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the travelers will march

By lalouche

Replies: 3 / 5 years ago

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a large group of vampires charged in as tomoyo turned around to look
The massive group began their charge across the barren wastelands as tomoyo smirks.
"Fine,if they want to die so badly,i will be more then happy to allow them too"
Tomoyo then brushed his hair out of his face then allowed his claws to grow over his hands.
"this will hurt" tomoyo spoke softly as he then took a step forth and jumped high into the air.
Tomoyo then flung his hands up then down as fire began to rain down upon the vampires.
Landing on the ground the vampires began to swing swords weapons and fists at him
He began to doge block and counter the attacks with ease as a female vampire hissed and slashed.
He then jumped out of the way as she chased him down and attacked again.
"FIne,lets play" tomoyo spoke as he ducked her sword then blocked it again with his claws.
"Your mine!"
she spun around as she slashed once agian as tomoyo front flipped over the blade and slashed into her neck with his claws
"I guess I was just too fast for you"
He smiled.
lalouche / 5y ago