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Summer Love 1x1 (Needs Male)

By SmileBright

Replies: 19 / 5 years ago

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Auden Blaise Hayes lives in Montana, never a warm day in sight. She doesn't have many friends because she hates the cold and usually just stays inside. Her mom sends her to California for the summer so she can get out and make some friends, and her Aunt Alison next door neighbors son whose lived there forever. He notices the girl is reserved and moody and it makes him want to make her smile. They hang out more and more, and the more she smiles, the more he falls for her What happens when he falls for her. . .hard?

+Real Pictures Please!
+Cybering is a 'NO!'
+Cursing is alright, no overdoing it.
+One liners KILL roleplays! I wont do it so you wont either. (Like around 1000 character count.)
+Plot Twist are acceptable.
+No god modding!
+ Be creative with posts
+Tell me if you are leaving

~June 21st-August 16th-ish I will be leaving for work, and I may be posting rarely, like weeks apart. I will try my best, but until then, I will post as much as I can~
Auden smiled. Coffee did sound good after that long ass plane ride. "Sure, I'll meet you at your house." she smiled, lightly blushing at his wink. She ran up to her room and started looking at her hair. She flopped her hair to one side, then the other, finally choosing what she liked. She was sweating in the heat, so she decided to pull on a pair of shorts, a pocket tee and a blue gray beanie. She fixed the light makeup she was wearing, accentuating her blue eyes. She said bye to her aunt and headed out the door.

Auden walked behind her house to the back door of his house, and walked in. She listened and looked around, looking for Aster. She herd him yell he was in the garage, and she found her way back there. She found him and smiled. "Yeah, I'm ready" she smiled. She looked over and saw his moped. "Wow, is this yours? It's awesome" she smiled at him.
Aster smiled down at the girl- he had an easy six inches on her- and shrugged. "I was just about to go out for a coffee with some friends of mine. Care to join, Auden?" He asked, taking a few steps back. "I'll be leaving in five minutes, so make your way over before then." He winked at her, making sure that Mary hadn't seen, and walked back to his house.

He walked inside and as he passed by a mirror, he tossled his hair a bit. Satisfied, he smiled and entered the garage. The hardest part would be finding his old helmet. Aster's parents had gotten him his moped when he got his license: it has taken him five tries. He was horrible at driving actual cars. But his moped, he was a pro at.

Just as he found his old helmet and pulled it out of the box, he heard Auden walk in the back door. "I'm in the garage!" He yelled out, hoping she'd find her way as he opened the garage door. She walked through the entrance to the house and into the garage, and Aster smiled up at her. "You ready?"
Aster / Kaeleigh / 5y ago
Auden smiled. Oh, of course her aunt had to find a boy to show her around. She already knew she was shy, lets just put on the extra awkwardness out of her by it being a boy. "Aster." she repeated. It's how she remembered names. If she said them right after they did, she would get it faster. It was odd, but it worked.

When he started complimenting her, she blushed. "I don't look like a lot of the girls I live near, they look like me." she smirked. Her aunt gave her a look, telling her not to be like this yet. Auden could be sarcastic if he wanted, it helped her get comfortable around people. "I was joking." she said, mostly to her aunt.

Then her aunt decided to speak up. "Well, Aster. How about giving my girl here a tour of town. Maybe see some of your friends. What do you say?" her aunt basically pushing Auden into the boy. But that's how her aunt was, pushy and assertive. . .never took no as an answer. She never needed to, people loved her because she was so sweet to most.

Auden looked up at the boy she was almost pressed against. "You know her, never takes no for an answer. Sorry about her" she said, shrugging lightly.
Aster sat on a wicker chair outside his house on the deck overlooking the ocean, occasionally taking a drag off of his cigarette. He was home from college for the summer, and his first year had been so stressful that he was seriously thinking about dropping out. You didn't need topockets degree to publish a poetry book. He felt it a waste of money and energy. He should be focusing on his writing, not fucking math assignments and all that other stuff.

Their neighbour, Mary Hayes, came across her yard and into his parents', and thankfully he saw Greer before she saw him because he was able to snuff out and hide his cigarette from her. It was a nasty habit he'd picked up at college that his parents didn't know about, and Aster didn't want her ratting him out to his rentals. "Hello, Ms. Hayes, my parents aren't home right now, but I can tell them you stopped by." He called down to the woman, a story below him from where the patio sat.

"Oh, no, Aster, it's you I need. My niece is starting with me for the summer, and I want you too meet her. I'm hoping you two could hit it off and you could show her around town maybe, introduce her to your friends so that she can get out this summer." Her voice was hopeful, her eyes even more so. So Aster smiled, unable to tell her no, she was so sweet. He smiled and nodded, discreetly throwing the butt into the bushes and climbing down the stairs to follow Mary to her beach home.

Aster forgot how to breath when he saw her. She was absolutely gorgeous. Then she introduced herself. "Yeah, it rhymes." For some reason, that annoyed him. But he couldn't let that be his opinion of her if he was to be her tour guide for the summer.

He held out his hand for her to shake and smiled crookedly at her. "Aster. Aster Lutz. Pleased to meet you. Normally I'd say something like 'I've heard so much about you,' but I honestly haven't. Been away until last week." When she shook his hand, he put both of his hands in his pockets and kicked at ground, scanning their surroundings. "So where do you come from? Are all the girls there as pretty as you, because I might have to transfer to a college near there." He figured flirting with her a bit couldn't hurt, and in fact would probably be beneficiary to him.
Aster / Kaeleigh / 5y ago
Auden Blaise walked down that long road. This weather was so weird to her. It was warm, it was like a world in a heated room. She was already hot in her gray sweater, which was huge on her, and skinny jeans. She fixed the hat that almost never left her head, kind of her staple. The air was clean, fresh, amazing. The place was beautiful, and maybe she would make a friend, or two. She would most defiantly be outside all the time. She could swim in an ocean, finally learn to surf, like she has always wanted. She finally got to the huge house and smiled. She had her suitcase and duffle bag. She was told that her aunt would be watching her. Auntie Mary, she called her. She had meet Auntie Mary once or twice before. She was really nice and she really liked her.

Auden walked in the house. "Auntie Mary...?" she called into the house. "Auden! Oh your here! Look how pretty you got, you look so much older. And look what you did to your hair!" her aunt said, hugging her. "Auntie, I can't breath" Auden said. "Oh dearie, I'm sorry. Wait, there is someone I want you to meet." she said, going to the phone. Auden started looking around the house. There was a cool breeze coming in and she smiled. Her aunt called next door, asking if the neighbors son could come to meet her darlin' niece. "She said he would be over very soon. But you can go tour the house, find your room. I'll call you done when he gets here." her aunt smiled.

Auden Blaise went upstairs and found a room. It had a small twin bed, white sheets, powder blue walls, matching desk and a closet. She started putting her clothes away and pulling out her collection of books and laptop, putting them on the desk and plugging her laptop charger in. She looked in the mirror, fixing her makeup a bit. She yawned from not getting enough sleep on the plane. "I wonder what this boy is like. . . "she said quietly to herself. She heard her aunt call her as she walked down the stairs and was face to face with a boy. "Oh, Hello." she said, smiling softly and blushing a bit. Because of the few friends she had, she was very shy. She ran a hand through her straight hair and bit her lip lightly. "I-I'm Auden Blaise Hayes, yeah, it rhymes." she said quietly,giggling softly and placing her hand out to him.