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For the darkness,Shadows protect no one.

By lalouche

Replies: 1 / 5 years ago

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The darkness waits for no man.
Exiled from his palace. The warrior wonders,searching for redemption,love,and all that can be discovered.


race(anything from humans to vampires)
abilities(magic,super strength and anything in between,if unsure of a power,pm me)

Name:tomoyo yoshimoto
Age:unknown(appears 19)
Race:shadow demon
Abilities: master of the forbidden black and dark magics,skilled swordsman and flame mage,magic and martial arts are his specialty.
Bio:Tomoyo,exiled from the royal palace,the prince now wonders the wastelands in search of redemption,and anything in between. He is a cold hear ted and brutal fighter,but underneath the cold appearance lies a gentle and caring man.

name:Yuki Watanuki
abilities:a skilled mage,she controls wind,water and fire,as well as being a skilled swordsmen she can also use her wings to carry her to and fro in the sky,with ease and grace.
bio:A simple traveler,she wishes to better herself as a warrior,and find the love of her life.A kind and caring girl,she will stop at nothing too protect the one she loves
Tomoyo stood as the group of warriors circled him.
Each readied their blade and glared.
The leader of the group then spoke out,in a booming voice,in a futile attempt too intimidate the demon.
tomoyo replied coldly,under his helmet,the eyes glowing red.
"The darkness of the night favors me human,their may be many of you,but I know no equal in combat,attack me if that is what you truly wish to do,but,in the end. You shall die here.
That is a rather sad way to end that pathetic life of yours. Slain in the middle of a forest,by a single warrior. Do you truly wish that to be your fate?"
the warriors tensed up as they took their stances as the leader shouted.
"We won't lose!"
the group of soldiers then charged headlong into the fray,the sounds of battle filling the silent air.
Tomoyo readied his blade as he frowned under his helmet then thought
"Such a shame,I will end them quickly"
The first warrior slashed.
Tomoyo held his hand up as he stopped the sword by simply catching it.
He then swung his own blade,running the man through,killing him instantly.
Tomoyo let him fall too the ground as the warriors all stopped running,staring in shock at the dead body.
The leader then shouted at the top of his lungs and charged.
"I guess I will use my magic,perhaps you will re-think this endevour if i do.
Tomoyo then dropped the sword to the ground as he held his hands out then spoke
"The wind shall blow,bringing death closer to those it wishes to claim. The winds of fate bring forth,shadows of demise and doom. COME FORTH. SHADOWS OF THE DAMNED!"
he then flung his hands out even with his shoulders as the moon then turned red.
Shadows began to move all across the forest floor.
Arms reaching up and grasping the soldiers necks,pulling them down onto the ground.
The sounds of a roaring battle quickly changed to the screams of men,fearing for the life,calling out in pain,agony,and sorrow.
"Die,like the dogs you are" Tomoyo spoke as he then made two fists with his hands.
The shadow arms then tightened around the soldiers necks,the screams growing louder until a loud,single snap was heard.
Soon,nothing but silence filled the air as tomoyo picked up his weapon of choice and spoke coldly.
"now,bask in your agony,foolish dogs"
Tomoyo slowly began to walk through the maze of dead bodies as he then thought too himself.
"if only they surrendered when they had the chance,They would have lived to fight another day,senseless killing and fighting,their is only one man I truly wish to kill."
With that,tomoyo vanished into the darkness.
lalouche / 5y ago