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a long way home

By lalouche

Replies: 12 / 5 years ago

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Tomoyo smiled as the wind brushed passed him,carrying a torrent of a gust.Blasting all around him away as he started to walk forwards.
"You've lost,underestimated me. Now,Your done. Idiot?,I do believe you fell right into the trap I set for you"
tomoyo pushed his blade into her stomach as the sky turned black,red aura bleeding from the girl.
He then kicked her down to the ground as arms came up from the grass and grasped onto the strange girl.
tomoyo then spoke
"SIDEL,kenfesta wa kashita"
the arms tightened their grip as a pentagram appeared around the girl.
"This seal,it prevents any magic on your part to be used"
The gigan skull vanished into thin air as tomoyo watched.
"You,You would be worth my time too train.Perhaps even a worthy student. But I can only offer you this if you do not like to lose at the hands of your opponent.
Next time,Take the time too try and sense the type of magic your foe wields.You might not fall into that type of trap again."
Tomoyo stepped back
"So,would you like too train under me,or shall I just let you run along and play your children's games?"
sting / lalouche / 5y ago
[i His assumptions were adorable however.]

Though.. This coffin attack instantly reminded her of another past opponent. Zombie singer and skeletal dragon, correct? Possibly. She couldn't exactly remember when blades were currently perforating through her body. The situation obviously wasn't gonna become better, or reward her in any sense. Male held some surprising skill. [b HEH] She should have been more wary, oh well. [b Too late] Marie didn't bother registering the other male voices outside her entrapment. They weren't important.

She muttered something breathless then.
[i A Gigan Skull materialized beside the Skullgirl. The lacking space within the coffin trap.. She felt actual pain now. Her beloved weapon merely twitched in adoration.. Before BITING HER HEAD OFF! A Corrupting Flame Devoured The Trap, Fleeting Dust Mixed With Sand Graced The Airwaves, surrounding Tomoyo, Kykcer, and Sting. A single phrase finally resting.]

[i "Idiot."]

[hr ][b NONONONO]
[hr ]

[b Alive.]
ᴍᴀʀɪᴇ / Siho / 5y ago
Smiling sting appeared next to tomoyo on his right side as he allowed his blade to appear.
"it's far too simple to let her off that easily,and 13 Knows that as well,He wants too see just what she can do"
he smiled his dark and sinister grin.
"and I want too see 13 really fight,it's been ages since hes used more than a fraction of his power"
Sting then shivered as he recalled the last time it happened.
"that poor girl is in trouble if he lets her out of that cage kycker"
sting watched observantly as he surveyed the battlefield
The orginization was searching for something,Something important. But only tomoyo knew what it was.And he clearly had not found it yet.
sting / lalouche / 5y ago
Kykcer stepped out of the woods with look of utter disappointment as he spoke.
"even though she provided the use of a new magic,it still leave a dismal taste in my mouth,stop toying with her and kill her now 13!"

He then held his hand out as his own scythe appeared.
The young cocky boy smiled in amusement at the coffin cage.
"If your using that,I guess you didn't get what you want then.Oh well,I told you this area had nothing of any value power or skill for that matter anyways,Let's just move on to the area I had marked out for you,the magic users their have far more talent then that mindless ditz of a girl anyways"
He then spun his blade as he stepped up next to tomoyo watching the coffin
"hurry up with this stupid ritual of yours 13"
kycker / lalouche / 5y ago
Tomoyo smiled.
"Exactly what I wanted"
he then let his hood down as his eyes turned red,and stayed red.
The humanoid figures began to vanish slowly as tomoyo held his blade up,lightning striking him as he slowly stepped forth,infron of the girl as he caught her neck,He then spun around as a sword appeared in his hand.
He flipped the blade around and stabbed himself through the chest,the blade then entering the girls chest.
He then stepped forth,the blade removing from his body.
It stuck inside the girls chest as he looked at her.
"Coffin seal:death's cold blade"
a cage of coffins rose up around the girl sealing her in as he chuckled.
"thankyou,hopefully you give me enough"
Inside the cage arms began too grasp the girl as another blade impaled her.
Blood began too pool at the bottom as tomoyo frowned.
"I over estimated you,you don't have the kind of energy i thought you did,playing with you was a waste of time,but. Thank you for providing me with knowledge of the gigan skull magics."
Tomoyo then waved his free hand about as his own skull appeared.
He then frowned.
"ehh,its all right for the first try i guess" Tomoyo watched the coffin as he glared.
"What a let down girl,you called me a disapointment,yet you couldn't provide me,or my assosiates with what we wanted to see,hear and experience.Such a shame really,I guess your power was simply above average,not on par with the orginization's however,sad really,you we're kind of cute too"
tomoyo looked down at the ground as he sighed then spoke.
"too bad"
lalouche / 5y ago
Her blood is a brilliant azure.
His attacks were extremely numbing.

[i Another disappointment].
Her past challengers weren't like this male. Patricia is better than him. Even that immortal feline had been a worthy opponent. [b HEH] Giggles. Chuckles. Hearty laughter fell from between her bloodied lips. Her formerly dull crimson orbs began glaring with utter amusement.

Marie mindlessly flicked her wrist at non-riveting male. Pools of distortion were forming behind the Skullgirl's position. All too soon, humanoid skulls begun appearing and floating with purpose.
ᴍᴀʀɪᴇ / Siho / 5y ago
Tomoyo then vanished again as he appeared infront of the girl
He swung his blade as a gash opened up on her shoulder ,the sleeve of the shirt tearing as he vanished again. The sky now turning red as well as the sun,turning into the moon.
He appeared behind her then swung his blade as he vanished.
He continued to appear and vanish all around her with great speed, until he eventually stopped,appearing infront of her again as many cuts opened up,all around her body,the dress she wears,tearing and now stained with blood as he watched her
"Invicta,sensuiem gangita"
he then held one hand forth as a strange pentagram began to form,thunder began too fill the sky as lighting struck all around them.
"move from my path,or you will be next to die"
lalouche / 5y ago
She ignored the speaking male.
His boasting pathetic.

The Sliced Gigan Skull is...whining. [i Stupid Male Couldn't Even Destroy It Correctly]. Stepping towards her fallen weapon, Marie simply studied the twitching Gigan with little interest. [i What a waste]. [i Useless]. [b [i "You are such a disappointment.."]] She quietly commented before stomping on the Gigan. A sickening crunching melody would be continuous heard. Eventually the wounded skull is reduced into a depressing pile of sand. [i Better]. Turning away, Marie took a single step, until pausing in place.

Something tugs inside her thoughts for a moment.
[b She had forgotten someone]
Glancing back towards the scythe wielded male, Marie sighed with battle regret. Wonderful.
ᴍᴀʀɪᴇ / Siho / 5y ago
He smirked as his entire body began to glow red,putting off a strange energy as he then glared.
he then thought too himself.
"if she wishes to lose,that works,ill end it fast"
Tomoyo stepped forward and glared.
"don't sound so sure of victory"
he then spun the blade and slammed int onto the ground,as it stood higher then he did as he watched her.
"this is a battle you cant win girl. no matter what manner of magic you use."
His dark arts,black magics and martial skill had been the envy of the entire organization,and possibly the most powerful warrior.
His title,"The evil 13" was not given too him to be funny.
He watched the girl,studying,anaylizing as he smiled
"your strong,but not strong enough,watch closely."
tomoyo then picked up his weapon and took a step forward,then vanished from sight.
A slash was heard as he appeared behind the girl,the gigan skull,now falling in half as he turned around,a red aura circling his body as he slowly smiled.
"Don't be sure of your victory until you've discovered your foes capabilities. Your magic may be powerful and unique,but it falters in comparison to my own"
Tomoyo"the evil 13" has never lost a duel. Very few live to tell the tale of the battle.
He raised his blade up as he took a stance and watched her.
lalouche / 5y ago
A precious sound caught Marie's attention now.
Something well-known in every sense of the phrase.

Ah, there it is. An intoxicating swirl of blood began gracefully dancing around her. Increase in happiness for sure. Then someone [i ruined] everything. A hooded man. So obviously male. His Scythe clearly been used just moments ago. Blood dripping, [b drip], [b drip], [b drip]. Something bothered her honestly. She had already fought today.. Or yesterday? Last week? Her memories strangely felt off. Perhaps, constantly dying, had its downfalls.

[i Whatever.]
This male wanted to be her new opponent, fine.

[b [i "Do you dare challenge me?"]] Her voice held [i nothing]. No meaning. Marie's words were completely empty, as if they were spewed countless times beforehand.
ᴍᴀʀɪᴇ / Siho / 5y ago
Tomoyo stalked through the woods as the group of soldiers tailed behind him.
After glancing at a small girl in a clearing in the distance he turned then held his hand out.
His Scythe appeared in his hand as he then put his hood up as his eyes flashed red.
the soldiers ran out into the open as they began to fire the automatic rifles they carried.
Tomoyo began to deflect and avoid all of their shots as he spoke.
"You don't have to reload a blade"
the soldiers then threw their guns down and drew their knives.
They charged in for the kill.
Big mistake.
Tomoyo then took to the sky in a single bound as he flipped upside down
he then began to spin extremely fast.
As he came down, he immdeatly slashed open three of the soldiers.
The remaining four stepped back as tomoyo slashed the blade,creating a pool of blood on the ground as he then vanished into thin air.
The troops looked all over as he appeared behind them,cleaving them all in half,letting the blood pool on the ground as he sighed.
"Still too weak"
he then walked out into the clearing where he saw the strange girl marie.
He spun his blade as his eyes flashed a red once again as he spoke.
"I can sense a dark power inside you, If you do not stand aside,or back away now,I will eliminate you where you stand. the choice,is yours"
The wind blew as tomoyo keapt the hood up as he slowly swayed in the direction of the wind. The smell of blood now filling the air,both from the dead soldiers,as well as the smell of blood coming from the dark and twisted warrior.
lalouche / 5y ago
[i A young cartoon loving female exhales a dark plume of smoke, this childish cigar resting between two of her fingers. She had won. The Skull Heart would finally be claimed! Another figure slowly moved still, for whatever reason. [b "You alive, chum?"] It seemed like such a simple question. It wasn't however. A low clicked could briefly be heard now. A gun becoming loaded. Ready. Set. And nothing. The other female breathlessly muttered something aloud before she collapsed, defeated, again. Her body melting into fleeting dust.]

[i Her last phrase screams through the cartoon female's mind. It devours everything. Thoughts. Dreams. MEMORIES.]

[i "...Patricia....."]

[hr ]

Her entire being felt utterly heavy.

She's still alive.

Burning emotion stretched throughout her spirit, grasping and pulling. The [b [i Skull Heart]]. Mindlessly tugging on once scatter strings. A slight gust of wind caught her attention though. Even with her eyes closed, something didn't feel right, something had changed. Dull crimson orbs quietly breathed new life. The female carefully stood up and studied her current location.

[b A forest.]
Certainly nowhere near [u Her] Cathedral.

Where's the shifting Nun?
That traitor of a nurse?

Sighing in frustration, the Skullgirl merely flicks her wrist towards a random tree. Nothing happens. Seconds begin skipping. The airwaves slightly distorted without much noticed. Something massive tears through priceless wood. [i A Gigan Skull]. Giggles followed.

Marie felt happiness.
ᴍᴀʀɪᴇ / Siho / 5y ago