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Naruto-A new generation (Open)

By SinSilverfang

Replies: 618 / 6 years ago

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None of that fancy shmancy programming stuff.
Diamond, Opal, Pearl, Painite, Obsidian, Amber and Crystal are almost equal in terms of strength and are the strongest of the beasts.
Diamond Beast Taken (Phoenix)
Opal Beast Taken (Dragon)
Pearl Beast Taken (Deer-Buck)
Crystal Beast Taken (Liger)
Obsidian (Reserved)
Painite Beast Taken
Nine tails taken
One tails Shukaku taken

When the Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald Beasts are together in one spot they get a significant boost which puts the around the level of the top five. The same can be said with the Topaz, Amethyst and Lapiz.

Not Taken:
Eight through two tails
ruby, sapphire, emerald, topaz, amethyst, lapiz lazuli, Amber

Side note: the main two villages named below will be the bases of this rp but characters from other villages are allowed.

(b R)ules:
No God Modding
Be at least Semi-Literate
No Hentai Shit. Take Cybering Elsewhere
Realtime Chat is to be used for ooc
No killing of others characters without permission
And again no god modding
Super powerful jutsu or abilities must have some kind of limiter or restriction
Have Fun

(b B)efore Naruto (Ten Tails):
Before the time of the ten tails or even the shinobi, there were powerful magnificent beasts that were older than any other living creature, which ruled the land... However after countless years they eventually fell into a thousand year slumber, being awoke early and enraged due to the first humans to discover chakra. Wanting more than what they held naturally they tried creating a way to obtain more, such things enraging the beasts and causing a small group of very exceptional people (that could use chakra) to fight back against and eventually imprisoning the beasts, unable to defeat them. However, imprisoning them took almost all of their chakra and so in order to preserve what they had left and to prevent the gemmed beasts from ever awakening they casts a jutsu over the entire world... Sealing off and stealing the chakra of every living person, that chakra being given form and new life in the form of the Senju Tree.

Only three clans retained their chakra.... The Leader of the Anuroba Clan by discarding his body and turning into pure chakra, escaping into the earth using his kekkai genkai (Being the only of his clan to have this ability he left the rest of his clan behind. The bloodline trait only starting up again two generations before present time rp.. Meaning two clan members only). The Neneshio clan (Mother to Ruruki, the only surviver) by falling into the realm of shadows and escaping the shinobi world and the Sato clan by removing themselves from time.

Over countless years, hundreds to be precise.. The leftover residue chakra slowly combined together with Kaguya Ōtsutsuki (Who ate the fruit of the Senju tree and was known as the first person to ever wield chakra, the events of before having not been recorded in history) to create a living creature. The Ten tails....

(b S)ettings:
Generations after Naruto: Shippuden and three kage's later... The Five Great Nations went to war once more, though this time not with each other. Two new nations (The lands of Thunder and Ice) earning their spot and changing the five into seven. With the emergence of these two new nations, new shinobi villages were formed and new jutsu learned/created. Even after the war however it took years for the nations to all get along once more, the struggle for power even more over the top than before and much more important. Like before though the nations were able to find a way to get along, the exams coming back as well as yearly tournaments. Teams now consisted of four man teams as it had been since the end of Naruto's rule as Kage, having pushed the act through as a sign of respect for Tsunade after her death. This new act forcing teams that were previously made of three to have a fourth ninja that specialized in medical jutsu.

Now two of the villages that arose from these new nations were actually neighboring villages that laid within just 200 yards of each other. The village hidden in the shadows and the village hidden behind the light. They were rivaling villages and competed with each other a lot but because of such close proximity they eventually came to a truce and started to work together as well. The Kage's of each village are called Yikage or SenKage (light) and SeKage or YamiKage [whichever the kage prefers(shadow)]

As well as new nations and villages which spawned new powerful clans that held their own special kekkai genkai, new powerful monsters started to appear. They were much like the tailed beasts only more powerful, which existed shortly before the emergence of the ten tails and the sage of the six paths. These beasts were soo powerful they had to be sealed away inside special gems that were infused with a massive amount of chakra, on beast for every type of gem... Which is what gave them their names, the Jeweled Beasts. The shadow and light villages had actually discovered a few of these gems and upon trying to figure out how to use their power, accidentally releasing the beasts back into the world. Only having the time to seal a small amount of these beasts into the bodies of children.

On top of this, most of the clans that have held all the power for so many years are starting to die out. From the Uzumaki's to the Hyuga and Uchiha.

(b C)haracter Skeleton-
Must include
Race (not all are human like Kisame and another from the Akatsuki)
Kekkai Genkai (bloodline trait)(Can't use sharingan/rennigan/byakugan unless you're part of the clans that possess them such as uchiha/hyuga etc)
Jutsu (Main jutsu's you use and/or created ones)
Special Info (like if they were experimented on or are a jinchuriki host, etc)
Short Bio(Please at least try to get close to a paragraph long, that isn't much to ask)


(b C)ompleted Character Skeletons-

Name: Kinari
Sex: M
Ninja Rank: Chunin
Race: Human??? Jinchuriki
Age: Unknown (Found as a baby a few years after his parents passed away) - Thought to be in his early twenties
Hair: Blue/Purple
Eye: Teal
Hand: Left
Clan: Anuroba
Village: Village Hidden Behind the Light

Kekkai Genkai: Senkan Rios
1st stage: Rips away at the body (skin flakes like gaara's sand shell) and exposes pure chakra of a teal color like his eyes that slowly leaks from inside him like tendrils, tinged with violet around the edges in exchange for an unlimited source of jutsu as his skin slowly peals away, revealing the same sort of chakra as his eyes when entering this state and allows the user to use any and all jutsu for that time period as well (except for others kekkai genkai).
2nd Stage: Once the skin is ripped away he attains an ethereal state, becoming pure chakra. Infusing with the chakra around him. Needs another life form sealed within him to act as a temporary life source, time in this form is limited by the strength of the life source sealed away within
3rd Stage: (Starting rp - has never yet pulled this stage off) Can enter another person and become one with them, their skin rips away as his and when its fully ripped away they both die unless a seal is placed upon them to force him away. This allows them to switch minds and to work as one entity while having more chakra to spare (depending on how much chakra had infused with him in the second state).
4th Stage: Once the seal is placed and he's ripped away from the other ninja, the other ninja becomes temporarily imobile, two other ninjas forming. The separation splitting the hosts "cells" which cause him to freeze allowing for two clones that are a mix of both ninja until the original ninja' recover.
Close: Once all the chakra is used up from the clones they dissipate and the original is brought back, the hosts cells able to recharge at a quickened rate due to the residue of chakra left inside by the user of this kekkai genkai. The user is also able to temporarily use jutsu from the shinobi who the user "possessed" in the 3rd stage.
Complete: If the closing level or seal fails and the 4th stage doesn't active the kekkai genkai's true nature is revealed

1st stage(Cannot yet use): In revision

Earth Style::-Ninjutsu
Secret Dance - Lotus Transformation: covers the user in lotus flowers that harden to become an almost impenetrable shield.
Petal Storm, thousand cuts jutsu: Summons up a thousand petals sharper than kunai and sends them flying at the target

Sakura explosion: Throws a sakura petal at the speed of light, causing multiple explosions in a constant stream as the petal slowly disappears. The explosions stop when the petal is gone.

Earth Style::- Ginjutsu
Secret Art-Blooming Lotus: Causes the target to fall into the ground into the sky, landing in a field of lotuses. The user able to come out from any one of the giant lotus flowers in order to attack. For every successful attack, the targets mind is torn bit by bit until (in the ginjutsu) they become a flower themselves. Buds forming on the target wherever he or she is cut, when this happens the targets mind is destroyed.
Wind Style::- Ninjutsu
Gravity Vortex: A torrent of air whips around the user and target in order to create a bigger area of effect in case the target goes to flee, the air pressure increasing on the target until they can't move. The torrent then slowly encloses on the target and speeds up, turning into a vortex of air that cuts at the target repeatedly at high speeds, the pressure only increasing until the target either finds a way to escape or dies.

Wind Scythe Barrier: A jutsu that is used as both offensive and defensive, creates a sphere of wind much like the Rotation of the Hyuga clan that slices at everything around it with the trajectory of a scythe. The wind being so solid that each blade actually looks like a scythe blade.

Wind Style: Rotation Bullet!: Like the water bullet or mud bullet jutsu only the user shoots a bullet of condensed, rapidly rotating wind chakra (much like a tiny dime sized rasengan) that expands when near the target making it hard to dodge. The bullet expanding into a blue orb like the Hyuga's Rotation technique. When using his kekkai genkai the bullets can be expelled from any point where his skin has flaked instead of just his mouth.
Combination Jutsu::-Wind & Earth
Torrential Land Typhoon: A jutsu that ensnares the enemy in the earth from the waste down as well as the arms and hands of the user as they are surrounded in a typhoon of dirt and sand, causing the target to choke and and suffocate.

Secret Jutsu, Sensory Fragrance: The user forces flowers to grow to his design, altering the biology of the plants in an area, the air slowly caressing the flowers and causing them to spread their fragrance in a distinct area in order to scatter the users senses and to mess with and switch the senses of the target making it harder for them to respond. A jutsu that takes an immense amount of talent to both execute and avoid.
(Takes no hand sign)
Force Palm-Combines his taijutsu with his genjutsu, funneling the air as he attacks reverse palmed (with the back of his hand) as he strikes. Reversing the strike and hitting with his palm, scattering the tunneled air in order to rip at the targets muscles and if strong enough their interal organs.

Rasheiren Blade!- A jutsu that Kenari came up with on his own (with the help of his sensei), using his chakra to create something like the rasengan then extending it like a blade in his hand that he can shoot out at his target as well. Can use it both close and far range though it takes a lot of chakra. Combing this with his petals in order to give it an area of effect, the petals so small that most ninja would never be able to even see it. This takes more than the Chidori and Rasengan combined but it's more than twice as powerful and manueverable. His idea for this jutsu was actually those jutsu combined as well as another, the force of the rasengan as well as the arking lightning from the chidori... With the Range of the Lightning Blade. (Is at base stronger than the rasen shuriken, chidori planet splitter and lightning blade combined and can be increased even further in power, as is true for the Rasheirai as well)

Though it's normal purpose is that of a blade he can use it like the Rasengan and continue to hold it's spherical shape, this of course having less range but allowing the miniscule sharpened petals to move at a faster rate as well as giving it more force due to the compact spherical shape, the force increasing more after connecting with the target. This form is called Rasheirai!

Summoning Jutsu: Grand Elder Dragon Spirit (greatest dragon spirit, only able to be summoned when he's fully linked with the Opal)
Thousand Fox Summoning (summons hundreds of pipe foxes that strikes once each with lightning speed)

Special Info: Jinchuriki of the Opal Beast - This allows him to use jutsu's of every element when it's power is tapped into as well as multiple other techniques and skills that haven't been discovered as of yet. though it refuses to help unless his life is in danger as of yet, having been imprisoned in a legendary opal jewel for eons, all it wanted was to roam free. Instead it got stuck inside of a kid that was too scared to even really live. Also for some extra info, so that everyone knows... The Opal beast is not yet at it's full power. Kind of like the nine tails when it was in Naruto.

His line is so unique do to the fact that the first of his line isn't human but was made from chakra that was released due to using either access chakra or from an unused jutsu, and this is what gave their clan life... Much like the tailed beasts (from the ten tails chakra). They breed like humans though.

Due to Yisei, Kinari has been branded with the Emperors Seal, a special form of Holy Mark. It increases all of Kinari's physical attributes and stimulates the eye to allow him to keep up when witnessing up to the speed of light.

Short Bio: Due to his special kekkai genkai he was experimented on as a child, most of his clan dying out at a young age due to their kekkai genkai's activation without a secondary lifeform to be sealed within them. The Ninja of his village having brought about beasts from legendary gems that had been collected from around the world, though only two were able to be contained and sealed... The sealing jutsu being used on the boy in order to prolong his life. These sacred beasts holding more power than the tailed beasts though there were fewer, only a small amount of these special gems having been found in the first place though more could be lying somewhere completely unknown and undiscovered. Not only did this increase his power but caused him to become even more unstable and though the general public wasn't afraid of him he was afraid of himself and mostly kept to just that, himself. He only trusted his team and the kage in charge of the village and his sensei.

His keeping to himself wasn't a bad thing thing for it gave him much more time to train and develop his jutsu though it came with a price, having no one to spar with for the longest time ended up causing him to fall behind the others in his class even though his jutsu were far superior. It wasn't only until being assigned to a team after making Genin that his jutsu had started to develop further and even then he was too afraid of himself and held back constantly so as to not hurt his team. This fear of himself has also caused him to flunk out of the chunin exams multiple times in a row before finally making Chunin... Now a few years after being promoted to Chunin he's turned down the rank of Anbu as well as the rank of Jonin on multiple occasions


Name: Yumizuke
Age: 17
Sex: F
Hand: B
Eyes: orange-gold
Hair: long sandy blonde
Race: Human (Curse Mark)
Clan: Inaziki
Village: Light
Kekkai Genkai:
Zekra-ah'um: This kekkai genkai is special in that it allows the user to control and attack with wavelengths. Altering the perception and senses of others. From infra red to ultra violet wavelengths.... However those born with this Kekkai Genkai are unable to use any other genjutsu or ninjutsu (Summoning Jutsu is possible but extremely difficult and takes way more control than normal)
Taijutsu: Urikan style (stands like kid buu, bent over with her hands dangling freely). Uses her arms like elastic bands, attacking with the back of her hand and sending out a spiraling wave of chakra like a tight funnel. Switching to the palm of her hand and pushing back in order to desperce the chakra. Tearing at the opponents muscles and with enough power even further. Due to this she was able to eventually hone her skills further by increasing her speed on foot a hundred fold and even then it wasn't enough for her. She had to push herself further in order to survive.

Special Info: She was experimented on by an evil organization, having came across a scroll that revealed the curse mark jutsu and how to use and alter it. With this they were able to implant the mark on her left shoulder, when activated it overrides her chakra network and allows her to completely envelop her body in chakra, giving an extraordinarily boost to her taijutsu and making her immune to wavelengths of any form. Also allows for rapid regeneration (does not work on vital, life threatening injuries like internal organs. More for muscle, bone and skin tissue regeneration as well as her eyes if anything were to happen to them). In addition she was implanted with genes that of a cheetah and snake to further enhance her speed and extreme reflexes, making her almost completely non human and is actually what caused her eyes to turn golden. She is also able to use the eight gates at will.

Short Bio: Yumizuke, also known as Yumi, has had a hard life being able to use only Taijutsu. She was actually captured and experimented on because of this, those that captured her thinking it would prove to be a great asset if they could recruit her by giving her the use of other jutsu through her curse mark though it backfired and simply increased her taijutsu prowess even further.

Her Kekkai Genkai actually activated shortly afterwards, which caused a lot of villages to gain interest in her which inevitably put pressure on her. Pressure that she couldn't take, so instead she ran becoming a rogue ninja and doing her own thing. Killing hundreds as they pursued her she eventually wound up on the bingo book even though she only killed in self defense, though completely unaware of this as she continued to run. She had nowhere to go, she was a rogue ninja and no village wanted her. The only people outside of the villages to show interest in her only wanted her power.... So she ended up turning to a lone wolf and completely avoided others unless absolutely necessary.

Yumi in the wilderness also learnt that she could communicate, through her loneliness, with various amounts of creatures and gain them as allies with her wavelength manipulation and started using them as a sort of summon. The animals responding to her own unique wavelength that was created specifically for communicating with and even controlling these animals.


Name: Yisei
Age: 57 (looks in his twenties due to a special jutsu that the 5th hokage used)
Sex: M
Hand: B
Eyes: very light blue, almost white
Hair: medium dark blue, reflects bit of silver and white in the light
Race: Human Jinchuriki of the One Tail
Clan: Senjoku (off branch of the Senju, and the only one of his clan)
Village: Light
Rank: Kage
Kekkai Genkai: Crystal Style (Not like the one from the anime), Rinnegan
Jutsu: Almost always activated is his crystal shell (Crystal particles mixed with the sand from Shukaku to create an almost impenetrable shield. Can also use Lightning, Fire and Earth Release.
He can use any jutsu that has to do with sand and has a variety of jutsu that is known only to him due to his unique kekkai genkai. Being the first off breed of the Senju Clan in a very long time, as well as the shukaku being sealed inside him (willingly), his wood style mutated into the crystal style.
Crystal Style: Other Worldly Creation! (A jutsu that he created, requiring both of his kekkai genkai in order to work)
Summoning Jutsu: Crystal Pheonix, Crystal Liger and Supreme Crystal Dragon.

Special Info: His chakra is so strong that it's almost always visible, which he can turn into crystal at any given moment. Also holds the first holy mark. Like the Curse Mark only more pure, which allows him to teleport when it's activated as well as many other unique abilities. His chakra becomes even more visible and when it's in stage two he can use his chakra to attack and steal the chakra of others. The chakra taking form of long slender serpents to attack... Which he can also crystallize at any given point and force to explode causing damage physically as well as spiritually. Rarely uses it but he can also use the Particle Style from the Tsuchikage, being able to master it quickly from watching the kage with his rinnegan and practicing it on his own in secret... Mainly learning it due to it complimenting his own crystal style so flawlessly

Short Bio: An excellent shinobi, he increased in ranks quickly and was among the youngest to ever make it to chunin. A true prodigy and even more dangerous after the ten year war between the nations that was known as the Fifth Great Ninja War after the presence of the two new Nations were revealed. His prowess in battle as well as his accomplishments as a Shinobi quickly earned him the title of Kage at the age of "25" and after helped to establish a treaty between the great nations once more and partnered the village hidden behind the light with the village hidden in the shadows. It was purely strategical, seeing as how they were neighboring villages, no more than five miles apart. He'd be a fool not to try.. And later setting up alliances between the Leaf, Cloud and Sand.

It's stated in the bingo book that he is one of the most fearsome of the kage and shouldn't be trifled with. By no means should you fight with this man if you value your life. The bingo book also making his crystal style very well known, thought it says nothing of it's qualites as well as his other jutsu.


Name: Ruruki
Age: N/A
Sex: N/A
Hand: R
Eyes: Lavender
Hair: Cobalt Blue with violet tips
Race: Half Human Shade. (Her mother being human and her "father" being one of the demons her mother summoned given life... The first shadow actually to have ever been successfully summoned.
Clan: Neneshio
Village: N/A
Kekkai Genkai: N/A
Genjutsu: Is able to use every known genjutsu and can even trap someone in a genjutsu with another genjutsu to create a multi layered jutsu to confuse and trap the target though this takes an abnormal amount of chakra and is considered very dangerous by most and is usually only used as a last minute resort.

Midnight Massacre - those trapped are constantly killed over and over again by their greatest fears.
Black Lotus - Watches for an eternity until a single black lotus blooms. When this happens the spores it releases instantly starts to effect and slowly kill the mind
Forbidden Jutsu: Underworld Madness - Those targeted are swallowed by a giant hole, eaten by a demon and then forced to live and commit their worst sin, receiving a thousand lashes from a searing hot barbed whip for every second that progresses. To make this worse they see those they love being tortured until the Genjutsu is broken, causing harm to ones self will not break this Genjutsu... She usually cuts up her target, peels their skin or whips them while they're trapped sense pain doesn't release this jutsu. All the while humming a lullaby. This lullaby is what keeps the genjutsu going as with most of her genjutsu.

Shadow Style - Can use her shadow as well as the shadows of others as a weapon and even create living creatures from these shadows with a forbidden form of summoning, as well as ninja tools.

Summoning Jutsu: Thousand Demon Release! - Summons up phantoms or "demon" puppets like one of the hidden 5 though able to control them with her chakra without the use of some ninja tool. Also she can extract the shadow from one of her shadow style summons and implant them into one of these "Demons" to create a living form that can act of it's own will.
She is the only living person other than her mother to have learnt this jutsu, learning it from her mother, the creator of said jutsu.

Special Info: The fan she carries is actually a special ninja tool that amplifies her genjutsu and the white sash she wears is the only thing that allows her to control and keeps her shadows from devouring her after having spent all of her chakra. The inability for any living being to control such a thing for long without the help of an ancient ninja tool being the reason this jutsu was banned and considered forbidden. She can also use the true Amaterasu and Black Lightning Jutsu, attacks that were made some time before the fruit of the senju tree was eaten.

Short Bio: Due to her numerous genjutsu and her dark mysterious aura she is known as the queen of the underworld in the Bingo Books and is ruthless enough to hold true to the title. She likes to toy with and kill her victims slowly, allowing them no release from her jutsu. She is so old that no one knows her real age or what exactly she is capable of other than genjutsu, and can always be found singing a very dark and/or sad lullaby... Though the bingo books have since lost her name within their records, her name is just as feared if not more so than that of Madara Uchiha and Kaguya Ōtsutsuki


Name: Fukitsu Hayashi
Rank: Yamikage
Age: Unknown (80+)
Sex: Female
Hand: Ambidextrous
Eyes: Dark
Hair: Black
Race: Humanoid Experiment
Clan: Unknown
Village: Hidden in the Shadows
Kekkei Genkai: Mokuton, Shikotsumyaku, and Unique Genetic Structure.
Chimera: Jirobo, Jugo, Kabuto, Karin, Kidomaru, Orochimaru, Sakon & Ukon, Storm Release, Suigetsu, and Tayuya
Special Info: Fukitsu has possession of the sealed Painite beast. She is the inheritor of Kabuto and Orochimaru's possessions, techniques, and will. Her body is an eternal experiment thanks to her unique inheritance.
Short Bio: Fukitsu Hayashi was born as the first successful subject to possess Mokuton and Shikotsumyaku by the latest heir to Orochimaru. Thanks to this and her intellect she was praised as a prodigy beyond compare, and was chosen to be the next body of the master when she came of age. Eighteen years spent preparing a being that could just barely be called human resulted in a being that easily dominated and consumed that master. Earning her the respect of all of the other experiments, and all of the experimenters.
She commanded the hideouts successfully, and earned money as a rogue ninja operative. When a group of nobles offered her the opportunity to help form a new nation and new hidden village she agreed only so long as all of her followers would be given a home there. No longer needing to go on missions alone she was given time to work on whatever experiment she deemed of interest, and that freedom made her stronger.
Approximately twenty years ago one of her experiments got away from her, and the sealed Jeweled Beasts ended up in the Light by mistake. The Light found them and continued the experiment with much less caution, causing the seals to break and the Jeweled Beasts to roam free. Only a few were able to be sealed right away, namely the first two that had been let loose. She and her villagers managed to seal up a decent amount after the beasts had fled from the Light Village, but the destruction was immense. Especially from the powerful creature that had been bound in Painite.
She quested after that beast for three years before managing to get it into a fight. The battle was long and destroyed two small islands, but she managed to bind it back into the Painite that it had come from. It was the first successful use of a jewel to reseal a Jeweled Beast, and earned her village respect. However the damage that had been done set the Village Hidden in the Shadows back several years.
Recently the village has reached its strongest point since it was founded, and Fukitsu has perfected the Chimera Technique with the intent of acquiring a powerful pair of eyes, and even more kekkei genkai to maintain her evolution.
Partial Jutsu List:
Chimera Technique (Her custom creation used to create new creatures, and to acquire kekkei genkai and unique traits.)
Cursed Seal, Forbidden Techniques, Killing Intent, Medical Techniques, Mokuton, Sealing Techniques, Shikotsumyaku, and Snake Techniques.
Fukitsu has been a well respected kage for over forty years, and as such she has knowledge of all types of jutsu that have existed in her village. Her inheritance has given her a list of known jutsu longer than almost any ninja in recent history, but she rarely demonstrates the breadth of her techniques. Sticking primarily to the abilities that she has the most experience using. The greatest strength of her techniques lies in the simple power of having kept her alive and youthful all these years.


Name: Shindou Himura
Rank: Chuunin
Age: 13
Sex: Male
Hand: Ambidextrous
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black
Race: Humanoid Experiment
Clan: Himura
Village: Hidden in the Shadows
Kekkai Genkai: Tendou (The eye turns completely red save for the pupil, and a small black circle just before the normal edge between the iris and sclera that is covered in zero to six tomoe.)
Level Seven: The eye gains its sixth and final tomoe. (This level provides the user all of the base powers of the Byakugan except for the ability to see tenketsu, and all of the base powers of the Sharingan except for the ability to cast Genjutsu.)
Special Info: All ninja raised in the Hidden Shadow are experimented on to some degree. Shindou has been experimented on extensively owing to his desire for power, and his impressive talent with his kekkei genkai.
Short Bio: Shindou was born in the Village Hidden in the Shadows to two young ninja who had defected to the village just a few years prior. The average member of his small clan required a catalyst to awaken their doujutsu, but Shindou's was activated by accident while he was still an infant. This potential drew the interest of the researchers in the village, and with his parents approval they performed a number of experiments on the boy.
Shindou completed his academy training in one year, but with agreements that the youngest Genin had to be at least twelve he was unable to progress. Seeing his potential one of the researchers of the village took him on as an apprentice and offered to work on his body even more.
By the time he was allowed to become a Genin he had already mastered his doujutsu, and received a powerful Cursed Seal from Fukitsu herself. Even so he was happy to be allowed to go on D-rank missions with his companions, and since his village tended to have training as a D-rank mission he picked up a lot of new skills.
During the latest Chuunin Exam he made it to the final round of the tournament before being taken out by an older boy from his village. However unlike the older boy he was promoted to Chuunin for his display of practical skills and tactical awareness.
Partial Jutsu List:
Cursed Seal of Heaven and Earth (Shindou is one of few ninja blessed enough to possess this mark.)
Flicker Form (Shindou's chakra control allows him to use a more advanced version of the Body Flicker. By channeling it to specific regions of the body at the right time Shindou is able to maintain a higher speed and strength in combat than normal, and capable of longer distance travel using less chakra than the Body Flicker.)
Lightning Cloak (Shindou's custom technique representing an advanced degree of nature transformation and shape transformation. By sending lightning chakra through his body he gains a solid increase to his reflexes and speed. Combined with a layer on the outside that he can move around. His lightning aura forces muscles to contract when it hits an opponent stunning them briefly, and when combined with a weapon its vibration abilities increase the destructive power as well. It renders him highly resistant to Earth type jutsu.)
Shindou is capable of using medical jutsu and sealing jutsu, but is still learning in both regards. The majority of his arsenal is Lightning Release, but he has copied techniques of all types. He is especially experienced in the arts of weapon based taijutsu, although he has copied a lot of unarmed taijutsu as well.


Name: Kyuu (True Name Unknown)
Rank: S-rank Criminal
Age: Unknown
Sex: Female
Hand: Ambidextrous
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black
Race: Humanoid Experiment
Clan: Unknown
Village: Unknown
Kekkai Genkai: Onmyodo
Special Info: Leader of Tasogare, and partner of Ichi. She has possession of the Kyuubi, has eaten its chakra flesh, and been experimented on extensively.
Short Bio: Not much is known about Kyuu's history before appearing in Konohagakure a couple of years ago. She and her partner maneuvered under the radar such that no one thought them suspicious. Until they found the Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi, and started a fight that lasted less than three minutes. During that time she was easily taking on the Jinchuriki. Before any teams could be properly deployed the duo escaped with the unconscious Jinchuriki.
Her bingo book entry details that she fights primarily with sharp taijutsu combined with quickly cast ninjutsu of various elements, followed by sealing the enemy as soon as they are overwhelmed. It additionally notes that multiple villages have since increased the bounty on her head to a considerable sum, and to be extraordinarily cautious of her when in pursuit.
Partial Jutsu List:
Chakra Conversion (The ability to perform a jutsu of one element using another element. Example: Converting the Water Dragon jutsu into Wind.)
Chakra Drain (The ability to drain chakra from opposing shinobi.)
Ofuda (Paper seals like the exploding tag that can be used for a variety of purposes. Defensive/sensing barriers being the most common.)
Mind's Eye (An advanced sensing technique able to notice minute differences in chakra over vast ranges.)
Spirit Summoning (She can summon the Kirin, Azure Dragon, Black Turtle, Vermillion Bird, and White Tiger. Along with possessing various lesser spirits predominantly oni, and is capable of sealing chakra beasts without sacrificing her life.)
Tenketsu Release (She can use chakra through any tenketsu like a Hyuuga.)
Unique Hand Seals (She uses one handed seals that are unique to Onmyodo for all of her jutsu that require hand seals.)
Space/Time Ninjutsu (Kyuu created a unique space/time ninjutsu that allows her to bring other members of Tasogare to her side, to send them back to headquarters, or to send herself back to headquarters. It is primarily used when a member of Tasogare needs to retreat.)
Spiraling Ring (Kyuu creates a dark purple sphere of chakra surrounded by a series of white rings of chakra that orbit the main sphere. These rings then align into one disc-like shape around the orb, causing the rings to resemble planetary rings. It can be thrown, and expands on release with a destructive power superior to the Rasenshuriken. She is capable of performing even stronger versions, and uses various names to detail their superiority.)
Chakra Flow, Genjutsu, Medical Techniques, Sealing Techniques, Stealth, and Water Release.
Kyuu is knowledgeable when it comes to most types of jutsu, but not much is known about the full extent of her abilities. She is considered to be an extraordinarily dangerous combatant according to the Bingo Book.


Name: Ichi (True Name Unknown)
Rank: S-rank Criminal
Age: Twenties
Sex: Female
Hand: Right
Eyes: Dark
Hair: White
Race: Humanoid Experiment
Clan: Unknown
Village: Unknown
Kekkai Genkai: None
Special Info: Member of Tasogare, and partner of Kyuu. She is the fastest member of Tasogare, and has been experimented on extensively.
Short Bio: Not much is known about Ichi's history before appearing in Konohagakure a couple of years ago. She and her partner maneuvered under the radar such that no one thought them suspicious. Until they found the Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi, and started a fight that lasted less than three minutes. During that time she was fighting off the teammates of the Jinchuriki. Before any other teams could be properly deployed the duo escaped with the unconscious Jinchuriki.
Her bingo book entry details that she is an accomplished master of the sword, and skilled with lightning release. It additionally notes to be very cautious of her speed.
Partial Jutsu List:
Black Lightning, Chakra Flow, Kenjutsu, Lightning Release, and Taijutsu.
Ichi is well versed for such a young ninja, but not much is known beyond her taijutsu focused abilities.

Name: Yamaki
Age: 22
Sex: F
Hand: B
Eyes: Lavender
Hair: Whitish Lavender
Race: Human Jinchuriki of the Pearl Beast (has been implanted with the chakra of the Ōtsutsuki)
Clan: Hyuga
Village: Light
Kekkai Genkai: Byakugan, Tenseigan
Jutsu: (Just listing the main ones she uses but she can use tons of water style jutsu)
Water Clone
Water Prison
Water Dragon
Water Style: Extreme Whirlpool
Summoning Jutsu (Can summon tsunade's slug, the toads and many other high level summons, including the super advantaged summons such as the spirit beasts)
Healing Specialist-Master Rank: She has learnt almost every jutsu there are when it comes to medical jutsu and is a true prodigy of such arts, as well as having learnt almost every known sealing jutsu and coming up with a few of her own due to the help of the Pearl Beast. Her most impressive sealing jutsu is the ninth stage, 5 trigram, triple sealing art.. Which she named True Heaven and Earth Seal

Special Info: Due to obtaining the Pearl Beast she is able to use multiple summons at the same time and basically control water as Gaara does his sand, which she mainly uses for her healing jutsu though it can be used both offensively and defensively. She also carries around with her a pouch on her side that holds within it a small pocket dimension that has enough water to fill a small lake so that she always has water at her disposal and can even turn completely into water (like the shark dude who's name I always forget from Shippuden that was on Team Taka with Sasuke)
Can also use the Yin-Yang Release, which was used to create the tailed beasts out of the chakra of the ten tails, used by Naruto to heal injuries and to bring life back into Obito for a short time. She can switch her chakra control when using this by the power of the Tenseigan and use multiple jutsu styles while doing this but only one additional style at a time. Which she usually chooses fire, creating steam style jutsu when combined with her water style. On occasion though with an extreme output of chakra she can wield three different chakra types when using the Tenseigan in combination with the yin-yang release but the burden of such a combination is high.
She has been branded by Yisei's Empress Holy Mark, this mark being expanded upon by a young assistant of his through a mind link jutsu he used on her which extends from the mark on her shoulder all the way down her arm to the back of her wrists. These markings molding into her skin and becoming part of her.
Short Bio: Yamaki as a young girl ran away from home because she detested the way of the Hyuga clan so much and was taken in by the light village where the pearl beast was thrown inside her after an experiment gone wrong which she accepted and even wanted, the village having hunted down five of the gemmed beasts after they had been broken from the effects of the gems binding them.... Being the second in the village to have a beast inside of her and afterwards being taught tons of medical and support type jutsu as well as being implanted with a special type of chakra which allows her to use the Tenseigan.


Name: Daiashi
Age: looks to be in his late teens.
Sex: Male
Hand: Either
Eyes: (See kekkai Genkai)
Hair: White
Race: Human
Clan: Sato
Village: Hidden Shadows
Kekkai Genkai: Jikanmagan
Stage 1: Minimal for any who have the traits. Hemorages chakra but can only speed up or slow down up to three targets at a time. In this stage the eyes are bright green with normal pupils yet with the amount of chakra lost the posessor of the eyes can only use tai-jutsu without assistance from another source of chakra. Range of the effects are only able to effect targets within arms reach. Chakra control is impossible to master for the user.
Stage 2: Eyes become as black as fresh ink, ammount of chakra loss is cut in half. Can effect anything that comes within range and range is doubled while user can use minor jutsu as freely as a fresh graduate. Chakra control is difficult
Stage 3: Eyes turn white with cat-like pupils and chakra is no longer lost, but due to the body of the bearer compensating for stage 1 effects the chakra builds fast. Stage two range is doubled while the effects are able to stop objects within range and can only slow objects within sight outside of the range, so long as they remain within sight. Major jutsu can be used in short bursts. Chakra is controled with effort.
Stage 4: Eyes begin reflecting as a mirror would and the slits of the white eyes will narrow until they are merely a line through the mirror. Chakra builds faster even with the threat of chakra network bursting if user doesn't use vast amounts of chakra within a short period of time. Time can be stopped within the range of the users sight, but the user has to see the targets at some point when activating the effect. User gains the ability to use mirror clone jutsu as well. Chakra control is mastered.
Stage 5 (A-B): A.) [incomplete ] Cracks form in the reflecting eyes and the pupils turn to empty hour glasses chakra builds fast enough that in order for the chakra network to last they must expend vast ammounts of chakra by stopping time within the full range. User is forced to stop time for as long as they are in this broken stage. B.) [complete ] Cracks form small empty hourglases throughout the reflective part of the eyes and the pupil forms full hour glasses. Allows the user to use Multi mirror clone as well as any jutsu they know free of handsigns so long as they continue to have the chakra to expend. Users chakra slowly drains when stopping time. And user can reverse time for the body to childhood at the cost of sealing their memory until they reach the completed stage 5 again but muscle memory and build is not lost as well as reserves of chakra.
Stage 6: Eyes become prismatic with infinity symbols for pupils and the Kekkai Genkai is perfected in every way.

Jutsu: Tai-jutsu more stength than the Fifth Hokage and speed than Rock Lee with the weights on, Mirror clone jutsu is stronger than shadow clone and the user is able to pour more chakra into it for it to last through more hits. Shadow style and Fire style.

Special Info: has the diamond beast sealed inside him, reaches the 9th gate, flesh armor no-jutsu, Beast fusion, and space fold jutsu.

Short Bio: Last known member of his clan he had the diamond beast sealed inside him. Due to his Kekkai Genkai he has kept the beast inside him making him the only person the beast has been sealed inside and has been alive longer than even history has recorded. He is playful in nature and tries to appear to be the weakest all the time. He is able to teleport anywhere within the range of his kekkai genkai until stage six, then he can teleport anywhere at any given time so long as his memories don't cause his mind to snap first. Stage five and higher he can use multi-mirror clone jutsu. Due to being able to slow or speed his body up as well as those within range he managed to find a way to prolong the gates as well as slow the effects of using the gates until he can reach and push through the ninth gate of rebirth which forces the body to better adjust to the strain so not to destroy the body and instead heal it. Using the pink muscle in his body from all his training he is able to compact it not only to slim himself down and make himself faster but create a stronger than steel armor under his skin.
When in dire need of chakra to escape or finish a fight the diamond beast fuses with him turning his body into an organic diamond and supplying him with wings that not only allow him to fly but also draw in the chakra around him and amplify it, the side effects of doing such is that his cells will start turning to diamond from the outside in if he holds the fusion too long. When he has exsausted all other options to win a fight and is about to die he can rewind time for himself and become a child again at the cost of being sick for the first year of his new life and loosing the memory of who he was until he reaches the fifth stage again. Throughout the time of his many lives he has always kept the diamond beast inside him as a secret unless he knew he would kill the person he let know, though the beast talks to him in his head as a person causing Daiashi to appear talking to himself or laughing at nothing to those around him.


Name Jai Soyn
Rank SSS rank criminal
Age (Untold) looks 19
Sex Male
Hand Both
Eyes Right; deep blood red : Left; Midnight blue
Hair Red
Race human
Clan (unknown)
Village None
Kekkai Genkai: dorobouchi - the ability to gain a kekkai Genkai through drinking the blood of the bloodline bearer. (Must drink roughly about a cup of the blood in order to gain the abilities. The more he drinks the stronger the ability becomes and the more control he gains over it.)
Jutsu Tai-jutsu, Five finger Risangan, Death Escape, and Storm of bleeding shadows.
Special Info: List of stolen Kekkai Genkai; Shikotsumyaku, Ranmaru's, Jugo's, Bakuton, and Iburi's.
Short bio: He is always looking to prove himself as the strongest so he has spent all of his time towards training and fighting strong opponents. His Kekkai Genkai has always come with the instability and desire for powerful blood. During the war between the original clans for power he was sent forward in time by a member of the Sato clan only to end up appearing after the fruit was eaten. He renewed his body in a hidden rejuvenation spring allowing him to remain young and heal himself over the years while learning techniques that advanced his abilities. Yet all they have in the Bingo books about him is The name given to him calling him "The blood shadow" and that his body count is the highest ever recorded not even leaving witnesses.


Name: Akane Seishin
Age: 24
Sex: Female
Hand: Right
Eyes: Glowing Blue
Hair: Black
Race: Human?
Clan: Seishin
Village: Nomadic
Kekkai Genkai: The Seishin can interact with the spirit world unlike any other mortal being, it is almost tangible to them, they spend most of their childhood training to most of it out lest they go mad. Their connection to the spirit world grants them access to obscure techniques and a pool of potent ghost chakra, that cannot be sensed by those not attune to the spirit world, resulting in what is preserved as them using jutsu without chakra, this charka is the left over chakra after somebody dies that seeps from the body over time and lingers in the air, needless to say, Seishin are deadly in graveyards and battle fields.

Spirit art: Ring of purity: This jutsu creates a white ring of ghost chakra that devours standard chakra when used, preventing the use of jutsu with it, this also releases those effected by edo tensei. (40ft radius, 3minute time limit, extended with Impure circle active.)

Spirit art: Impure circle: A black ring that allows the user to temporarily bind the effected area with the spirit world, functions much like a minor version of the edo tensei, allowing the spirits in the area to psychically manifest, natural chakra in the area is also converted into ghost chakra.(20ft radius, cannot move while in use, quick chakra recharge/heal except when Ring of purity is active.)

Pure/Impure Manifest: A technique derived from the rasengan and chidori, the user manifest ghost chakra in their hand to be used offensively, functioning was both a blade or force, it can also be thrown, typically used as a barrage of shuriken, it changes between black and white.

Body flicker technique: By using the Body Flicker Technique, a ninja can move short to long distances at an almost untraceable speed. To an observer, it appears as if the user has teleported. It is accomplished by using chakra to temporarily vitalise the body and move at extreme speeds. The amount of chakra required depends on the overall distance and elevation between the user and the intended destination.

Summoning Technique: Death guard: The user summons a animated suit of Yoroi armor that was assigned to them at a young age, each member of the Seishin has at-least one of these. Each guard wields a different weapon and fight much like a samurai would.

Special Info: Originally from the land of demons, The Seishin are said to be descendants of the Shinigami due to their inborn connection to the spirit world, a once reclusive and peaceful clan they became agitated after the Fourth Shinobi World War due to the use of the edo tensei. The Seishin rallied and marched with intent to erase the edo tensei, they made many attempts on Kabuto and Orochimaru against the wish's of the seventh Hokage, this ended in a small invasion of Konoha. Due to their actions and unusual techniques the Seishin were exiled from their home and found themselves unwelcome anywhere else and were forced into banditry for awhile. Today the clan are mostly seen around old graveyards, the grave's are respected, well cared for and they allow any the visit the graves if they don't mind being watched. It is believed there is a village in the catacombs, they have been blamed for the disappearance of countless children and livestock, people have gone to investigate but nobody has ever comeback from the catacombs.

Short Bio: Akane wanders the land, unwelcome due to the bloodline her glowing blue eye's portray, countless time's she has been attacked with the demand she return their lost siblings or children and naturally she is the only guilty party whether or not she fought back or not. She defends herself and is considered a criminal, she doesn't? Still a criminal. Currently wanted for Murder, theft, kidnapping, banditry and filling a noble's house with bean paste, technically only three of those are true. Akane has found her way to the village hidden in the shadows and the village hidden in the light by chance and hopes, having never heard of them, that they have never heard of her.


Name: Aiko Uchiha But everyone else knows him as "The Deamon"
Sex: Male
Hand: Left
Eyes: gray
Hair: White
Race: Human
Village: none
Kekkai: Sharingan
Jutsu: Mainly lightning based justus and he has the eternal Mangekyo sharingan. What defines him as an S-class shinobi are his two specialities. One, he can summon at will 12 invisible hands that can be used as an offensive jutsu, it can cut almost anything, or a defensive jutsu, It can block almost all jutsus but unfortunatley he can't use it as both and unless he is kept at a defensive the jutsu doesn't wear out.
His second jutsu increases his speed, strength and agility, it also replaces his invisible hands for four (see tokyo ghoul for reference, hehe) tentacle like extensions that he can use to manuver himelf from any type of surface... except water or fire.
Short Bio: Unfortunatley Aiko has had a miserable life ever since he lost his family, the only surviving member aside from him was his sister. He lived on the run for a long time, hidding in caves and stealing to get food for his sibling. First her then him. Unfortunatley they finally got found and his sister got killed, thats where he got the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, now his only objective in life is to destroy the seven nations hidden villages then and only then may he rest in peace.


Kinari, Shindou, Daishi, Yamaki


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Aiko sighed as Kinari threatened him. Why couldn't the boy just see that he was the threat to her. But then again, people can't understand pain until they have felt it themselves. Before the boy went in, Aiko stopped him with one of his vectors.

"Excuse my precaution." He started not looking at him "But after you showed the beast that lives inside you I hade to take measures."

He sighed again and looked up at the sky for a few seconds before continuing "What I'm trying to say is that if you don't learn to control that beast of you. Some day you'll go on a rampage and hurt her, maybe even kill her." He scratched the back of the head "Even if its intentional or by accident she will be caught in the middle of it and die, and I will tell you from experience. You will not fogive yourself."

His sharingan faded and the vectors got sucked into the middle of his back "You need help, training and I can help you with that. I'm not saying that you have to decide now... just think about the future and consider it." With that he jumped unto the roof and sat down.
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Kinari kind of laughed at Aiko. "I don't care what you think of us, the only reason I've decided to side with you here and now is for Yamaki's sake alone. The moment she is recovered and you're no longer a threat, this all changes" he spoke with a sigh before turning towards Shindou.

"Yeah, I kind of gathered that give the circumstances" responding to his teammate. He knew that things would be shaky but he figured if anyone could figure him out and call his bluff it would be Shindou, the boy's response was actually surprising though given he actually believed Kinari would attack him for no reason. It was simply a ploy to stop both sides from fighting, walking back into the house then he stopped beside Aiko. "Since you're so willing to threaten us I believe I'll side with him for once" jutting his finger out towards Shindou. "You will no longer be going with us and I don't care why you like Yamaki but she's off limits and you will no longer be seeing any of us as nothing but enemies once we part ways unless you change yours".

Kinari may seem like a fool to most and in some cases even an idiot with the way he barges in and barks before even knowing the full situation but he was actually quite intelligent, though driven by his emotions he rarely thought ahead. Luckily for him, he'd never really needed to before and so far that didn't seem likely to change since this man was the only real threat and even with Yamaki resting, he knew they could take him out on a two versus one battle. "Oh and you've only seen a fraction of what I can do, as you just stated... Don't ever underestimate your opponent". He then proceeded to finish walking into the house and moving back towards the bed where Yamaki lay.
Shindou maintained his polite smile as Aiko boasted about the fact that if he had wanted Shindou dead that nothing could have been done about it. It seemed Aiko had either missed Fukitsu's fight against Kinari while impersonating him, or that he was far too arrogant for his own good. Either way he was right that underestimating an opponent would give that opponent the advantage, unfortunately for him Shindou was the only one aware of the fact that the Goddess of Shinobi was standing behind him ready to offer support.

When Kinari appeared Shindou saw it as a positive turn of events, however that positive mood quickly disappeared as Kinari spoke his piece. Shindou took in a deep breath as thoughts of what creative adjectives to use to describe Kinari and his insubordinate behavior in the mission report drifted across his mind. "Did you forget that you already failed to kill me just a little while ago?" Shindou asked. "You and Yamaki both need to recover after that fight, until then you shouldn't be so quick to threaten anyone Kinari."

The idea that in his weakened state and with his chakra divided that he would be able to fight them both would be laughable if not for the troubling nature of the behavior. While it was possible that he got hit in the head and forgot the composition of the team, Shindou was reasonably certain that it was just Kinari being his usual jackass self. Even so, a pigheaded teammate was a nuisance at best, but in Kinari's case he could be an honest threat given his willingness to partner with a potential enemy of the state. A fact that Shindou would have to share with Yisei in his eventual report. However Shindou kept himself in a relaxed position with his form hidden beneath his black cloak, and made sure that the focus of his eyes was hidden in a way that only users of the Byakugan or Tendou can in an attempt to keep the other two honest.

"In case you hit your head and forgot, this man is not a member of our team. Even if he had been, he wouldn't be after having attacked me," Shindou said. "He was kind enough to help us out earlier, and to let the two of you spend time recovering in his home. However that is the only connection that he has to our team Kinari."

Shindou had been forewarned that Kinari might try to kill him which he already to deal with once, and the fact that he was willing to threaten him was also not a surprise given the first fact. However the fact that he was willing to attempt blackmail to benefit someone he had just met, and especially after that someone had attacked his team leader, it made Shindou wonder what Yisei possibly saw in the boy. Still another deep breath and a moment of thought allowed Shindou to maintain his composure in the face of Kinari's blatant insubordination.

"So after the two of you recover, we three will set out from here and carry out the rest of the mission," Shindou said as he ignored Kinari's attempt to blackmail him, and Aiko's threat in the form of a guarantee. "Do you understand?"

[h3 [center Fukitsu]]
Fukitsu and her clones managed to keep up the deception even as the Uchiha bragged about how easy it would be to kill them. It was something she had encountered often enough with those from clans with special abilities, and it was an arrogance she had long since gotten over thanks to the experience gained from her long life. Of course it just made his comments about the fact that it was him that was being underestimated all the more hilarious to her. The comedy of the statement helped her to maintain the pleasant face that Shindou was trying to show to the jerk.

Then just like so many times in her past, just when everything seemed to be going perfectly, the Hidden Light had to step in and ruin everything. It was as clear as always that Kinari had a mouth that would get him killed if not for the massive power of the beast sealed inside of him. His tact was a problem of course, but his willingness to back a potential terrorist rather than support Shindou was by far the more troubling behavior. Of course Yisei had almost bragged about him killing his teammates in the past, but she doubted that he was aware of Kinari's shortsightedness when it came to trying to make friends. If it was so easy to get him to turn against an actual ally he would be a golden target by any of a number of more cultlike groups, and with him being so key to the balance between the Light and the Dark she was sure Yisei would not be happy to hear that news.

Kinari quickly followed up his first speech by attempting to blackmail Shindou into finding a peaceful resolution. Something they would have had already had Kinari just kept his mouth shut, but of course that would be asking far too much from someone raised by Yisei. While it was easy enough for her to maintain her composure in the face of a blackmail attempt that had numerous flaws in it, it made her proud to see Shindou maintain his own with just a deep breath. He may not be as capable in the arts of deception as she was, but he was definitely showing promise in the valuable art.
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Aiko kept eyes at the two figures not waiting for them to leave his eyesight. With his powerful eyes he was able to see that Shindou looked around him. 'Is he able to see the vectors?' He asked himself, if he did it would mean trouble. Until now he never suspected for anyone to be able to see his technique but whatever the case, he wouldn't underestimate him. The one who underestimates his opponent dies.

He heard the boy speak and laughed "Hesitate? You?!" He smiled and pinched his nose "I am the one who hesitated, if I wanted it you would be dead already. Simple as that. I also do not throw my weight around, the thing about shinobi like you and your teammates is that you tend to think that no one is able to match you in skill. And that's the problem, you guys keep underestimating me. Which, in turn gives me the advantage in battle." He turned his head slightly to see Kinari coming towards him... or was it Kinari?

The boy spoke, telling them that HE was going to stop them. What a pain in the ass. "You, stop us?" He started laughing "Me answer to you, damn. I should've brought an umbrella for the hell that's going to rain down upon me." He mocked while he still laughed but stopped moments later and composed himself "Look kid, same with your little friend over there. You should stop underestimating your opponent. You do not know what I can do, and I must certainly have seen some of your abilities. And from what I gather you won't be able to beat me unless you become the beast that you truly are." He laughed again unsheathing his twin swords. One was bitch black and the other was white.

"Let me be clear... whatever your name is." He started as he stopped laughing and a serious expression crossed his face. "I didn't bring you here because I like you, or because I simpathize with you, or because... other reasons." He looked directly at his eyes and sighed "I brought you here because if you are not here then she." He pointed his black sword at the broken window "Then, even if I brought her here, she would've gone out to look for you. In the condition she is in. I like her because she is just like someone I used to know. You lot could die for all I care." He turned around"And right now, in your condition you wouldn't be able to even scratch me, much less fight. So stop with the threats." He walked to the stairs at the front door and sat down. "You can come in, but they." He signaled Shindou and Fukitsu, will stay out or they will end up as a meat soup. And that's not a threat... it's a guarantee."
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"Just a squabble outside... And we're safe, that's what matters for now, I'll tell you the rest later" Kinari sighed after answering Yamaki, lightly taking hold of her wrist as she tried healing him before laying her down. "It's fine, even though it's not instant, my wounds still heal abnormally fast" he chuckled some, though it was more of a defeated tone. "Even though this guy" he grabbed his chest now that he knew exactly what it was that was inside him, "may not like it and may even refuse to help in most cases but the truth remains.. If I die then so does he, at least it still seems to be that way"

He slowly rose from the bed then and activated his Kekkai Genkai, allowing numerous amounts of chakra to pour from him even in his damaged state before making a clone to confront those outside; Collapsing soon after.

Kinari's clone shook his head and grumbled as he made his way outside to where the confrontation was taking place, just in time to see "Shindou's" clones. Walking up between the two he smiled weakly, "Are we really going to do this now...?" he asked as he raise both his hands, one in each direction. "Because honesty... I really don't want to have to stop this, I'm tired as hell the way it is and Yamaki is still trying to recover... And I swear if anything happens here then you'll both have to answer to me. I don't care whose home this is or what you all think... So how about it? Put your damned differences to the side and at least try to work together for the time being... After the mission?" he laughed some then. "Well after the mission I really don't give a damn if you both cut each others throats out, but as of now we are a team... Act like it"

Of course this wasn't how Kinari usually acted and whether Yamaki had any influence or not because he was after all, rather close to her compared to others, he knew things couldn't go on like this after his transformation earlier. He knew he had to change, though mostly he just needed strength, it was something he was starting to believe he couldn't do alone. [i I wonder if that's cheating...] he thought as he stood there, on guard, waiting for something to happen. Even if his clone couldn't really do much against the other two together, he would at least be able to force them to exert enough energy that hopefully they wouldn't want to fight further, and on top of that he knew something that the others didn't... This fact proven as another clone appeared behind Shindou, whispering in his ears. "I don't know how you did it or what those are but that's not your chakra.... If you don't want me telling the others and revealing to them you're not as strong as they believe... Then you'll find a way to peacefully resolve this" the second clone then still vanishing.

Though he didn't really know exactly what was up, he'd heard the beasts words before it had vanished and that small amount of knowledge he was counting on to throw Shindou off guard... Meaning that even if they decided to continue fighting, it would give Kinari a slight edge in the fight against a distracted Shinobi... Meaning he could put more attention towards Aiko and hopefully make it a lot easier on him, though it would still be a risk seeing as how Kinari hadn't seen any of the boy's techniques in person other than the Sharingan and what he did earlier that day.
Yamaki slightly opened her eyes at the sound of the commotion and turned her head to see what was going on. As she looked out her vision still a bit blurred she could only make out slight outlines of what where people. She turned her head a little more and groan as her head began to pound some and saw Kinari sitting next to what ever she happened to be laying on. She slowly reached her hand out and tugged and the sleeve of his yukata. "Kinari What is going on and where are?" She tried to prop herself up on her arm to see where they were and to see how he was. She glanced at him and blushed a little as her eyes met his and looked down quickly. Her eyes rose again as she noticed he was healing his wound. "I can do that for you." She brought her free hand out towards him and began to use her medical jutsu on him but before long she started to waver and got light-headed as we slumped over and fell against Kinari. "Guess I am not strong enough yet." She said weakly with a sadden look upon her face. "I'm sorry."
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"If she were afraid of you, she wouldn't have gone that far for you Kinari," Shindou replied. "Don't beat yourself up so much, just focus on your recovery right now. We don't need to rush as much as you might think we do."

Shindou went to continue on his way out of the house when the sight of Aiko approaching, and something moving towards Fukitsu drew his attention back to the room. Whatever it was happened to be very fast as Shindou could be certain he would not have seen the movement without his Tendou, especially as even Fukitsu was unable to react as she was violently thrown from the house by forces that were barely visible to him. It was a sight that he had not ever expected to see, and before he was fully aware of what he was doing he found himself standing in front of her with the first level of his Cursed Seal activated.

His cloak kept his body hidden from view, but even so he got into a fighting stance as Aiko approached through the now broken window. Since Aiko was able to use a technique that the others would not be able to see it left him as the only line of defense between the violent Uchiha and his team. Under normal circumstances he would be quite afraid at that unsettling prospect, but something about the way he was able to see the situation left him more comfortable than he was when Kinari lashed out at him earlier.

While Shindou kept his attention focused on the man making threats, he dropped his stance as Fukitsu whispered to him. Kinari and Yamaki needed rest and this was the safest location that they knew about. Upsetting the proprietor of the establishment would only start an unnecessary fight that would put the rest of his team at risk, and would waste energy that was better spent elsewhere. So even though the Uchiha had tried to pick a fight with him and his mentor, Shindou switched to a slightly more diplomatic approach per her subtle suggestion.

"If you don't want me in your house that's fine, I'll just keep watch for my team from out here," Shindou said with a polite smile, neglecting to mention the fact that he was already going to do that when Aiko interrupted him. "However those two that you invited inside are my teammates, and if anything should happen to them because of your need to throw your weight around, just know that I won't hesitate again."

[h3 [center Fukitsu]]
Fukitsu moved to join Shindou outside of the house when a strange whooshing sound caught her attention. She only grasped what the strange sound meant as she was thrown out of the window by invisible forces. Even though the quintet looked the same it was easy to guess why she was the one that was targeted, as she had the largest remaining chakra reserve of the five Shindou lookalikes. However it was to her benefit as it left her with plenty of stamina to break her fall with a roll and a well executed use of hidden bone plates.

Before she could rise to face her attacker though, Shindou appeared between them with the black flame markings that signified that the first stage of his Cursed Seal had been activated. His eyes having taken on a new design as he leveled a glare at Aiko through the now broken window. The Cursed Seal making his already similar chakra signature match hers even more accurately, as it flooded his system with chakra that was virtually indistinguishable from her own.

The sight of him tapping into such power drew a small smile to her face, but it faded quickly as the Uchiha seemed to hover out of the building. Whatever it was he was doing she could not see it with her eyes, and if she had to fight him with her other senses it would force her to use her senjutsu. A tactic that she wanted to avoid as it would quickly out her as there was no possibility of them believing someone as young as Shindou was a sage, and especially not when Shindou seemed to be capable of seeing things that she could not even with her senjutsu. Everything taken into consideration there was no good reason to risk it fighting against an unknown opponent who seemed easy enough to placate.

"You could, but should you?" Fukitsu whispered to her protege in his own voice.

The line seemed to do the trick as he seemed to relax some before making a quick declaration of his intentions. His words were punctuated by her three clones rising from the ground behind her in a semi circle formation, and as soon as they were close she rose to her feet without the use of her hands. While the Uchiha seemed quite confident in himself, he would have to be very reckless to try to fight against the quintet given Shindou's growing chakra levels, and her own impressive reserve.
Shindou / Tesla / 5y ago
Aiko sighed as the boy spoke. what he said was true but it still didn't relinquish the fact that he needed rest. "I highly doubt it." He said "The girl went long ways to ensure your survival and well being, It won't happen." With that he turned around and walked out the door stopping at the sight of a shinobi.

His eyes widened as he spoke but he didn't listen. Why would a Shinobi be here? He is in the house. He kept thinking why, why, why... without an answer. He knew what had to be done... he had to keep his oath.

His sharingan activated and he walked into the room looking directly at the Shinobi. But something was wrong, he had massive chakra while his clones didn't... usually it would be split evenly but not with him. He summoned his vectors... the show was about to begin.

His vectors grabbed him tightly and lifted him up, in a split second he was thrown out the window breaking it in the process. Aiko looked at Kinari, Sharingan activated "I hate shinobi." and walked out the window. As he looked down he saw that another shinobi was in front of his master, curse mark activated. He jumped down, using his vectors to soften his land and made it look that he hovered to the ground. He looked up. What a drag.

"One thing is me offering the boy and his girl a plce to rest." He started "It is another that you suppose to be invited into my property and my house... I do not fucking care if you are his teammates, siblings, friends or whatever. This is my house!" He unsheathed both of his swords and held one in each hand "Now, Im not threatening you or warning you." Aiko was pissed and with one of his vectors he drew a line 10 feet in front of the house "Cross this line and you'll finish as a torso and a head." He kept glaring at both of them.
Aiko Uchiha / kirito / 5y ago
Kinari nodded as sat on the bed next to where Yamaki laid, wrapping the covers around her more comfortably before looking upwards. "I'd argue with you about that Shindou but I simply don't have the strength so instead I'll simply stay here and keep an eye on Yamaki, would be best if it were me here by her side anyway... Nothing against the rest of you but none of you are from our village and the sight of a comrade amongst others would be a lot more welcoming... That is if she's not afraid of me by now and worse case scenario, I simply go outside and keep watch with Shindou until things get better" he then opened his eyes before looking at the Uchiha, glad the man had stopped his ascent towards the roof.
"And I can only have faith that what you say is true about this place... But we can't stay here long, I should be better in no time thanks to.. Well you all know now" he sighed heavily, hoping that nothing would have happened on the way to the sand. However as things were he knew he was powerless, as even as he stood there he was already climbing back to full strength as chakra began to slowly leak from his body, unable to conceal his kekkai genkai in such a tired state and unable to ask Shindou if he coulld temporarily seal it with the boy already leaving to set up parameters and insuring their safety... [i Not like I'd be willing to ask even if I was able... Even though he helped contain that beast, the chakra from his clones... It wasn't right, it wasn't his].
Of course Kinari only knew this to be true due to the echoes from the creature inside him, ringing against his skull but nevertheless he knew it to be true and now wanted to know how it was possible and if Shindou had something inside like himself though if that were the case... Wouldn't his clones still have chakra that were home to Shindou? Kinari shook his head to clear the frenzy of thoughts and instead decided to focus on using as much of the excess chakra leaking from his body as possible to help heal his injuries, knowing that Yamaki's body would regenerate from any wound inflicted upon her and only having a limited knowleadge of healing jutsu which portained to minor injures such as small cuts and bruises. Not having the time or patience to learn anything more.
Fukitsu was thankful that for all his bravado Kinari was at least willing to accept a friendly shoulder when the chips were down. If he had kept up his attitude after forcing her to be summoned there it would have made it a lot more difficult for her to keep her mouth shut and maintain her illusion. It was probable that they were already wondering whether or not there was some trickery involved, however she felt confident that none of them could be certain of the limitations of the Hidden Shadow shinobi.

The house the Uchiha led them to appeared to be simple, but that made it an almost ideal choice given their circumstances. It was well hidden thanks to the terrain surrounding it, and with only one real entrance to focus on it would make it easy to defend in case there were more enemies in the area. When Shindou voiced similar sentiments she could not keep the smile from her face, as it did a lot to prove that she made the right decision with him. Especially given the more tactful way he voiced those sentiments, as that was definitely an area that she had hoped he would surpass her in.

After Shindou made his stance known she and her clones followed him outside to maintain the illusion. It was not as difficult as one would expect given her understanding of the thought processes of her apprentice, and the fact that he was aware of the need to keep her informed of his actions. While it was a plan that was pulled together at the last possible second, Shindou seemed to adapt to it quickly enough that it came together rather well. However it was still a short term solution, and so she waited for an opportunity to get away from prying eyes and ears.

Her opportunity came as they were laying traps, as she followed him into the tunnel that led to the small clearing with the nice little cabin. It seemed he was also looking for the opportunity as he breathed a sigh of relief as soon as he was certain there was no one spying on them. The mental damage he took from the battle was much more visible now that he did not have to keep up appearances for the other members of the team.

"Are you alright?" Fukitsu asked as she placed her hand on his cheek. She wanted to provide more comfort to her student, but she had to be able to retract quickly in case they were interrupted by the Uchiha.
Fukitsu / Tesla / 5y ago
Shindou followed Kinari and Yamaki inside, and made sure to keep himself out of the way as the Uchiha spoke. It seemed he was very protective of the quaint building, but all Shindou could do was hope that Kinari's mouth would not get them into trouble with the man. Even with Fukitsu present the team was drained enough that Shindou wanted to avoid starting another incident at least long enough for everyone to sleep a few hours.

"I'd say it's nice, especially given the history," Shindou commented as he made sure that every member of his team made it to a room alright. "If you want to see it as just a port in a storm feel free, but it's the most secure place available right now so we're going to make the best of it. So long as I'm the one keeping watch I can guarantee this place will be safe for our team."

It was a statement he could make confidently since as far as anyone knew he had been the one to hold Kinari down long enough for Yamaki to perform that strange sealing technique. Combined with the fact that he seemed to have the most chakra left in the tank it was easily understandable why he felt comfortable making the bold claim.

"I'll be just outside making sure that if we are found that we'll be safe," Shindou said as he stepped over to the doorway. "So just relax and try to get some rest for now."

The more he spoke the longer Kinari would have to stay awake so he left it at that as he went outside to lay a few traps. It was something to do while his mind continued to replay the fight in his head, as he tried to keep a brave face despite his worries. While he had been forewarned of Kinari's destructive side, it was much worse than he had anticipated, and a lot faster than he was comfortable with. Even with Fukitsu maintaining the illusion of being his clones, the anxiety continued to build from that fight.

Kinari lashing out at him was the scene that replayed the most, as it was the first time that he had been truly overwhelmed by an opponent. If Fukitsu had been just a second slower then he might not have survived long enough to make it to the quaint little house. It was a thought that kept repeating inside his mind even as he tried to push it away, and it left him with a lump in his throat and a knot in his stomach.
Shindou / Tesla / 5y ago
Saying those simple words, Okaidi, made him remember the times where him and the mysterious figure would go out and explore. Coming back right at dawn and saying those simple words, which at the time didn't feel as much but now... he wished somebody answered them. With a sigh he stood up and waited for the others... or well waiting if they would come or not, if they didn't well... whatever. He could get a little bit of privacy before he got back to his true goal.

That was short lived as the siloutes came through the entrance... or rather the end of the small cave that kept this place secluted from the outside world. At first he thought it was going to be the clone or that weird blak haired girl that had this weird vibe. But thankfully it was the love birds. He went down to meet them and opened the door with a grin on his face. They went in.

Simpler? What did he think? that it would be a sixty foot tall tower? a castle? "Well, my dad built this all by himself, using ninjutsu of course, but he wanted to make it simple... less suspicious that way." He smiled as he remembered the words of his father "Why not taller? Because why do we need a taller house when we are a family of three."

He helped Kinari get the cutie to the bed, he quickly covered her up and looked at Kinari straight in the eye. "This place survived the fourth great Shinobi war, the three invasions after that and wasn't discovered." He told him "There isn't a safer place than I can think of... look at it this way. If you don't know where to find it, you won't find it..." He sighed "As long as the others aren't traitors the incident won't happen again. She'll be safe so rest up." He told him "If you need anything I'll be on the roof." He was about to jump out the window when he suddenly stopped "And sorry about the mess... haven't been here in a while."
Aiko Uchiha / kirito / 5y ago
A jinchuriki? The question was odd, it was obvious after what they'd all been through. "Yeah, I suppose you could say that... Though it's not the type of Jinchuriki you're probably used to..." he stated before his eyes moved to where Shindou spoke, trying to deny the help and shrugging the clones off but almost falling in the process. In the end he ended up having to accept the clones help despite the odd sense he got from them, as if they didn't belong to Shindou. [i "Something's not right with him... I've seen his abilities and what he displayed earlier... I don't think it was Shindou"] the beast spoke within the boys mind though refusing to directly make contact with the boy.

Even so Kinari heard the words that had been spoken and remembered the dragon that he'd seen moments before after the battle, those words confirming the odd sense he was getting from the clones and the entire conflict or at least the small bit of it that he remembered but he decided not to say anything but instead to just accept his help for now, because no matter how odd things seemed or how off the clones were, Shindou had proved he was an ally even if only for an instant which Kinari would use to his advantage. Less afraid of hurting his team as he was before but wounded mentally and emotionally even more than before after having almost killed them.

Not only that but he was stuck without an answer and unable to move on, not knowing how to grow stronger. Strong enough to prevent himself form hurting anyone ever again, and these are the thoughts that raced through his mind as he entered the Uchiha's house. "It's a lot... Simpler than I imagined..." he spoke up after shrugging the clones off and laying Yamaki down before sitting next to her and closing his eyes. "But... Are you sure it's safe?" he asked sleepily.
Yumi looked up as the sky darkened, she had agreed to the special sleep study to speed up the process so that she could become stronger but she hated waiting and yet here she was doing exactly that

"Ughhh..." she kicked at the dirt as she made her way back home, not sure what she was going to do to pass the time, she had no one to train with and she'd become too strong to continue sparring with her friends in their unique way and training against a dummy was just out of the question. "Well I guess I can just do some more physical training to keep myself busy in the meantime..." "But I'm too hungry for that noooww..." she blushed, having just eaten hours ago before talking with Fukitsu.