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the skies burn

By lalouche

Replies: 75 / 5 years ago

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The woman took a pole ax, and stood ready for a fight. "I will not let you do this alone.." she said to him and she looked at the control room. "Distract them...I will disable the engines..." she ran off.
Sakkurai / Belmont / 5y ago
The lightning struck tomoyo as he vanished and appeared next to his sister in his true form then spoke
"if you have a problem with her,then I have a problem with you"
Tomoyo stepped up infront of his sister as a new pheonix landed then spoke
"he's strong commander,don't take him lightly,he dismanteled our new pet like nothing"
Tomoyo held his hands out as chains appeared,then ignited with flames as tomoyo glared
"let's see what your toy can do huh?"
the power tomoyo was putting off was far stranger and much different then anything she had ever experienced
"Call me,el diablo"
Tomoyo spoke as he whipped the chains around as the new warrior stepped up and smiled
"old models should stick to their support roles"
The warrior rushed forth as the chains wrapped around him and tomoyo pulled him up into the sky and shouted at the top of his lungs.
The flames engulfed the germans pet as he let the boy fall to the ground then spoke once again
"So,mister,lets play a little game,i see just how strong you are,because if you hurt my sister,i hurt you"
TOmoyo kneed the man in the stomach then smashed his foot down ontop of his head.The commander hit the deck hard as a second warrior with silver hair landed,with a german accent as well
"well,looks like I was too slow and he's powered up,such a shame,i don't want to destroy my creation,oh well, It cant be helped at all now"
The silver haired warrior charged as tomoyo shouted
he then drew a sword and slashed at tomoyo as he ducked behind the slash and wrapped the chains around his neck and began to lift up.
Hans quickly escaped and landed a blow to tomoyo as he slid back and glared.
"You.hit me."
"yes,yes i did"
"you will regret that"
Hans rushed forth again as the two locked them selfs in close range attacks
Tomoyo doged all the slashes,hans avoiding tomoyo's crushing punches.
TOmoyo jumped up into the air then spread his now yellow flame covered wings
tomoyo flapped his wings as a gust and cyclone formed around hans and began to lift him into the air.
"NO WAY!" the young pheonix shouted as tomoyo then spat fire like a dragon,igniting the cyclone.
"I wonder how long you can last in their"
This new tomoyo,he was far colder,and far more brutal.
Tomoyo dove into the inferno as he grabbed the man and began to pull on his arms.
tomoyo spoke coldly
lalouche / 5y ago
The girl dived and started to dismantle the ships slowly, one by one, until she landed on the Burning Heart, the one ship who was commandeered by the heartless Eileen Stratler, leader of the Queen's special forces. "Stratler..." the winged girl hissed. The German commander sneered at the platinum haired girl, then spoke in her thick German accent. "Sakkurai...how UNPLEASANT to see you again..."
Sakkurai / Belmont / 5y ago
Tomoyo flapped his wings as a gust of wind picked up a group of soldiers throwing them off the ship as an enemy pheonix landed infront of him
"lets see what the old models can do then,shall we?"
The boy rushed forwards as tomoyo jumped over the top of him their swords clashing.
"they were right,you are good,just by that move i can tell,but,im better,then all of you last gen freaks"
The boy then spun then slashed with his own katana,they collided as the two glared
"come on,stop holding back"
"you talk too much"
Tomoyo backflipped then took a stance.
The boy rushed as the two began to exchange slashes at high speed.faster then any of his sisters could keep up with.
Tomoyo jumped and flipped in the air as he contineud to block attacks.
THe boy stepped back with tomoyo as he fought the enemy upside down.
He landed then slashed at his foes feet.
THe boy jumped and launched a kick at tomoyo.
TOmoyo blocked the attack as he then spun around behind the enemy.
The boy then spun with him as their blades collided with a fury.
"Now,lets see your full power huh?" the boy taunted.
"I'm sick of holding back"
The boy charged again as tomoyo finnaly took the offensive.
Tomoyo slid across the ground then jumped up behind the boy and began to flap his wings.Shards of flames and sparks began to surround the area that the boy was standing. the flames light up the sky as tomoyo then launched a skybound verticle downward slash at his foe.
Hitting the ground The boy rolled out of the way as he then spun,finding tomoyo's blade moving swiftly at his neck,He rolled out of the way as tomoyo impacted his gut with a kick launching him into the air and catching him by his hair.
tossing the boy up he then vanished and appeared above him stabbing his sword into the kid's back and forcing him back down to the ship.Removing the blade tomoyo's gaze turned cold.
"Finnaly,some one i want to kill"
The boy stood up and shook a bit then thought
"I cant beat him,im going to die,i have to fight him till he tires out,hes better then i am,but i have more energy,wear him down,dont let his attacks connect"
The boy then rushed backwards as tomoyo rushed in and began to slash again.
The boy began to doge the attacks with grace and speed as tomoyo spoke while attacking.
"you can only doge me for so long,so,man up and fight me child,and see what it's like to fight a real warrior,not someone playing pretend.im not a gaurd in your little cage,im the real deal"
The boy glared as he htought
"I Cant even use flames yet...."
Tomoyo leapt in to the sky then shouted
He then held both hands out like a t as lightning struck his palms.
The lighting then turned into blue flames as he then held them above his head and put them toghether
a giant crash of thunder was heard as the sky shook in fear.
Rain began to pour as tomoyo then unleashed his most destructive attack.
A massive plume of blue flames was launched from his hands,then spouting off in all directions,enemy ships began to explode,with more force than any of the sky pirates had ever witnessed.
THe young pheonix backflipped and screamed out in fear as the plumes of fire grew closer and closer.
The shipps began to drop from the sky like simple flies being swatted from the walls.
Tomoyo screamed loudly as more force and flame was applied
Another burst of thunder shook the skies around him as tomoyo was struck by lightning.
Tomoyo then lowered his hands then raised them again and inhaled as he then spat flames just like a dragon,agiain more blue flames.more ships began to explode as the young pheonix watched in utter terror.
THe sky shook with thunder and explosions as gusts of hurrican force gales picked up.
Tomoyo was putting out such power the gods them selfs would not dare challenge him.
lalouche / 5y ago
She looked at the Burning Heart, the Black Coal unit's ship. "RULE OF NATURE: BLAZING FUROR!!!" Her swords caught fire, then she slashed the ship into pieces, then the ship blew up into smithereens.
Sakkurai / Belmont / 5y ago
Tomoyo took to the skies as he flew over the ship and landed on the top as a boarding party arrived
lalouche / 5y ago
Sakkurai nodded to him and set off to destroy the other call ship. "RULE OF NATURE: THUNDERING FLAMES!!!" Her swords caught fire and she slashed the engine, causing the fuel tank to ignite and explode after she took to the skies. "Bugger...we have Black Coal units on our arse!" The Black Coal unit was a specialized unit created to capture and subdue highly dangerous targets, but with nonlethal tactics. She called to her brother, Tomoyo. "Brother! We have a problem! The queen sent the Black Coal soldiers after us! We must defend the ship!"
Sakkurai / Belmont / 5y ago
Tomoyo threw him down to the ground then shouted
"STAY OUT OF THIS!,BOTH OF YOU!" tomoyo then decended into the base as he stood infront of the warrior
"ready,this will be your grave"

The warrior charged then slashed as tomoyo blocked the attack like nothing then stepped forwards,they both spun as their blades hit then just like a mirror image they then spun twice before slashing again,the swords colliding with a vengance.a group of soldiers slowly stepped back as they both jumped into the air and shouted,their swords smashing into one another again.
"DIE!" the two shouted as they sheathed the swords and put their hands forwards
the two unleashed a massive sea of fire.The attacks collied as the two were scene fighting ontop of the boiling flames
tomoyo then spun behind the warrior
the warrior spun as their swords collided.Tomoyo then drew his second blade as he slashed into the wing of the warrior.The warrior screeched loudly as tomoyo flew up into the air
"YOUR DEAD!" just as tomoyo flew down to finish the warrior a third british male appeared then held his hand up
"Final flash"
a massive wave of pure energy flew at tomoyo
He moved out of the way as he landed.
"so,you want some too huh,fine"
the man in the suit charged as he began to launch strike after strike at tomoyo.
He folded his wings as he avoided the attacks then launched his own barrage,the two men were evenly matched.They both slid to the side and launched a side kick. The two attacks met with even force as the brit spoke
"this is the queens will,i shall see it through."he then jumped and attacked with his other leg.
Tomoyo blocked the attack then allowed his hands to catch on fire.The man leapt back then took a stance.
"fine,if we want to fight seriously we can"he then charged forwards as he pulled out a walking stick and swung it.
Tomoyo ducked as a sword came out of the cane and he glared
"trickster huh?"
tomoyo then unfolded his wings then shouted
"LETS SEE IF YOU CAN FLY!" he began to flap his wings hard as the torrent of wind sucked up and flung the man in the suit as the pheonix charged him from behind
Tomoyo glared then thought
"Not good,two at once"
he then spun then shouted
as he spun a wall of fire rose up into the air making a sheild around him,blasting away the phoenix.
the flames then died down as he stopped spinning.
lalouche / 5y ago
The sky captain snarled at the watchman. "Don't call him a freak! Treat him like you would me, or I will boot you off the edge of the ship!" She sighed and turned back to the battle in the skies. "How many of them are there...there is four now..." she shook her head and grabbed a clockwork rifle and took aim at one of the call ships' captain's heads, then fired, killing the call ship captain instantly.
The original winged warrior screeched, making the new one look around for the source, then I strike him. "Stand down new brother! I know how to clip your wings..." she tossed the male at Tomoyo, then watched as he got ready for an attack. "RULE OF NATURE: THUNDER BLADE!" She held her scythe up and lightning strikes the blade, and she sent a massive electric wave at the new warrior. "Tomoyo! Hurry!" She clutched her normal arm in pain as clusters of blue electrified crystals started to form along her arm and on the back of her hand. "What the?" She looked surprised and delighted at the same time.
Sakkurai / Belmont / 5y ago
Tomoyo looked out and shouted

Tomoyo stepped back then sprinted,leaping out the window as he thought to himself
"This could be bad,a cripples ship against a full combat team,i need to move fast"

His wings spread as he took to the sky,anti aircraft fire rising up into the air from the ships.a watchmen spoke to the captian

"That freak is in the sky,hes attacking the entire armada himself"

Tomoyo drew his twin swords then shouted
"BIRDS BELONG IN THE SKY,YOU BELONG IN HELL! THIS IS THE RULE OF NATURE!" he then landed on the first frigate call ships stern then shouted
"RULES OF NATURE:LIGHTNING ROD!"he then held a sword up as a blast of electricity hit the sword,then striking the zepplin.
The ship filled with flammable gas ignited and began to explode as tomoyo leapt off the back of the ship spreading his wings once again,avoiding heavy flack as he smirked.the smirk then turned to a frown as a second winged warrior charged at him
"fine" tomoyo mumbled as a blast of flames flew passed him.
The second male then spoke
"Tomoyo yoshimoto,you will surrender here or die!"
"if you think im that easy to take down,by all means try"
sparks flew from their swords as they clashed at high speeds in the sky.
"big brother,you will die here"
"if you say so"
the second and new warrior then shouted
tomoyo flew back then shouted
"WIND STYLE:SCARLET TORNADOS OF THE EAST!" he began to flap his wings as flaming cyclones began to form around the new pheonix.more flames errupted as a massive blast flew from the second warriors hands.
tomoyo glared
"Fine,i guess we can play this game"
lalouche / 5y ago
The captain looked out the window of the captain's quarters and spit out her drink. "Bloody hell!" She got up and ran out on deck and shouted orders. "Oi! All crew on deck!!! We got an armada on our arse!" She turned the wheel hard to port and the ship picked up speed, and was soon out of guns range.
Sakkurai nodded. "I know...I've seen you in combat before brother...when you were being trained..." she watched, already seeing that her brother was an expert in bladed weapons. "Maybe you could teach me how to use a sword..." she pulled a katana from a scabbard on her back. "I have always had this, but I never fought when using it..."
Sakkurai / Belmont / 5y ago
Tomoyo took it then began to spin the weapon with ease
"Weapons expert"
lalouche / 5y ago
She laughs. "My thoughts exactly...but I don't use swords, I use scythes..." she holds out her other hand and a second scythe materialized in her other hand.
Vanessa / Belmont / 5y ago