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fall of the titans

By lalouche

Replies: 4 / 5 years ago

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[size11 Daniel jumped when the man shouted, his eyes glued to the other before snorting when the other raised his voice again. Eyes rolling and hands resting on the gear as he took off to a higher branch, watching the scene below with a bored gaze. [b "Great, a show off, that's what we need out here,"] he muttered, shaking his head and standing straight.]

[size11 The male barely reacted with the titan fell, just glanced at the other soldier before taking off back towards where the others were to be setting up their base for the day. Not wanting to interact with such a man, as he hated show offs and had determined that they were most likely to get killed. He saw no point to get attached. Easier to watch people die when you didn't know them. No tears, no pain, just blood and a bit of clean up. It was morbid, yes, but when you lived in a constant fear of death you adapted to the dark thoughts that would plauge your mind.]

[size11 [b "Here we are,"] Daniel mumbled as they landed, nodding to his commander before walking to the tents that had been propped up, ducking inside the one he usually shared with the eldterly man to grab his canister of water and take a quick drink then report for orders.]
Tomoyo shouted
"GET BACK AND PREPARE!" he launched himself into the air as the titans hand then ripped the tree he had just landed on out of the ground
It began to stand up and extend itself,it was nearly 50 meters tall.
Tomoyo Glared as he then Fired off his gear again then yelled.
tomoyo cracked the whip again as he wrapped it around his body,drawing his personal blade,he landed as he cut into the back of its leg then swung away as he brushed into the top of the tree,firing his 3DMG straight into the titans face and rushing tworads it.
"go big or go home,just as the instructor told me"
He swung in at an odd approach as he landed on the back of its neck then slashed deep into the back of it's neck,following up with a powerful stab.
Firing the 3DMG into a tree he exited the titan's neck as he landed on a tree and panted then spoke
"lets go,theirs bound to be more of them,wich way do i head to the post"
Tomoyo sighed then thought to himself.
"Oh wonderful,first day in the regiment and im already seeing combat.maybe this was a bad idea after all"
He then turned to watch his fellow soldier
"lead on"
the wind blew as his hair and whip slowly waved in the wind.
lalouche / 5y ago
[size11 It was early, the sun barely rising over the horizon, yet Daniel was up. His eyes wide and alert and his lips curved into a wry smile as he listened to the male beside him tell a story, yes it was one he had heard many times, but it was never wrong to humor the older man. Though it often annoyed him how the other continued to drag on stories when he had heard them a thousand times. So when the squad moved forward Daniel shot ahead, barely hearing the order shouted after him, to find the scout and bring him back to the squad. After all, his job was done, they weren't traveling any further in that direction.]
[size11 Nodding quickly the male pulled the trigger, his gear shooting up into the trees before jerking his lithe body into the air, allowing him to soar high above the normal height of any human.]
[size11 [b "Find the scout..."] he whispered, keeping his mind on the task as he moved faster through the forest, a small tune hummed in the back of his throat as he skimmed the trees and the ground, only moving away from his path when he heard a dull thud.]
[size11 [b "You!"] He called, eyeing the man before him, landing gently on a thick branch before pulling the gear back into place. [b "Come back to the squad, we're not going any further."]]
Tomoyo flew though the trees with the use of his 3D maneuvering gear.He had the snap off blades in their cases as he also had a seprate sword on the back of his hip,as well as a whip that he used in combat.
Tomoyo had been scolded in training for the use of his own weaponry,but had proved himself more than skillful enough to employ them in combat against the massive titans.

The thought of titans rushed through tomoyo's head,then the feelings of hatred and anger filled his heart.
Landing on a tree branch he leapt off of it and started sprinting then thought
"have to conserve,im in enemy territory now,just 1200 yards from the post"
as he ran the sounds of something massive in the distance filled the sky.
the ground trembled under the force.Tomoyo froze then thought
he then leapt up into a tree and began searching. He spotted a massive human like body moving closer too him as he cursed.
"i was right...no squad,no back up. I only have one shot at this"
Tomoyo fired off his 3D device as he swung through the trees again then shouted
he pulled the whip and cracked it,the sound echoing through the forest.
Gaining altitude above the trees he then cracked the whip,striking the massive beast in the face as he then swung around behind it,using his momentum and weight as a weapon,wrapping the whip around the titans neck.He then pulled on it with the force,causing the titan to fall to the ground.
A loud thud then ensued as the ground once again cried under the force.

A massive shockwave was felt at the outpost as the horses in the stable began to rile up and make noise.
lalouche / 5y ago