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skies and grounds,blood stained hearts

By lalouche

Replies: 3 / 5 years ago

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Tomoyo jumped into the sky as he gazed at the sun set,spotting the princess he then flew over to her and landed as he bowed.
"I thankyou for this opportunity,however i think you should clear your head and look at the circumstances of our visit"
Tomoyo sat next to the angered beast as he thought
"tread lightly,if she attacks I don't want to injure her too badly,if i burn her that could be it for talks"

he then spoke
"the demons march on your land,they seek destruction,just as they wiped out my people,they will do the same to you,and leave nothing behind,we got lucky,our warriors were strong enough to make a stand and save nine people,those of us you see here,are what is left of the mighty pheonix people.the demons will strike when you are off gaurd and weak,ensuring they will win. Please give us the chance we need. the only reason your caslte stands at this very moment is because we fought off your invading force,your a wolf correct,and respect those who show power and dignity,its the same with us"
lalouche / 5y ago
[#FF40EF "Princess Amy please stay in the castle your father hates it when you wander off and we've just had word that there is a war on the horizon, please stay inside,"] a maid said as she followed a girl in green down the castle corridor and the girl growled softly before turning on the woman and crossing her arms glaring lightly her temper flaring as bright as her hair, this had been the 7th person to tell her to stay inside in the past half an hour and it was getting on her nerves. [#004000 "Cynthia how many times do I have to tell you my name is Larentia and I'm just going out to the gardens why can't any of you understand that I can't be cooped up very long I may have been at this castle for 1 1/2 years but I lived with wolves for over 13 so BACK OFF or I won't be held responsible for what happens to you,"] the princess in green growled baring her teeth and the maid flinched everybody in the castle knew not to mess with Laren when she was like this for she had injured many before and seeing the maid frozen stiff Laren spun around her green cape flowing out as she quickly strode out of the castle and towards the gardens where a wolf sat looking slightly annoyed until he saw Laren and he smiled walking up to her. [i [b [#000DC9 "Your late the humans catch you again?"]]] he asked and Laren sighed nodding as the two moved over to a calm area of the garden to lay under a well shaded tree. [i [#004000 "Yes apparently there is a war on it's way and the king wishes me to stay inside like a bloody caged animal, don't they know I can take care of myself?"]] Laren growled and the wolf chuckled before laying down yawning lightly and he looked over at Laren who smiled and yawned herself, before standing and taking off her clothes, she hated the things, then she curled up next to her brother wolf and the two took their usual afternoon nap.
Laren was woken a few hours later to screaming and she opened her eyes and growled seeing her nursemaid standing their looking horrified at her. [#FF0055 "Princess Amy why on earth are you laying on the ground in the nude with such a repulsive wild creature?"] the woman shrieked and Laren growled again as she sat up and got into a defensive stance, she hated this woman more than anything and she was about to show her how not to disrespect a wolf when her brother put his paw on her leg and spoke. [i [b [#000DC9 "Laren don't she's not worth it she's just a stupid human I'll leave for now I need to get back to the pack anyway,"]]] he said and Laren sighed relaxing her stance and glancing over at her brother with a sad look but she nodded and leaned in to lick him goodbye which caused another shriek from the nursemaid, but Laren just ignored her. [i [#004000 "Okay I'm sorry say hi to the others for me and tell them I miss them,"]] she said, in wolf of course, and her brother nodded again before licking her forehead and walking off back through the wolf sized hole in the wall Laren had made when she had first come to allow her to escape, but was now used so her pack could visit her. Once the wolf left Laren felt herself get grabbed and that immediately snapped her attention back to the nursemaid, who was going on and on about her needing a bath, and she jerked away and snapped at the woman growling fiercely as she stood up. [#004000 "Don't touch me vial woman you're lucky my brother was here to stop me from tearing you into pieces, but touch me one more time and you'll lose that hand,"] she said before striding off still in the nude and as she approached the castle she noticed a group of men and woman at the gate talking to her father, and they didn't look or smell from around here so she growled and approached the group who parted from her as she got close and she walked up to where her father was standing who looked at her shocked due to her state of undress. [#004000 "What's going on here?"] she growled and her father took off his royal robe and wrapped it around his daughter clearing his throat. [b [#8680FF "Amy..er.. Laren my daughter these people are here seeking shelter, their.. um.. territory is being invaded and they need somewhere to stay,"]] he said trying to make it so she could understand and Laren glanced at them and glared. [#004000 "Send them elsewhere I don't like their smell,"] she said as she bared her teeth at the group still pretty much in wolf mode and she looked each one of them over sizing them up. [b [#8680FF "Now now Am...Laren part of being royalty is helping people in need and letting them stay for a night won't hurt you."]] he said and Laren turned her glare to her father and growled before shrugging off his robe and turning into the castle. [#004000 "Whatever your the alpha, but if you wake up with their fangs to your neck don't say I didn't warn you,"] she growled before walking off back up to her room at the top of the tower, where she climbed out onto the roof and watched the sun go down behind the mountains.
Tomoyo and his people walked into an open feild,some distance from a large castle
"My lord!" a female warrior spoke
"yes?" tomoyo responded.
"Their is a castle,perhaps the lord will allow us too seek shelter"
"perhaps we should ask nicely then,our last method didn't work like we wanted it too."
"agreed" the rest of the soldiers nodded as a massive march of demonic soldiers appeared in the tree line.
"It seams,we must first deal with the march,if we wipe out the enemy,it may bring us a point of leverage to use in a negotiation
The demons began a charge as he and his warriors unfolded their wings
They began to jump behind tomoyo as he inhaled then shouted
A massive wall of flame engulfed the demon's advance.
A scout ran into the main lobby.

Tomoyo drew his blades as he rushed forwards taking to the sky
"Pheonix flame bomb!" balls of fire began to launch from his wings as he landed in the middle of the demonic advance with his 9 troops
They began to fight,pushing the massive force back as a voice was heard.
"well,it seams the rumors are true,their are some of them left after all,i shall handle this"
the demon prince aron stepped forth
"well,let's see how you handle this"
the demon took a stance then shouted
"SHADOW STRANGLING!" the shadow on the ground began to rush at tomoyo as he glared.
Tomoyo rolled out of the way
"WIND STYLE:SLASHING WIND GUSTS OF THE SOUTH!"He began to flap his wings,a massive torrent of wind flinging back the demons as they began to be ripped to shreds.
lalouche / 5y ago