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All I Want For Christmas Is...You (Closed) 1x1

By SmileBright

Replies: 3 / 5 years ago

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Noah and Noel Huffman are twins. They had been really close, but when their parents split, Noel stayed with her mother in Utah, and Noah ended up moving with their father to Florida. Because Noel and Noah begged their parents to let their children see each other again, they let them spend their Christmas time together this year, only for a few months. Their schools allowed Noel to take time off and study at Noah's school for a few months. Noah's friend, ________, had heard about Noel but had never seen pictures of her recently. When Noel comes, _________ falls for the girl, after being around her so often because he basically lived at Noah's home. Will Noah allow this? What will happen when Noel has to go back to Utah?


Literate Please (1000 Characters Per Post)
No ditching.
Tell when your leaving.
Have fun and BE CREATIVE with your post.
I take time with posting, and I may not post for a few days, if you get impatient, just message me and I can get my post out faster, I will not take it badly if you do!
Have fun!

[pic http://data.whicdn.com/images/19620986/amplt3-boy-christmas-christmas-tree-girl-Favim.com-249301_large.jpg]
^^ I would like their first kiss to be something like this.


Noel and ____ love will move a bit quickly, but not love at first sight, marry me now, kind of thing. When he sees her, he will think shes really pretty and it will slowly escalate as they find things they have in common. I will be playing Noah, but he will not be a huge character, which is why he does not have character for himself.
[pic http://i.pinger.pl/pgr282/2ad31b860006245751e90517]
That is what he looks like.
[font "Courier New" This was all new to him. Having a best friend. A roommate. Or just having a friend in general. Diego was always the one that always hung out with the bad crowd. Diego met Noah when Noah first moved here. Diego didn't know how to react at first, when he tried to become friends with him, but Diego couldn't just be mean to the poor guy. So, eventually Diego started to show him around, and then the more they hung out, the closer they got. Diego used to hang out with a bad crowd. Drinking and doing drugs was Diego's thing, but once Noah came around, Noah got him out of that crowd. Every since Diego left that part of his life behind, things have been really looking up for him. Diego promised himself that he would never go to that type of lifestyle ever again.]

[font "Courier New" There are days when Diego wanted to go back to that lifestyle. But of course, Noah was there to help him through his hard time. Especially after Diego found out that his mom passed away. The only family that Diego had left. At that point, the male didn't give a damn about anything anymore. He just wanted all the pain to be gone. Diego was never good with expressing his feelings or even explaining that he wants all the pain gone. Diego could barely walk out of the house without seeing kids and parents around. It stung Diego hard. Made his chest hurt bad. His heart was completely broken, and never in a million years did he think that he would feel a broken heart. Diego was always the type of guy that put his all in something and then ends up hurt. Another reason why he was this bad boy guy, or he tried to be this bad boy, and sometimes just really failed at it.]

[font "Courier New" But today was going to be a very interesting day. Noah has a sister, named Noel, and she was coming to visit today. Diego got this big lecture about how he isn't allowed to flirt with his sister, gain feelings, nothing! Diego knew that sometimes he wouldn't be able to control that, but he just agreed with him. As a best friend to Noah, he would try his hardest, but if she was a beautiful woman, Diego knew that it was going to be hard. Diego was up and ready to meet Noah's twin sister. All Diego has heard about is how Noel's going to be here soon. Diego wished that she would just show up, so Noah would just shut up already.]

[font "Courier New" Diego looked at the time, and realized that Noah's twin should be here any minute. Diego leaned against the couch, and then smiled when he heard a knock at the door. Diego knew he would be meeting her very soon. Diego stared off into space, waiting for the other two to come back in the room. Diego heard them approach the room, hearing the female asking who that was. Diego eyes locked on the two, and then he watched the female. Diego chuckled from her little joke, as he shook her hand. [b "I'm Diego Eberle. Pleasure to meet you. I've heard so much about you."]] [font "Courier New" Diego flashed her a smile, and then he exchanged looks between the twins.]
To: Noel Huffman
From: Noah Huffman
Message: Can't wait till you get here! See you in 3 hours. Text me when you're in the taxi. Have a good flight!

To: Noah Huffman
From:Noel Huffman
Message: I will. Can't wait to see you either! Thank you bro!

Noel Huffman turned her phone on airplane mood and settled into her window seat on the plane. She hated flying but watching a movie, the time will fly by. She picked a movie, Mulan, because why not? She plugged her headphone and got ready for her three hours of high altitude and unrealistic happy attitudes of the flight attendants.

Noah Huffman put his phone next to him after receiving the text back from his sister. He was really happy to have his twin home with him. He knew his friend would love her, just as a friend, of course. He turned to his friend, who basically lived at his home. "Ready to meet my twin?" he asked casually. Noel and himself looked similar, but no where near identical. They have similar features such as a small-ish nose, light brown hair and blue-gray eyes. But Noel has slightly tanner skin, while Noah had lighter skin, which was weird considering he now lived and Florida. Their faces didn't match except for the nose and eyes color. "She's fantastic, you'll love her. But don't like her too much, she is still my sister." he said, half kidding...half dead serious.

~~Three Hours and 30 minutes later~~

Noel finally was out of the airport and was in her taxi. She sent a quick text to her brother and let him know she was on her way. She told the taxi driver where she was headed and put in one headphone in case he had any questions to ask her. She looked out the window as they drove past the beautiful beaches and palm trees, very different to Utah which she has never left before today. She showed up at her fathers house, a wonderful house it was. White, a big yard, and a lovely porch. She was sad because there would be no white Christmas this year, but her brother was the best present. She grabbed her luggage, and ran up to the door.

Noah heard the door, and ran to get it. When he his sister was their, he picked her up in a hug. Noel giggled as she was picked up. "Hey bro. I missed ya" she smiled. "How are ya kid?" she asked, smirking. She knew he hated when she called him kid, she was only two and a half minutes older than him. "I'm good. I missed you too." Noah said, setting her back on her feet. They walked together and ended up in the living room, and sitting was someone Noel didn't recognize. "Who's that?" Noel asked. "That's my best friend. Has been since I moved out here. He showed me the ropes and taught me some cool stuff. Noel made her way over. "Hey, I'm Noel Huffman, the much prettier of the Huffman twins, if I do say so myself." she smiled, her brother rolling his eyes. Outstretching her hand to him, she asked "And what's yours?"