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the war with no humanity

By lalouche

Replies: 3 / 5 years ago

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The god of gods glared at her and charged at him as tomoyo spoke.
"In other words,you want too see my real power,As you probably guessed,I was holding back very considerably,If thats what you want i guess"
Zues threw a deprate punch as tomoyo's eyes then flashed red as he caught the attack with a single hand as he then spoke,now in a cold and merciless tone.
"Observe now,the power of the god slayer,SLAYER OF DARKNESS!"
Tomoyo then squeezed the god's fist as he began to scream.
The ground shook under the thunder of the god's shout.
Tomoyo then kneed his stomach then launched him into the air as he then spun his scythe round and round extremly fast,cuts appearing all over the god's body.
"Though you can't be killed,I can make your next week a living hell"
Tomoyo then launched up into the air as he then slashed down into the gods back,creating a huge gash on the body of zues.Slamming him into the ground as a third voice was heard.
"Silly Greek,Allow Thor too show you a real thunder god"
tomoyo touched down on the ground softly as loki's voice was heard.
"Brother,do not underestimate him,He held off zues and Anubis on his own,and tell me,Miss reason, Was the pummeling a grand spectacle?"
Tomoyo looked at the two new comers under his cloak as his eyes began to glow a crimson red.
"come at me and find out"
lalouche / 5y ago
The Goddess of Reason could only watch quietly, she was one of the youngest of the God's and Goddess'. Barely making it two years as a religion before she was cast out by God and the people. Forgotten she never did quite loose her beauty. Crossing one leg over the other she held a hand to her lips, stifling a laugh as she watched on the two God's being pulverised by the God hunter. When the fighting had come to a conclusion she stood and slowly clapped, it was slow and off putting, "Well done, though really must you make an example of them...you will hurt their pride.", her voice was soft and soothing to listen to.
Tomoyo arrived at the sight he was informed of.
He glared around the wasteland as he shouted.

The two gods appeared as they looked at him
"you don't look like you could slay a bird"
Zues laughed at Anubis's comment.
Tomoyo then retorted.
"then perhaps a show is in order?"
"yes,I believe one is" Zues replied arrogantly.
"Can you take the god of gods?"
Tomoyo then held his hand out as his dark weapon manifested in his grasp as he then vanished into thin air.
He appeared above the lighitning god as the god rose his hand up and blocked the slash with a bolt of lightning.
Tomoyo front flipped over the god of lightning as Anubis charged forth,a wall of sand sailing at tomoyo.
Tomoyo slashed his blade, dispersing the sand as he then carthweeled out of the way,as a bolt of lightning hit the ground where he stood.
Tomoyo then charged at the two gods,making zig zag patterns as he then vanished,appearing in between the two.
The two gods then slashed their weapons at him.
Tomoyo blocked the attacks with ease then spoke
"Surely you have more power than this,if not I'm gonna kill two birds with one stone,perhaps its my turn too show you my magic"
tomoyo then leaps up into the air as he shouted
"HAL HAR ENFIDAL!" he then slashed his blade as it began to spin at a high speed,flames raining down from the sky.
The two gods deflected the attack as more flames fell.
As tomoyo stopped his scythe he then slashed it as a sea of flames began to form and move on the two gods.
Anubis then stepped forth as a wall of sand defended the two as zues then threw a blast of lightning at tomoyo.
The trio stared at one another as the god of gods finally spoke up.
"well then,strange warrior,you have vexed me,and brought upon the wrath of my anger"
the god of gods glared at tomoyo annoyed as tomoyo smirked and lifted the hood of his cloak,waiting for the next move.
lalouche / 5y ago