle, and collapse wildly.

As he starts running, [+pink "At least tell me your name, imperialist dog"]
Vana / Arya / 4y ago
"your mistaken"
Tomoyo then launches into the air as she rolls,Using a wall as a brace to bounce back,spiraling down at her.
Coming down with great force his blade smashes into hers,cutting clean through the long katana.
Using his movment he then spins behind her and slashes into the back of her knee,buckling the leg.
Pulling his blade back a small cut is made on her back as he kicks her to the ground.
"your far to slow,come back when your truly ready to face off with me"
Tomoyo then spun again blocking another sword strike as he jumped onto a small house and began running from roof top to roof top.
my battle here is done"
lalouche / 4y ago
Getting into a defensive stance, he decided to attack.
Vana goes through the preparation motions to meet his attack.
As he slaughtered more men, he suddenly sheathes his katana, and wall runs.
Vans knows he will try to get a blow from behind. Two options, either parry, or roll. Parrying would lead to unnecessary complications.
As another explosion vibrates throughout the demolishing city, Vana uses her forward motion to roll away from the blade trying to bite into her back.
Turning around and facing the redhead, [+pink "Fast, but not fast enough,"] in a taunting voice.
Vana / Arya / 4y ago
Tomoyo looked at the girl then glared coldly
"the city is in flames due to your attack.
if you wish to die then I shall send you to the afterlife"
a loyalist ran up to the girl
"Becareful,that's th legendary man slayer of the rumors"
Tomoyo took two steps forth then vanished,appearing above an advance of the girls men.
Landing on the ground,he brought the blade down upon one,spun quickly as he struck the next 8 times.
The bodies began to pile up as tomoyo reached the girl
Slipping the blade back in it's sheath,He then sprinted,gaining enough speed too run sideways up a buildings wall.
Leaping from it he then landed behind the girl,Spinning the then drawing his sword he stepped in then slammed the blade shut with blinding speed.
As the sword shut,a small boom happened. The small blast flings dirt up into the air as tomoyo watches the girl.
lalouche / 4y ago
Things blowing up? Pretty normal for a city under attack. Especially, if it is under assault by those damn imperialists.

One such, being some red-head with long red hair. Just finished killing someone.

[+pink You damn imperialist, you will pay for this,] as Vana drew her katana and wakazashi.
Vana / Arya / 4y ago
Crimson flames rose up in a south eastern section of edo as tomoyo stood there.
A group of samurai charged down the dirt path between the shops as tomoyo then took a stance.
"Fine,you can join your brothers in the pits of hell"
Tomoyo spoke coldly as he drew his katana.
Tomoyo stared coldly as he rushed into battle,his red hair trailing behind him.
The flames spread in the south eastern section as the sounds of battle could be heard in the streets of the newly built and formed city of edo.
Tomoyo then clashed blades with one warrior.
A second samurai got behind him as tomoyo then spun on his heels.
Shoving the first enemy away he then took the sai-ken stance.
The foe infront of him rushed in as tomoyo side stepped,bringing his blade down on the warriors neck,cleaving the head from his shoulders in a clean slash.
Tomoyo then stepped into another slash,finishing off his first opponent.
More began to rush in as tomoyo spoke.
"The streets will be tainted red with blood,as red as the fire that rages in the south"
the streets surrounding the area tomoyo was in battle in soon began to fill with fighters from both sides.
it was makoto nagano,the leader of the outfit currently hunting tomoyo down.
"The man-slayer is far to much for you too handle"
the flames exploded as a gun powder storage ignites and tomoyo coldly glares.
"Makoto-san,it truly is a shame we are now enemies,I truly enjoyed your company,as a friend and warrior"
"you are no friend of mine,imperialist"
Makoto rushed forth and swung his blade with great skill.
Tomoyo ducked the attack,returning with his own slash.
Makoto ducked the blade as he stepped in for a close range attack.
Tomoyo then spun and got low,preforming a rising slash,followed by a flurry of repeated attacks.
The man managed to block some.
The two warriors stepped back.
a moment of silence passed.
Makoto then began to bleed out of his arms and shoulders as tomoyo spoke.
lalouche / 4y ago