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Death to all

By lalouche

Replies: 69 / 5 years ago

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Tomoyo smiled as he tapped the back of kal's shoulder before launching him into the air.
"your eyes are playing tricks on you,I'm moving so fast your seeing me,where i was. Not where I am" tomoyo appeared above kal and jammed his dagger into the elf's shoulder,pinning him into the ground as his sister shouted
She rushed in and attacked.
Tomoyo pulled his dagger from the elf's shoulder then blocked the attack
"watch kal,a real fight"
His sister began to swing a knife at highspeeds. Tomoyo began to deflect them as he then vanished and apepared in the air above her.The girl also then appeared inthe air above tomoyo as they continued their duel,blades and sparks going everywhere.Once their feet touched the ground the two disapeared once agian.a simple trial of dust where they were
The two then appeared in the ruined land as sparks flew agian,more dust kicking up as they appeared over kal as she spoke
"your training will kill him!"
"It won't kill him,it will come close to it,but he will be stronger because of it,please try to remain a healer like your best at,leave the fighting to me" tomoyo went for a knee as she blocked it.
Tomoyo then tossed her over his shoulder and put his knife to her neck
"besides,i was always stronger and faster then you"
lalouche / 5y ago
Kal took in a deep breath using his flexible body to dodge the knives once clear he took his bow shooting multiple arrows at once hitting you. Landing on his feet he began to use the lands rocks continuously shooting at you, his ears twitched preparing to listen to you're footsteps quickly dodging as tomoyo tried to stab him. Shoving a dagger in to tomoyo's shoulder jumping backwards off of the rock landing on a larger rock grabbing another dagger throwing it straight at you're foot then throwing his bag down giving out a low growl using his hands he brushed back his hair "Then i shall forget the land..." Kal spoke harshly standing straight up but ceasing to let his guard down.
Kaladion / Syravan23 / 5y ago
Tomoyo's armor vanished as he stood their,the wind blowing. Watching kal.
"now,I will show you how to use your speed" tomoyo glared angrily.
"naive fool,you have no idea how this world works,to sucseed you must risk,to risk you must wage war,not be afraid to kill or destroy. If you intend on making it out of this standing.throw away all attachment to this land,use your surroundings as a weapon. PREPARE!" tomoyo shouted as he took a step forward then vanished.
Tomoyo appeared infront of Kal then kneed him in the gut then slammed his elbow into the back of the elf's head,forcing him into the ground as he jumped back and vanished in the dark
"im not using magic,im just to fast for your eyes to catch"
tomoyo rushed out above kal as his knife flickered light in the moon. The blade made contact.His neck started to bleed as tomoyo pulled it away.
"TO SLOW!" tomoyo kicked kal in the spine forcing him to his knees,vanishing from sight once agian.
The sound of tomoyo running could be heard,but tomoyo was nothing but a black blur in the dark of the night.
Tomoyo appeared behind the elf then pulled up on his hair.
"Hungry and tired,i don't give a shit,this is war,you fight until your body falls apart, SHOW ME WHAT AYOU CAN DO WHEN AYOUR CORNERED!" tomoyo tossed the young boy into the air and began to throw multiple knives into the sky as well.
lalouche / 5y ago
kal helped the girl up after rolling away from you "Go back home or where ever you came from...thank you for attempting to stop him you have a strong heart full of bravery" kal kissed the girls head softly turning to you "no magic? okay..seems good to me" kal dispelled the magic on his sword "I can ignore sleep just not hunger...having a loud ass rumbling coming from my tummy is annoying to all hell..."
Kal also called off the dragon which whooshed out from his body making him sneeze and the armor disappear "ugh..i hate that spell" putting his sword in his sheath grabbing an apple from a bag "I'm going to save that debt for later...i have a ton in my bag so don't worry bout that"
kal took three bites then tossed it somewhere in the destroyed land. Sighing as he looked at you reaching for his bow taking a stance "let us battle..."
Kaladion / Syravan23 / 5y ago
Tomoyo smiled under his helmet
"I have no intention of killing her,that was a test,and so far you have passed,but,kindness is not a virtue that is used on the battlefield"
tomoyo rushed forward and leapt into the air,smashing the flat end of the sword down onto the elfs head then kicking his stomach,grabbing the elf's neck as he lifted him up into the air,headbutting the poor boy as he then threw him face first into the ground.Pointing his massive sword at the weak warrior

"fighting tired and hungry is something you will have to learn to do,understand,test number two,resolve. if you win,I will give you that apple i owe you" Tomoyo jumped backwards then took his stance
"No magic,only arrows and swords"
lalouche / 5y ago
Kal sucked in his breath standing taking out his sword whispering something his sword bursting into blue flame, "i have no strength at this time but i will try.." Kal staggered a bit to get in position.
Kal then whispered something else; a blue eastern dragon rushing out from the clouds surrounding kal in blue armor the dragon vanishing "If you kill an innocent girl you are truly a monster..and to think i saw something in you tsk..." Kal looked down only to look up whispering to him self "i regret my stubborn ways and my choices..damn why hadn't i listened to the general...im an idiotic bastard..." Kal kinda face palmed himself.
Looking up to you "I would die for an apple right now..and sleep...mm sleep sounds great....who the hell disturbs and elf from taking a nap? Shesh..so rude"
Kaladion / Syravan23 / 5y ago
Tomoyo let his demon armor form around him as he took up his blade and smashed it into the ground in front of the elf as he then smashed his shoulde into kal,lifting him up by the neck.
Yumi ran to help kal as tomoyo shouted,the ground shook as he then smashed kal face first into the soil of the ground
"YOU IDIOT!"Tomoyo lifted him back up into the air.
Tomoyo swung his sword smashing the flat end into kal knocking him into the ground.
Towering over kal he glared under his helmet
"You yourself are just as demonic as I,you seek to gain power by learning more about combat,a selfish reason,that fuels the flames of war,Why do you do this. It's simple. It is the nature of all living beings. This is not a war for power. This is a war to decide the fate of these races. Do you know why we build armies. To fight,not protect,You unknownigly have the desire to test yourself,to put your life on the line,to see what your made of,their is another world,far beyond even our comprehension,higher beings,decideing the fate of this world,our creators,causing this to happen,waiting to see if we will destroy ourselfs,paving the way for a more advanced race of beings to take our place,or if we will prove them wrong.Head my warning. YOU WILL DIE IF YOU DO NOT LISTEN TO ME. YOUR STORY IS TRAGIC YES,BUT,THE PAIN THAT AWAITS YOU IF YOU DO NOT FOLLOW ME,IS FAR GREATER,SHOW ME WHAT YOU CAN DO IN BATTLE! IF YOU THINK OF YOURSELF AS READY TO GO ON YOUR OWN,IF YOU THINK YOUR LIFE HAS NO MEANING,THEN YOU ARE CURSED TO LAY DEAD AT THE END OF MY SWORD,I THOUGHT YOU TO BE A SMART AND CUNNING ELF,ONE DESTINED NOT TO FALL INTO THE CURSE OF THIS WORLD,I GUESS I WAS WRONG. THEIR IS SOMEONE WHO CARES FOR YOUR PETTY LIFE,A SMALL ELVEN GIRL,SHE CALLS YOU HER HERO,WTCHES OVER YOU IN YOUR VILLAGE,EVEN PROTECTS YOU ON THE BATTLE FIELD. YOU ARE BLIND IF YOU HAVEN'T NOTICED HER,NOW. COME AT ME!"
Tomoyo swung his massive sword again. Just as it came down a girl rushed out,fast as lightning and deflected the blow then shouted
Tomoyo increased the amount of force behind the sword before she jumped out of the way,taking kal with her.
She stood up
"Perhaps we are dumb,blind,and weak. But that dosen't mean we can't change our destiny,Kal and myself are no match for you,I know this.I may not approve of your methods,but you are correct in taking the actions that you have,your reasoning is also correct. It seams you yourself are also aware of the High kings"
Tomoyo watched as she spoke
"observe kal,the boy whom I love,the power of the demon. each race was created to do something different,to balance out life. Elfs,were created to bring peace and love to the world trough nature,hence our lower combat abilities,however we can make up for this with our command of nature. Humans,created to build and progress. Angels,created to oversee,protect and defend. Vampires,Created to mediate the human and elven population,so the world we live in does not become over cowded. The lichens,created to hunt and control the vampires.Then last but not least.The smallest race of them all. Created to destroy,to mediate all races.This war,is a test of each races will to survive,Those that do will usher in a new age,one of presperity and untold historic events.Though I do not approve of tomoyo and his ways,he has taken the nessasary steps to secure his spot in this new age,no matter what happens,tomoyo and his band of demon warriors will survive because of there power and military might,the humans are trying to survive by building massive forts and shelters,the vampires. By extending their life span,us. By clinging to nature to use it to defend us.Each race,using it's specific purpose,caused this war,The High kings now watch us from above,waiting to see what will happen.Watch,this is how the demons will survive"
The girl screamed at the top of her lungs as she slashed at tomoyo with her small,one handed blade.
Tomoyo deflected the attack as sparks flew from his massive sword,He then smashed the flat end of the sword into the girl,pinning her to the ground.
"now kal,choose,does she live or die,no words.Only action,show me the kind of man you really are
lalouche / 5y ago
Kal Grunted as he stood his blond hair turning white his skin turning black "It's true i am weak and naive but that's because the people who cared for me died before i was taught anything...So i learned by sight...i was taken and tortured almost raped many times and just because i'm an elf doesn't mean i worship nature in matter of fact my god does not exist for i have none the reason i cry for the land is because, I've been burned i've been stomped on...I have so many scars i cant even count any longer if i take my shirt of you will cringe at my body..i am forever cursed to never have love for my body is disgusting..And i tell you this..i give up with magic i only wish for my bow and sword everything else can rot where you Savage demons reside...And i will NOT do as you say! Go ahead kill me if you wish i have nothing to live for any way My family is gone my friends are disturbed by my presence the priests are disgusted by my beliefs the king wants me to bide by his rules and be his good little pet i'm sick and tired of these stupid wars for ultimate power! It's so fucking useless this war has been going on for ages now! I don't see any progress Men are dying..Yes it's for their people that they swore to protect no matter the cause and yes they signed up but there is unfair deeds taking place such and women and children dying!" kal turned his head looking down his fists clenched and eyes closed "p-please i ask of you leave me be..i'm way to tired to do this..." he turned once again walking "If you wish you can come to my home and rest as well it's big enough for you all..i have a lot of rooms so don't worry about space.."
Kaladion / Syravan23 / 5y ago
Tomoyo appeared infront of the elf and lifted him up into the air,wearing his battle armor and wielding his massive sword
Tomoyo tossed the elf into the ground as he glared
"destruction is a part of life, you elfs only think about creation,but what is death , when you die, you are destroyed, destruction must be caused in order to have creation. Remember this when you battle,you destroy life when you kill, you do not create or begin. You end. You bring death upon your enemy, a warrior is tasked with protecting those he cares about,to do that sometimes you must destroy,the land and grass will grow back,you will not. My soldiers will not. You will learn magic from me, To save your self from a meaningless and pointless exsistance. Kal. You stand before me as nothing more then a weak naïve child. Much as I was before I was given power. Soon you will understand everything I am saying. Until then, just do as I say,got it" Tomoyo spoke coldly as he walked away
lalouche / 5y ago
Kal looked around his mouth in a gap "the land here..is crying..it's dying it's not fair..the land didn't need to die.." Kal clenched his fists standing "I do not care for destruction! Keep that crap to you're self!" Kal stomped off towards the forest beyond the mountains.
"I'd rather die than to learn magic that kills land..." Starting to put his hair into a braid as his sword and bow quickly rushing towards there holsters kal halted looking back straight at you his eyes glowing yellow "don't bother to attempt to change my damned mind about you're cursed magic.. i'm already at the verge of my dark side...i'm in no mood to allow my dark side out completely...but if you rather have a cold, ruthless beast as your student then by all means you fucker test my patience.." kal said with a low growl gritting his teeth continuing to walk.
Kaladion / Syravan23 / 5y ago
The Two magicians glared as the king spoke
"show me,your extreme magic,I shall show you my full power"
The soldier pushed the elf down then shouted
Tomoyo rose his hands then spoke
The king smiled
"well,I have never heard of this spell,lets see what it does"
A massive pool of flames began to dance around tomoyo until a giant wall of fire completely circled him.
The red and orange flames roared with power as the crimson light lit the battlefield up like day.Tomoyo looked just like the sun hovering in the sky.The flames then began to spin around him like a tornado.A long spiraling tail smashed into the ground,the flames now looking exactly like a raging hurricane. The spinning flames picked up speed as the Tail began to turn black,causing the rest of the fire twister too turn into black flames..It was the black flame from hell!.
The smirk on the king's face began to drop into that of a look of fear and terror.
The king Started to back up as The barrier around them went down.
"RETREAT!" the king's daughter yelled as she flew up to her father
"allow me"
She held her hands up into the air as a massive fire ball appeared in her hands.
The black Flaming twister began to form around Tomoyo's left Arm.
It condensed,as It wrapped around his arm the flames spun faster and faster until it began to create a vacuum of air around his fist
A girl walked up behind kal
"Tomoyo,My brother is using magic to boost the power of a physical attack,most magicians would not rely on this type of technique,but tomoyo is different,Magic is a combination of physical combat strength and the effectiveness of your combat magic,tomoyo has a unique style of magic that he himself has created,your about to see it done,it's called "Magic blows"he uses magic spells and conforms them to his body,to enhance the power of his martial arts,that black flame is spining so fast that if it enters the area of his strike,even if it misses,It will burn his enemy,if his strike connects,their is a chance that his enemy will be complety incarcerated,wiped off of the face of the plannet,his spell requires over 750000 different commands to accomplish this,pay attention to what he does,it will be fast"
The flames began to blast wind around his hand as tomoyo rushed forwards.The girl flung the massive ball of crimson flames at him
Tomoyo spun and met the inferno head on,as the black flame armlet sucked up the Giant ball of fire like a boy sucking up his water.Tomoyo then rushed forwards as the king threw his daughter out of the way,then spun as tomoyo threw a punch.
The spinning flame armlet made contact with the king's robe as the spinning reversed direction.The female soldier pressed into kal as her breasts smothered into his face.

A massive explosion occurred.... but....that was no explosion.
Tomoyo's spell had created something more powerful.
The air around his fist began to heat up then cool back down.The king was pulled into tomoyo as his elbow impacted the king's face,Shifting his arm the flames burned into the king's face as he screamed,another loud explosion like noise,the king being sent flying across the battlefield
The enemy troops began to retreat as Tomoyo landed in front of the elf.
"you may stand,The spell I just used,will be the last spell I shall ever teach you,You are forbidden to use that spell,unless,it is absolutly necessary,and when you are away from all innocent By standers,it uses not an explosion,but something called an implosion. The spinning hell fire around my arm creates a vacuum in the air around it,the flames burn so hot it can incereate anything upon contact,the demon king survived becuase he used his magic energy to create a sheild around his head,but the rest of his body will be broken,When the flames made contact with his robes,the implosion began,the first was an explosion,outward force,when it damaged him with flames,the vacuum pulled him back in,with a much greater force,then my elbow struck him,as well as the hellfire,wich then caused his magic energy to disappear,and redirect it from the inside of his body to the outside,the energy with in him created the second implosion,its basically a backwards explosion,but it happens,with far more power and energy then an explosion,his bones,internal organs,his inner skins,everything,has been charred and burnt to a crisp,it is a mortal wound,he will not survive,but his armies will still fight with out him,his daughter,equals me in power,but not in skill,I will begin by teaching you fire magic,rest tonight,tommorow we begin"
Tomoyo turned away as he walked,the feathers around him waving in the wind,the smell of smoke and char filling the air,as the area of the implosion,was left bear,not a single plant,tree or person survived,all that was left was the burnt soil and earth of the land.The area continued to give off massive amounts of heat,pebbles and other debris still falling to the ground like rain.
a male demon soldier spoke
"That.That's what master tomoyo is capable of?.scary.....
Tomoyo's sister,yumi then spoke
"No,that was his weakest extreme magic spell..when we were younger tomoyo was forced to serve the man he just killed. In the military tomoyo was known as the "Fist of god". His power was capable of destroying entire nations,even empires,he was feared on the battlefield,a cold blooded cold hearted killer,kal,tomoyo has toned his magic down,that..that was nothing,when training with my brother keep this in mind elf,Tomoyo is strong. He is dark,He shows no mercy or pitty on the feild of combat,he is cold and cruel when he fights. in his mind it is kill or be killed,and that,is how he will train you. You will be the perfect warrior when he is done.tomoyo....if he wanted too" Yumi shivered,chills running up her spine
"If he wanted too.he could have laid waste to this entire land with no trouble at all,he was holding back,fire magic,wind magic,and black magic are his specialties, learn from him,but do not become him,the path he is on will ultimatly lead him to his doom"
With that,the sister walked away,leaving the elf to take in the destruction of wich his new mentor was able to cause.
lalouche / 5y ago
Kal looked at tomoyo a slight smile on his face as he closed his eyes wiping his tears away. Starting to write down notes as you fought such as stance,moves, and magic but he also watched the 'king' after writing as much as he can after putting away his notes he pulled out a very beautiful stone which was the color of a calm ocean mixed with a green of a thriving forest;
"I will not fail..i will learn the path of magic, i shall go beyond my very boundaries and thrive like the forest which surrounds my home..Although i know there will be many obstacles i will do my best to over come them..i swear to my very name that marks me xalasalasra" smiling softly kal looks at the demon in front of him rolling off behind a giant bolder "i'll be here if you need me..." kal whispered to him self, Stationed behind a rock taking out a journal starting to write, every now and then glancing back with a blank stare watching you fight.
"He's a bit terrifying but really nice, i bet i can bring his nice side out" nodding to himself with a wide smile "THAT'S MY NEW GOAL! I WILL UNCOVER TOMOYO'S HIDDEN SELF!" Kal shouted quite loudly jumping into the air as if he just made a victory.
Sitting back down behind the rock not realizing what he just shouted "i like that goal..It's probably a long term though...plus i have a goal already..ehh what heck i can do more than one...That bastard still owes me an apple...." kal whispered to himself pouting a bit but, proceeded to write in his journal.....
After awhile he slipped out with a smile his eyes closed as he sat down against the rock playing with his minor magic humming to his self having a little water beast to play around with for the time being "heheh, you're soo cutte i could just drink you up~! but that's horrible..." After a bit kal summoned his little water sprite away as he disappeared into the ground kal looked upwards...
Kaladion / Syravan23 / 5y ago
Tomoyo glared then grabbed the eld by the neck
Tomoyo struck a stance as the king stepped forward then smiled
"fine,if you wish to duel with magic let me oblige you"
Tomoyo threw both hands forwards as flames gathered around him,water appearing above the flames. a demonic warrior appeared infront of kal as he took a stance then shouted
the flames and water combined as steam flew up and an enemy soldier spoke
"he's combining flame and water magic..."
Steaming balls flew at the king as tomoyo appeared in the sky,cyclones forming all around his body as sand began to lift up from the ground,forming a massive sand scorpion as the king smiled
"impressive" he then began to wave his hands as flames began to dance around his body,creating a flame giant around him. It began to fight with the scorpions as tomoyo shouted
"HOU HAR EN AMONRA!" the scorpions then turned into flamming birds as they smashed into the giant,turning into ice,causing the giant to turn to steam
the king watched as tomoyo looked at kal
"soon,you shall be my heir"
the king stepped forwards as his muscles bulged,rushing at tomoyo.
The two collided as their fists grappled eachohter,the two warriors caught fire as they both screamed,the ground began to shake as two massive stone pillars rose from the ground,trhowing the dueling magicians high into the air
lalouche / 5y ago
Kal sucked in a deep breath as he watched araie's body was ripped to a million peices looking at you instantly dropping to his knees crying and shaking non stop...the golem slowly walked beside kal "please forgive him...his brother died in a similar way but if you ask me his four year old sister died the worse possible way..she was raped and beat to death...that's how he took the position of an orphan...the rest of his family wouldn't take him in they only spat in his face calling him the worse possible even names...his own blood and flesh..." The golems eyes glowed white as he disappeared "Please, protect kal...his heart can no longer bare the pain...i wish for him to never face the darkness and lose all hope he has left..i ask you of this because you seem like the only one who would care..i understand if you wish not to care for him..." with that the golem completely vanished kal starting to clear up from crying Kal stood up silently his hair covering his face as he looked at you "S-Sorry, i understand if you no longer want me on you're team..Weakness is no answer to a strong army..." Kal turned starting to walk back to the forest dropping his bow and sword that proved to be strong to all hell leaving them behind "you can discard of those as well no point in holding the family weapons if you're only disgracing them...i'll be returning to the elven territory to receive my penalty of death for my crimes committed to my people..i hope you return to you're rightful place as ruler" kal spoke with a sad tone and obviously holding back a tear.
Kaladion / Syravan23 / 5y ago
A demonic warrior stepped before kal then smiled
"HOU HAR ENFIDEL!" flames burst around him as his spell was canceled out.
The spell caster then spoke
"My father is fighitng brother,so I guess I will show you what I can do,sound good?,now,don't go dieing on me too fast,I want to show what I can do"
The spell caster held up his hand then shouted
"HOU HAR ENTIDEALRA" the flames began to circle around kal as he then shouted
"AMINUS SENSAGO!" A gust of wind picked up as the flames turned into a flaming tornado as the spell caster smiled
"NOW,EXPERINCE THE ANGUISH OF LOSING A DUEL!" the flames rushed forward as Tomoyo landed in front of it.
"LOU TARE LESHTE MO!" a massive torrent of water doused the flames as tomoyo glared,The king clapping
"We commend your efforts,attacking in the night,but you fell into our trap,you and your elf will become our captives,show us your might,then,we shall use you to do our battles"
"kal,stay behind me,our enemy,their sending out powerful magicians,those on my level,those that surpass even my skill,stay behind me or you will die,if i am killed,use the chant sou saer enparoe to escape,it only works once,so do it right" tomoyo glared as the spell caster stepped forth
"oh will i now brother,last I recall my magic was more powerful then yours,but,things change,let me see what you can do"
"Kal,if we make it out,we start your magic lessons tommorow"
Tomoyo dropped his spear
"Then a duel of spells we shall have"
the two stared at eachother then both shouted at the same time

"HOU HAR ENFIGER!" massive flaming birds took to the air as they smashed into eachother
"SOU STRE EN HOUDAI!" the two shouted as the birds then turned into water,steam rising in to the sky. the birds then vanished as araie spoke
Tomoyo glared then shouted
"ILSHTA LENT MAYURE EN SHIGA!" Araie held his hand up as the steam began to turn into ice,as the ice began to form flames shot from tomoyo''s body lighting up the sky clear as day as the ice began to melt.The two then ran at one another and leapt into the sky.
tomoyo shouted
"Grant me power,the skies and ground,show me your love,your hate and everything that dwells with in you,GIVE ME MY POWER. SEVEN SEALS RELESE!"
"are you sure you want to do that,that means you will take the form you were given when you were born to your father,have you even practiced that magic?"
"more than you will ever know"
Tomoyo floated in the sky,being held up by the wind.
The flames began to encircle him as tomoyo spoke coldly with no emotion,allow me to show you,what a master magician is capable of,Bear witness to the first spell in my book,of extreme magic spells"
Araie glared
"Extreme magic!? your insane,that takes over 9800 commands,no one can pull that off,not even the king!"
"is the king truly of royal blood,he ousted my family long ago,to enstate himself in power,is he truly,the real king,or was it me all along,you will find out now"
He slowly lowered himself to the ground as the wind began to pick up as tomoyo turned to kal
"P.S freind,your training will be harsh,tough and one day you two will learn my extreme magic,for from today on,you are my disciple,understand?" tomoyo raised his hands to his shoulders then inhaled as the wind reversed direction. The king watched as Araie began to recite magic commands.
Tomoyo then thurst his hands forwards
"SOUNDWAVES GALE FORCE!" he then exhaled as the wind flew in the direction of araie picking up all forms of weapons and debree as a peircing sound wrung through out the battlegroud,soldiers fell to their knees screaming as araie's body was torn to shreds.
lalouche / 5y ago