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what in the world are you?

By lalouche

Replies: 42 / 5 years ago

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Kat swallowed and stared at him. She didn't say anything though and turned away, looking down. Her eyes landed on the man on the ground. The man coughed and glared up at Tomoyo. "I don't know why you're bothering, you're just gonna die like the rest of them. You and your team." He started laughing, his eyes catching Kat's. "And trust me, I won't be the last to show up." Kat turned her head and looked at Tomoyo but soon the police circled the two, concealing him from her view.
Tomoyo dropped the man to the ground then kneed his jaw and let him fall over as he looked at kat
"What is it?" he spoke a bit more gently,still in a very cold tone.
Tomoyo then looked back down at the man and put his foot on the mans chest and applied pressure.
"tell me,what you have to say,dead man" he glared down as some military police arrived.
tomoyo / lalouche / 5y ago
At the sound of the fight, Kat got up from the and went to the door, cracking it open. Her eyes went wide as she watched the scene before her. Tomoyo's voice didn't sound like him at all. It scared her a bit. She swallowed, her throat dry. She wanted to say something, to stop him, but she felt frozen. Though, the sight of the blood gave her the courage to move. She opened the door more. "T-tomoyo..." she got out, but it was as low as a whisper.
There was a loud noise outside her door as a gun was fired,tomoyo then shouted
A masked soldier drew his sword as he ran at tomoyo.
Tomoyo drew his katana and took a stance as he then tossed the soldier in the opposite direction using simply his weight.
The man rushed forth again yelling as their swords crossed.Tomoyo spun and pushed the man into the wall as he kneed his stomach,the soldier dropped his blade as tomoyo put the sharp end of his sword to the man's throat then spoke coldly
"your responsible for the death of over 300 of my men,your life will end by my hands,today,here,I will give you one chance to say any last thoughts you wish to speak,If you decline this,you will die here and now,One last chance,before your head flies"
Tomoyo spoke coldly and angrily as he drew a small amount of blood,the look of a killer in his eyes
tomoyo / lalouche / 5y ago
Kat smiled at him as she was lowered to the ground. Before she had the chance to thank him, he was talking. She only nodded at his warning for the physical exam. It wasn't going to be easy, but she had the night to mentally prepare herself. She let out a small sigh and then looked up to see him walking away. Her mouth opened to say something, but nothing came out. She looked down and sighed again, turning the opposite way, she started heading to the captain's quarters, collapsing on the ed once she got there.
Tomoyo smiled as he caught her
"you have a physical examination tommorow,it's going to be far more in depth than the one I gave you before,You can go get some rest now,the day's operations have all been canceled due to electrical storms" tomoyo walked off thinking to himself
"I wonder...If she remembers exactly who I am,or our promise...sweet memories,to be locked away and cherished forever,will once agian be lived in the comeing times of peace"
tomoyo / lalouche / 5y ago
Kat let out a sigh of relief and slumped back into the seat. [i 'Holy cow...'] She watched Tomoyo jump out of the mech and then unstrapped herself to do the same. As she was about to climb down, she heard him. She gave him an amused smile. "Are you sure that's safe?" She asked and then laughed. Who was she kidding? She just went on of of the most dangerous training exams of her life. But regardless, she bit her lip and leaped down.
Tomoyo rotated the mech as it landed on the ground and took off in it's top speed once agian. Returning to the hanger Tomoyo opened the cock pit as he stepped out then held his arms up.
"Jump and I'll catch you" he spoke
thinking to himself
"Good,she passed,but she still has to pass my physical exam,if she can manage that she can begin my training. If i train her to fight just like me,she won't be hurt,and she won't die. I promise you my kat,I won't let you down"
tomoyo / lalouche / 5y ago
Kat's eyes widened a bit at the first initial speed off. She kept her mouth shut, not saying a word as it all occurred. The speed was bearable. The gun shots were bearable. It was similar to before but a lot more intense. That sudden burst of speed threw her back against her chair. It made her gasp, but other than that she was okay. [i 'Don't throw up.'] She willed to herself. [i 'Don't pass out. Don't surrender. Don't press the red button.'] She furrowed her brow as she concentrated on remaining calm and in an okay state. But now the machine was staring towards the ground. She had no clue what was going on, or it was part of the exam. She didn't question it though.
The Saix took off at a massive 245 kilometers per hour as It slid around the first corner,Working the pedals and the hand controls Tomoyo Slid the saix around another corner at an extremly high speed and sharp angle as he accelrated faster, the mech leaping up and down as It leapt over the first set of steel wall obsticals.As tomoyo rounded a corner the mech accelerated to 300 kilometers per hour as Gun fire erupted around them.In dead silence tomoyo doged the attacks like they were nothing as He slid the mech to a stop infront of a massive wall. The mech swung side to side as he waited for what seamed an eternity.An explosion went off behind them as the saix climbed straight up the wall at a 90 degree angle. he reached the top of the wall as He leapt over the top of it, the saix spinning in the air as it landed on all four legs taking off at over 400 kph,nearing it's top speed. The sudden burst of speed threw kat into the back of her seat as they arrived in an open area. Two more lightning saixs appeared as the charged at them. Tomoyo leapt over the top of them as gunfire flew from the other two. Tomoyo slid then rolled the mech on it's back as he rushed forwards,the two mechs colliding,there claws locked agianst each other.The two mechs tossed the other on the ground.A rough jostling motion occured as Tomoyo rolled the mech up on it's feet and fired the massive double sniper rifle on the top of it.The recoil slid the mech back then lurched it back further as tomoyo took off and leapt high into the air for a massive claw attack.The mech hit the ground hard as it slid,then leaping backwards suddenly changing direction to avoid a gun shot the mech landed with another hard landing.The three mechs began to circle as Tomoyo rushed forwards with a massive burst of speed hitting it's top speed of 450 kph,The three mechs all began to smash into one another,the movement was sudden and rough as Tomoyo ran straight up the side of a cliff.Leaping off it, the mech was now pointed upside down staring straight at the ground
tomoyo / lalouche / 5y ago
As Kat got ready for the examination, she could feel herself shaking. she was terrified, but she kept her head held high. She felt like he was trying to psych her out by listing all those things, but she wasn't phased. She took a deep breath and nodded firmly. "I understand." She moved to strap herself in, preparing herself for what about to happen.
The next morning tomoyo woke kat up and quickly led her into a hangar,Opening the cockpit of his OWN PERSONAL lightning saix,putting her in the rear seat he climbed into the pilots seat as the cock pit closed
"Katerina Reed,Today is Your first day of pilot's training,If your exam here goes well,you will be trained to pilot the advanced cheetah type ground attack mech lightning saix,Lightning saix is a High speed close range ground assault mech,Equipped with multiple weapons,a strike laser claw,and electron bite fangs,Lightning saix is a combat ready mech,strap yourself in and prepare yourself,We are running the training course at full speed,If you pass out,you fail,if you throw up,you fail,if you are injured,you fail,If you shout the words "I SURRENDER!,or press the red stop button,You fail.Do you understand these requirements katerina Reed?" tomoyo spoke firmly,with a completely different air about him now,he seemed,more tense and serious. He sat there,waiting for her reply
tomoyo / lalouche / 5y ago
As Tomoyo listed off all the things she need to pass in order to do this, Katerina gulped. Most of that stuff she didn't think she would pass. Heck, she was living on her own for most of her life, practically living in the middle of nowhere. There was no possible way for her to get training or even have the strength he described. But she wasn't about to back down. "I'd prefer ground attack, but i will train for whatever my body can handle."

This was it. No backing down now. No need to anyway. It was do or die. And doing nothing wasn't an option. She bowed in front of Tomoyo. "Thank you for this opportunity, Tomoyo." She prayed silently that she could do this.
Tomoyo sighed.
"if that's what you really want to do,we will begin tommorow with your examination,it's going to be far more in depth then What I did in here,on top of that your going to have to take a ride with me in the new air combat mech raynos,That's what you will end up piloting,unless you choose to be a ground attack pilot,we need to make sure your body can handle the combat speeds and g-forces applied to it during the fighting,If you can't do that,then you will have to be a a ground attack pilot,or,You won't be able to train as a pilot,There are ways to train for this,but,if your body can't handle the strain,to a certian degree,it will be impossible for you to do this,understand kat?"
He spoke as he thought to himself
"This has to go well,i'll train her myself,that way she won't be killed in combat,if she happens to be put in a situation where that might happen,i'll lay my life down for her's,Not agian. I will not have another die on me,not kat..."
He stood up.
"wich would you like to be,ground attack or air?"
tomoyo / lalouche / 5y ago
Her eyebrows furrowed at his last sentence, confused as to what he meant. It probably wasnt important, she decided, so she brushed that thought away. "I'll do it! I want... I want to do it." She said with confidence. "I'll have the captain himself teach me, how could I do the best, when I learn from the best." She smiled at him, hoping he would change his mind. "Please, Tomoyo."