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To your freedom we dring

By lalouche

Replies: 42 / 5 years ago

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[H3 ~*~*~ ]

Larka smiled when the other brought them lower. The water was clear and beautiful and she watched it as they flew over it. She had never seen this and it was captivating breath taking. She barely heard Tomoyo though she pulled her eyes from the water to watch the dolphins. "This is amazing Tomoyo; so much more than paints and ancient photos make it out to be." She said thoguh her eyes finally left the water when he praised her. It was nice to hear and while for how young she'd been when she started designing mecha she'd never been praised for her work it was expected.

These rebels made her feel welcomed while the city had only ever been cold. It was strange and thrilling she never wanted to go back to that cold awful place again. She didn't know if fighting along side them would be enough, but it was all she could do to help them at this point. "Tomoyo you think I could help calibrate the mechas and help fix the damage battle? I want to do more than just fight along side you guys."
Tomoyo Turned the mech towards the water as he descended slowly into an altitude,just feet above the water,the path behind him being blown in the water by his jet engines.
The terris bombers followed him in as he thought
"This is the site we can show our people when this is all over,the beauty of this world,and what it is truly capable of,but until then,My freinds,Your going to have to suffer a little bit longer,soon,soon we shall show you"
The jet increased speed slightly as Two beautful dolphins leapt out of the water and tomoyo spoke
"now,now do you see why I base my designs off of nature it'self. These animals,beings,are magnificent,beautiful and powerful at the same time,nature is true beauty" he spoke as he pulled up and began to head back to base.
"you did good larka"
tomoyo / lalouche / 5y ago
[H3 ~*~*~ ]

She smiled when he got excited staying relaxed though really she was still settling down from her dizziness. She was excited at the thought of flying one of her own though she wasn't sure if she'd pass the exam it was a nice thought for now. She watched the other dino like mecha as she watched them. She was happy for the other after all his grandfather was a great man and with his resources it wouldnt be long before the fight was over. When he brought up the ocean she looked down and smiled. She realized she'd been zoned out for a moment and focused back in. "Can we?" She asked really wanting to get a closer look at the ocean in all its vastness.

She'd thought a lot about what she'd do when she was free this wasn't at all what she'd thought her life would be like. "Thank you Tomoyo... this is more than I'd expected when I ran away into the desert." She said after a moment more of silence. She really owned this all to him and the others she probably wouldnt have even gotten away without their attack on the base.
Tomoyo smiled
"The raynos is even faster then I thought,We wer clocked at over mach 4,once these are put into mass production,we will be unstopable in the air"
The two continued to fly as more dino like flying mechs formed up and spoke over the radio
"Radio check,raynos mech,this is a force deployed from the outer city limits,we are official mech pilots of arisawa heavy industries,the company has been put back into action,supporting all rebel activities,arisawa has returned to the company and has not died,mass production of the raynos has been put underway,to your design specs" the mechs formed up around the two raynos's as the mechs all sounded there battle cry.
"Larka,look It's my grandpa's pterris bombers, I KNEW HE WAS ALIVE!" tomoyo shouted as the two mechs did another roll as he chuckled
"larka,it is pretty nice up here,perhaps I'll train you to pilot a raynos,but before that,you need to take the physical exams,to see if your body can handle the combat these things will be used for,but thats for a later time" tomoyo spoke as he rolled the mechs to the side slightly
"Check out the ocean,pretty isnt it,Say..Want a closer look?"
tomoyo / lalouche / 5y ago
[h3 ~*~*~ ]

Larka nodded just glad he hadn't said no it meant he was at least going to help her out. When he helped her into the Raynos she settled in and fastened the straps that would hold her into the seat. She felt them take off thougb she was excited to watch the sky noticing how fad t they were going but it was gorgeous up here. Though the maneuvers he was doing made it hard to focus she was exhilarated this was better than she'd been convinced to think it would be.

Hitting the button that would let her speak to him she smiled. "Alright." She replayed before she tightened the belts a bit more. She blinked when suddenly they were on the attack. It was okay though she knew these planes were looking for her. If they found her she'd be locked away for sure. It wasn't an appealing thought for her. Hearing him she hummed and spoke back to him. "Its okay better to have them out of the sky around here." She said though she was getting slightly dizzy. When all was said and done she relaxed back into her seat and smiling again. "I'm okay slightly dizzy but that was awesome." She said eyes turning to the skies. "It amazing up here I've never been able to really explore."
Tomoyo laughed.
"before you handle a gun,learn to use a blade" He lead her into the hanger above ground as he aided her into the raynos set up to follow his. Climbing up into his mech he powered it up as it made the schreechingly loud sound of a pterodactyl.
They launched as the two took to the sky,larka's mech behind his. Tomoyo throttled up the jet engines as The two mechs took off at an insanly fast speed. The mechs aporached speeds past mach 2.5 as his voice came over the radio.
"your fathers jet fighters can only do mach 2.5,Its time to show them up!"
tomoyo throttled up even more,passing mach 3,as a sonic boom hit the two mechs went straight up into the air in a spinning roll. flipping upside down the two dove as they spun quickly,another sonic boom occurring as a blip came up on radar.
It was a flight of high speed attack planes sent to search for larka.
Tomoyo's voice came over the radio.
"larka hold on tight,were gonna put the raynos through it's paces,i want to see how it handles"
The enemy formation began to break off as They moved to an attack formation.formation. Tomoyo spun the raynos into a barrel roll as the two flew passed the formation.
The jets began to turn as tomoyo threw the raynos into a high speed climb as a sonic boom occurred behind the two,the slip stream flinging them even faster into the great blue yonder.
"larka,hold on just a bit longer,this is going to make you dizzy"
The two mechs rolled upside down and dove as both began to fire the 60 mm laser cannons mounted under the belly. The two mechs flew passed the jets as the sonic boom hit once agian. The.The two mechs flew so close to the jets that there were burn marks on her fathers jets from the engines on the raynos.
The two mechs made there battle cries as they made a second pass,barrel rolling as they fired there guns,shooting down the entire formation.
Tomoyo slowed the two down to a normal cruising speed then spoke
"Larka,how are you holding up?"
tomoyo / lalouche / 5y ago
[H3 ~*~*~ ]

Larka blinked when he asked her if she wanted to ride in in the new Raynos a smiling forming on her lips. "That sounds amazing." She said as she pulled off the gloves she worn to pilot the mecha. She was excited considering her airborne mecha had ruled the skies and it seemed Tomoyo had bigger ideas than hers for mechas it was amazing and sort of crazy. Things she thought wouldn't be possible he'd done, how her father had over thrown his family she'd never know.

"Lead they way." She said as she moved to follow him her gloves getting tucked into her belt. She had a blaster on her hip and while she had never fired one she was sort of hoping to get the chance to ask Tomoyo to help her get better as shooting. "Hey you think later you can help practice shooting?" She asked slightly embarrassed; after all she'd never actually handled one.
Tomoyo leapt out of the cockpit as two engineers ran out to meet him panting.
tomoyo smiled.
"Perfect,prepare them both for testflights,set the second raynos up to follow my every move in the first,that way we can make sure both function properly" the two nodded as they ran off. Tomoyo looked at larka then asked.
"So,you interested in taking a ride in a mech that can break the sound barrier?"
Tomoyo smiled as the mechanics began to repair and tune up all the mechs that were used in combat.
As time went on his radio went off.
"Sir,the two mechs are ready for take off"
tomoyo then looked at the girl as he smiled
tomoyo / lalouche / 5y ago
[H3 ~*~*~ ]

Larka watched Tomoyo jump int to clear out the he'll cats that had nearly surrounded her. When Miya called her back she moved auickly out of Tomoyo's range she defiantly didn't feel like getting killed here or anywhere. Watching she smiled his mecha made her life work look like child's toys. In a way though it was a good thing the Empire had no way to fend off the new mechas Tomoyo was bring to the battle field.

When he called for them to back out she followed jumping the city gate behind him staying behind the shadow fox. She wondered if he'd let her fix the damage to the Konig wolf and she defiantly wanted to do a tune up on it too but she wasn't sure how far she could push her luck. When they made it back to the hanger she opened the cockpit door and climbed down. She was happy with the fight though she hoped the others thought she'd done okay.
The mechanic came back in on the radio as he spoke
"Data looks good,shadow fox,cleared for close range combat,show the hell cats what a sly fox can do"
"Roger that" tomoyo replied as the fox made its battle cry
The hellcats began to circle around larka as The shadow fox lunged into the air,it's strike laser claw cleaving one of the mechs in half as The fox gracefully caught grip in the asphalt and rushed at the next hell cat. The two locked claws as tomoyo smirked,flipping both control handles as the shadow fox launched it's hind legs ontop of the hellcat. The shadow fox was not ontop of the hell cat as He used his elctron fangs to destroy it's neck joint. Leaping off the mech the hellcat exploded as the head came off. The shadow fox rolled as multiple High explosive rounds hit next to it. It's 60mm laser cannon opened up as black smoke filled the area as miya's voice came over the radio.
"Larka,fall back,the shadow fox is going to use it's ultimate attack,we need to get clear so were not mistaken as an enemy" through the smoke multiple explosions were heard as flames began to turn visable in the smoke. after about thirty seconds of explosoins and gun fire The shadow fox emerged un-harmed as it turned around and fired off a special type of rocket.When the rocket entered the smoke and a massive explosion occured. The smoke then turned into a raging ball of fire as the shadow fox turned around,the enemy comms going insane tomoyo chuckled.
"return to base,we've made our point,next time we battle,were going to wipe out the entire mechanized corps" he chuckled as he started walking away and leapt over the city gates.
tomoyo / lalouche / 5y ago
Larka blinked when he told her to try close combat and flipped the switch to turn the turret from the long range snipers to the closer combat machine guns. Taking in a straying breath she moved in front of the other Konig wolves and moved to cover Tomoyo as she jumped over a few of the he'll cats engaging them in a fire fight as she tried to stay out of the reach of the claws she knew they were built to shrewd armour. She wasn't as comfortable with close combat but she was doing okay since she'd built the move sets for the hell cats. It was dangerous though and she backed off a little when one he'll cats claws ripped through the armour plates on the side of the wolf. Letting out a stream of bust rounds she huffed as her mecha let out a growl.
Ukimaru / 5y ago
as the battle continued more hellcats arrived as the shadow fox stepped back and tomoyo's voice came over the radio
"Larka,i need you to attempt close combat,i need the sopport,shadow fox is a stealth mech,cover me while i retrive the lightning saix" the shadow fox then suddenly turned invisable and began to fall back as more konig wolfs arrived in support
tomoyo / lalouche / 5y ago
[H3 ~*~*~ ]

Larka moved back though her attwntion was still on the humanoid mecha thougb it seemed they had backed off with the retreat rallying. Hearing Tomoyo calling out her name she turned her turrets to the Zaber and fired aiming to take out the legs though she moved quickly when it returned fire side stepping as she continued to fire. Taking oh t two of its legs she had it easy wiping out the other two. "DONE ALL YOURS." She called back her attention turning to the older hell cats that were coming. Opening fire she blew some of her loose bangs out of her eyes. She knew she wasn't the best out here though she was trying hard to keep the other hell cats out of Tomoyo's fight. She didnt want to go back and them getting to Tomoyo would lead to a rather even fight.
The head mechanics voice came over the coms
"Shadow fox,your cleared to use one hundred percent of your speed weapons and power,show the zaber fang who thrives"
"got it"
Miya began to fall back as she spoke
"larka,give the shadow fox some room,your in for a show,this is how a stealth mech fights"

The shadow fox lowered it's body as black smoke is released,hiding the entire mech.
The zaber pilot came over an open coms channel
"so,lets see how your toy works...NGH!" the shadow fox had slowly crept up behind the zaber and unleashed it's laser cannon as it then ran up the side of a building,more smoke hiding it's position as enemy com channels began to open up as the mechanic spoke
"elctronic warefare weapons are active on the shadow fox,we now have ascess to the enemy comms channels!"
the radio came to life
"it's too fast for the humanoid mechs to hit,if possible deploy the old hellcats,we need to give Zaber Fang some sopport,it's not agile enough to fight the shadow fox"
the zaber fang turned as it fired it's cannon,laser shots pericing through the black smoke pinning down the zaber fang as tomoyo's voice broke through the radio
tomoyo / lalouche / 5y ago
[H3 ~*~*~*~ ]

Larka caught sight of the Zaber Fang on her radar as she turned ed her turret towards it and lined up her shot firing quickly. "ON IT." She called back though her attention shifted to the incoming humanoid mecha along with the security system she'd built for the city. "Aim for the underbelly if you can reach it it's the least armoured." She said as she moved to keep the humanoid m echas thrusting an issue for her aiming for the core in the chest disabled them.