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Nobody's A Hero

By Tweedy

Replies: 632 / 6 years ago

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Robert allowed Jessica to go ahead of him, taking a moment to look her over and commit her silhouette and stature to memory. She wasn't very notable a person, at the very least, but she had a striking hair color for the time being. He would remember her as the bright auburn girl usually in a hoodie. That would suffice for now. The hardware around his head clicked and settled down as he filed it away in temporary storage. With that he continued walking her out of the building, gesturing her towards the elevator when she glanced back at him, pressing the button for it for her.

(Feel free to fill time here if you have anything she would ask, or awkward conversation in the elevator or anything...)

Once downstairs he smiled at her again, gesturing towards the lobby of the building as the doors opened out of the silence of the elevator into the general bustle of the lobby. Some people parted so that Jessica could get out before they entered. One of these people was a little, young woman about Jessica's age with dark hair in a blue button down with the sleeves rolled up and the glint of plastic behind her ears. Her eyes ducked away from the woman, and from everyone as she edged around everyone and took a spot in the vacating elevator...
Tweedy / 4y ago
Hearing stated out like that, the redhead thought that she had a really good point, and considered the other two women's point of view. It was stupid of her to feel hurt or angry at either of them for being concerned, after all she was the idiot who had gone back for her hoodie without letting any of the two know what she was doing. Shaking her head, Jessica answered the doctor's question. [+blue "No, I don't blame them for feeling concerned or uneasy about what happened last night. It makes sense so I can't really be upset by it." ]

Politely ignoring the older woman's comment about how she would have suspended both agents for the events of the night before, Jess bowed her head slightly in understanding as she was warned of her three strikes, before standing and following the strange synth out of the room. She gave it a brief smile back, before just looking around herself as she was taken away from the building.
Dr. Greenway looked at her a moment, considering that answer from the young woman as she hummed. "[+blue Surely you aren't blaming the Lieutenant, nor Viper for concern over the wellbeing of herself and the rest of you.]" the woman said, folding her hands on the desk and tilting her head a little expectantly at Jessica. "[+blue If it were up to me I would suspend the both of them for giving into such a ridiculous and apparently dangerous friviolities escorting a hunted SHIELD fugitive. Now [i that] was an interesting little tidbit of news to receive.]" the woman said, her tone feigning interested, still awaiting that answer.

[right [pic http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/jupiter-ascending/images/2/29/BOB.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20150322124829]] Bedelia studied Jessica for a moment, exhaling and sitting back in her chair, "[+blue You get three strikes, love.]" the englishwoman said, "[+blue And one warning. You've spent that. Otherwise, you're gone, and what you know about Hydra will be ripped from your memory for security purposes.]" she held the young woman's gaze for a moment, then gestured her out, "[+blue You may go. Bob.]"

The synthetic straightened from behind them, smiling that winsome smile of his and looked to Jessica, "[#a46d8f Miss Bell?]" and gestured for her to follow, giving her a kindly smile.
Tweedy / 4y ago
Right after signing the paper, Dr. Greenway took it and put it into a canister, confusing Jessica until she put it into a chute and sent off to the correct place. Jess had not noticed the chute there the whole time she was in the office, but then again a lot had happened while she was in there, so she wasn't surprised at her lack of attention to it. When the Dr. turned back around and looked at the young redhead, Jess looked away slightly as the women asked why it mattered what she had said before.

That was a valid question, but Jessica didn't know how to answer it. Why did it matter? She barely even knew Agent C, she really shouldn't be shocked that the woman didn't appear to trust her, at least not completely. Looking down at her hands, Jessica shook her head as she replied to the question. [+blue "No reason..Just wanted to know, I guess.." ]she didn't know why she felt slightly hurt by the thought of the agent accusing her of intentionally putting all of them in harms way, but it did and it made a little angry as well.

Feeling a little claustrophobic, Jess looked up at the Dr. and rubbed the back of her neck tiredly. [+blue "Uhm..was that all you needed? I don't mean to be rude! I just..don't feel so great right now.." ]All she wanted now was to get as far away from this room as she could, she just wanted to go back to the apartment she guessed she would now be sharing with Espen for a while. She didn't even want to meet up with Viper anymore, but knowing her luck she was afraid that she would bump into the agent.
The elderly woman watched Jessica patiently as she looked long and hard at the document that she had pushed towards the girl. It didn't take long, but the deep breath gave away that she just possibly wasn't thinking about what she was signing. Bedelia's eyes narrowed slightly, a sick feeling in her stomach recoiling at the thought wondering how irresponsible this young woman was? Living on her own, one would think she was plenty, but it didn't seem likely.

Once the thing was signed, the director exhaled, closing her eyes against a roll and took the item back, rolling it up in her barely trembling hands and then took a canister from her desk. Sliding the document in, she then capped it and moved her chair to turn towards a chute down by the table at the back of the office, sliding it in with a "[+blue Vox, to priorities.]" and the item disappeared with a [i -whoosh-]. Her watery blue eyes turned back to Jessica as she spoke again.

Dr. Greenway looked up at her, frowning as she thought back, trying to recall when she said that earlier. She had been so focused on dealing with Miss Bell and the lieutenant just now she had to regather her thoughts. Slowly her brows rose again, speaking slowly, "[+blue Did I say that...?]" and shook her head, "[+blue It doesn't matter.]" the woman said, "[+blue They both expressed concerns in that regard.]"

"[+blue Why?]"
Tweedy / 4y ago
Jessica looked at the insignia that was being shown to her, the red skull with it's tentacles seemingly burning into her retinas. She kept her eyes on it, as Greenway told her that Hydra was a large presence in the world, before slowly looking up as she was told that she would be remembered as one of them. Gulping silently, she wasn't sure if she liked that thought, but felt she needed to stick with her decision.

Soon a piece of paper was pulled out and placed in front of her, the writing and lay out of it telling her that it was important. Once told what she was signing, and that the rest would be laid out another time, Jess drew in a breath as she picked up a pen. Signing her name, she let out the breath that she had been holding, before dropping the pen lightly back onto the desk.

Staring down at the paper, Jessica tried to process what she had just agreed to, before looking back up. Staring at the doctor, she finally remembered something that the doctor had mentioned earlier, making her knit her brows in confusion. With everything that had just happened, the young redhead had forgotten that Greenway had mentioned that Viper had seemed to be the one who expressed that she felt like Jessica had tried to intentionally put her and the Lieutenant in harms way.

Remembering this, Jessica glanced away from the doctor for a moment, before looking back at her and asking the question she knew she didn't really want to hear the answer to. [+blue "You said that Agent C was the one who felt like I intentionally put her and the Lieutenant in danger, didn't you?" ]Jessica asked this in almost a whisper, as she was deathly afraid of the answer, and was hopping that she had heard wrong before.
The elderly woman brushed a sparse flyaway from her brow and tucked it back over her head and inclined it towards Jessica, "[+blue In a way...]" she said, gesturing to Hydra's insignia embossed on the front of the desk, facing Jessica, the red skull with the tentacles extended around it. "[+blue Hydra has a bit of a presence in the larger world. You'll be remembered as one. But essentially, yes.]" the woman explained, opening her hands to the young woman.

A moment passed as she looked at the aquamancer and nodded finally, having expected to have cornered the young woman when bringing up her abilities. Soon she would know how to control herself and be controlled, and Hydra would have some more insurance regarding another gifted indivdual. This was rather easy, this persuasion. Desperate youths were common fare for them, and this was no different. Jessica's story was one of many, and Hydra served as a peculiar repository for those SHIELD scared off with their registries and such. Reaching into her desk, Bedelia Greenway pulled out a paper, "[+blue Sign this, and you're a part of the largest andmot dynamic experimental sciences, weapons and intelligence organizations in the world.]" Dr. Greenway said, sliding a black and white paper contract out. "[+blue This is a health release, the rest of the contract will be drawn up later. But this is a promise that you'll look to your own health and ours, for now.]"
Tweedy / 5y ago
Jessica watched as the doctor laced her fingers together before placing them on the desk, anything to keep from looking back into the cool eyes that she could sense were staring into her skull. When she was told that she was not joining, she was unsure if that was good or not so she could not relax. When the woman stared over to the robot behind and to the side of her, Jess took a quick glance at him from the corner of her eyes, before refocusing on the desk in front of her.

As she was told that she was being offered something that she could take or leave, though she would still need to give back for everything she had taken while there, the young redhead quickly considered her options before speaking. [+blue "So...kind of like working off what I have taken from you guys while staying here?" ]this was something she was okay with, as she hated just accepting things without repaying for it in the first place.

She felt more comfortable with the idea of a business transaction then anything else, and was more willing to take the offer with that mind set. Then Dr. Greenway unlaced her hands and further explained what she'd be getting into if she were to accept. The idea of her gaining more control. or well any control over her ability was enticing in it's self, so she knew there wasn't much to consider at this point.

Slowly looking up, Jessica bit on her lower lip as she made sure that she was positive about her decision. No one had ever been around to teach her anything about her ability and how to control it, and her parents had handed her off to the system the moment they found out she had any at a very young age, so this was the opportunity she had been searching for her whole life. Nodding her head, she finally made up her mind. [+blue 'Alright, I accept the offer. I'll be a part of the project thing. Or whatever it is that you call it." ]
Dr. Greenway laced her fingers, trembling barely with age, and leaned her elbows on the desk, giving Miss Bell a cool look. "[+blue Not joining, per se,]" she said, nodding her head to the side slightly, eyes on Robert a moment behind the redhead. "[+blue but there would have to be some sort of a return for resources spent. I am offering you something you can either take or leave- but with your current situation regarding the people who are after you we cannot risk more trouble without compensation.]"

Her eyes returned to Jessica, "[+blue Surely you can understand that. Much as we are a force of revolution, we are a business as well.]"

The woman then unlaced her fingers and brought them down onto the armrests of her chair, shifting her weight in the seat more comfortable. "[+blue You will be put through two sorts of training- that of how to protect yourself, and of how to control your powers individually.]"
Tweedy / 5y ago
Keeping her eyes down as the woman began to complain about the agent, Jessica barely paid her words any mind, too lost to concentrate. That is, until the subject of the doctors words were directed towards her. Looking up slightly, Jess listened more carefully, not interrupting anymore as she did not want to cause further problems for herself.

When she was told that she would be given the option to enlist into a project to learn how to gain control over her abilities, the redhead fully looked up with her brows scrunched up in confusion and fear. She let the woman finish speaking, realizing that if she did not accept to enlist she may be kicked out, before silently speaking up again.

[+blue "What do you mean enlist into a project? Does this mean that I'd be...joining Hydra?" ]Still not knowing much about the organization, Jessica did not know how she felt about joining them, much less enlisting into some project that was being claimed to help her gain control over her powers.
Dr. Greenway glared after the tall woman, her mouth twitching in irritation. "[+blue That woman!]" she hissed, "[+blue If she wasn't what she was I-]" her breath stopped then, held for a frustrated moment, before letting it go.

"[+blue But to continue- I'm not about to let you leave to be captured again. The Lieutenant has informed me, as we brought up before, that SHIELD is after you and apparently bold enough to try and kidnap you in front of other agents, if it is only enough to get them almost killed...]" she gestured dismissively, "[+blue That said, you and I have some things to discuss besides.]"

Dr. Greenway exhaled slowly, folding her hands in front of her on the desk. "[+blue I'll have you know that I'm not willing to turn you over to their mercy, now especially that you've been seen with Hydra operatives they may increase their efforts, or may assume you're lost to SHIELD and will now hunt you. Now, not knowing which and reminding you that I do not want to treat you as a commodity, I can offer to enlist you in one of our programs to perhaps exercise what control you may have over your abilities. But with that, we will expect you to return some of our resources. But otherwise you cannot stay here. We are not a charitable organization.]"
Tweedy / 5y ago
Curling her hands more tightly, Jessica continued to glare down at the ground as the doctor began to chew her out. She had been close to retorting, but she only clenched her mouth shut and remained silent. With every word Greenway spoke, Jess realized she was right, and she hated it.

She was right, how could she say she has control over her own abilities if she couldn't even tell when she was using them. If she was being honest with herself, she knew she never really had control over her abilities. How could she, if there was never a real chance to learn how to gain control?

She froze a bit more when Doctor Greenway addressed the Lieutenant, who had apparently never left. Jessica didn't relax, even after the German agent left. Once they were alone again, excluding the presences of Robert, Jess remained still not knowing or wanting to say anything anymore. She wondered briefly, did C know where she was this whole time?
Robert felt his limbs begin to stiffen a bit, the mechanics around his head clicking a bit as he turned his head to look around. "[#a46d8f Doctor...]"

Dr. Greenway seemed to recover some from her surprise and huffed her breath out, narrowing her eyes at her. The nerve of this girl. "[+blue I am doing no such thing.]" she snapped.

"[+blue You're selling your control of your powers [i pretty hard] for not being able to notice when they are employed, young lady.]" Greenway snapped back at her. "[+blue I believe I have made a prudent choice in [i mistrusting] your ability to keep yourself in check.]"

When Jessica's hands leapt back, Dr. Greenway's narrowed. "[+blue How [i dare] you come into my office like this, you spoilt little girl! You're telling me I can trust you, are you? Take a step back away from my desk right now.]"

"[+blue Now do you see what I am talking about?]" she said, lowering her voice considerably, knowing it best not to stress the young woman more. "[+blue Be it an instance like this or your flood, it is this sort of lack of control that I mean when I say that this is an [i issue], Miss Bell. Do you understand me?]"

The woman's one real eye snapped to the imposing, and oddly comforting, form of the Lieutenant in the doorway. "[+blue Why are you still here, lieutenant?]"

The Lieutenant sneered, "[B Sod off, Bedelia.]" allowing her voice to lilt into an English touch, flicking her wrist dismissively. She had no desire to make the situation worse, and frankly it wasn't her problem. The woman then took a step back and turned to leave. This wasn't a fight she had energy for anymore. And Jessica wasn't her problem- or rather in fact she [i was] as now she was suspended. "[B I hate this fucking country.]" she mumbled to herself.
As Greenway began to snap back at her, Jessica let out a growl of frustration, her breath billowing out and weaving with that of the doctors. At the corners of the room, more frost began to appear and slowly spread as her anger increased the more the woman spoke. She didn't hear the part about being lucky that she wasn't confined, as she was to upset by her other words.

[+blue "I may not understand, but I know that you are just making things out to be worse then they really are. I get the feeling you are doing this on purpose too!" ]As her anger grew, small frost markings began to appear on the skin around her eyes. However, she was pulled out of her rage induced daze by both the words that Greenway spoke and Robert.

Blinking a few times in confusion, she looked down at the desk and saw the frost that had accumulated around it and then looked at all the frost that was slowly forming around the room. Gasping, Jess pulled her hand back and stared down at it in shock and self loathing. Ripping her eyes off her hands, she looked at the two people in the room with her. The frost began to melt away as she just stood there still looking upset but also deflated, not knowing what to do but stare down at the floor in silent distaine towards herself, her hands in fists.