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will it ever end?

By bleedingheart94

Replies: 40 / 10 years ago

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Akatsuki Was in love with her best frined,he didnt know him self. But the day she comes to tell her true feelings he gets killed from someone in the world her father(vampire) grow up in. The night world wants her to become one of her, Law knew of this and save her each time they tried to take her or trun her,this start to happen once her father died.they killed her mother years later so now she is alone besides having Law but that all changes with one little mistake
law ownwed the ring of life it gives him an extra chance at life he was alive now but buried under in a coffin and had to work him self free some he knew his yumi would need him soon enough.
They both have rings that will sabe them both.

+4 lines
She walks out to get her car keys then ask him if he is ready,her chest was having the sick feeling ago that killed magor.She sits in the car waiting for her best friend.S he wonders what they would do if they ever did get together,she really did love him....
(( Yes we can... I will post in a sec. ))
Ritsuko / Inferno001 / 10y ago
(i will sweetheart can we start oh and can we make it up to four sentens?)
( oh...I was hopin that you'd be on for awhile since I will be able to usr my computer then. )
Ritsuko / Inferno001 / 10y ago
(about an hour or 2 ill be goin up and down)
( Before we do, how long do you think you'll be on? )
Ritsuko / Inferno001 / 10y ago
(yes shell we go on????)
are you still here?
Ritsuko / Inferno001 / 10y ago
yes im here.
meow....are you there?
Ritsuko / Inferno001 / 10y ago
( I gtg for the night. I will post tmrw when I get on. )
Ritsuko / Inferno001 / 10y ago
"yeah" She hate to go to these things. They would always tell her that if she dont eat she herself will die.
" Y-yeah...Lets get going or you'll be late for your appointment. "
Ritsuko / Inferno001 / 10y ago
"ok so ready to get going." She had to get to the doc