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Fangs and Claws (Closed)

By Urosanctuary

Replies: 291 / 5 years ago

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There is such a thing as too much. Too much pain. Too much loss. Too much bloodshed. Too much war. Generation after generation of darkened days and funeral marches on both sides of this cursed war. Till times of peace and of love and of life had gone, faded beyond all manner of reach or recall. The vampires, in their stone castle upon the hilltop, soldiers of speed and of fury. Their viciousness and venomous bites. Their tactics well-thought and brutal, it was no wonder they were feared enemies.

(picc https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/0c/d6/e2/0cd6e2c35b7a4eb78cc152819d65573c.jpg)

Their opponents, just as fierce and vicious, in their dens of carved mountain halls, deep in the darker woods around the castle upon the hilltop, were the werewolves. Their attacks brutal and involving tearing flesh from bone. Soldiers of strength and brutality, their dedication strong and their unbroken will standing firmly in their homeland.

(picc https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTjf9f9vEAbdlw6HmGkBXZiisY0UNu0MQNdV-Oukowrii_2kTej)

Between such races, there could never be peace. Not without possible annihilation of each other in the process. None even recall who started this war or the reason for their fighting as now it has all passed to the simple lust for revenge of the fallen. But more dead lead to more revenge, an endless cycle of hate. The idea was impossible. The thought was insane. And yet, it was the last chance they had. The only chance.

(picc http://img1.123freevectors.com/wp-content/uploads/new/celebrations-holidays/422-love-red-heart-crossed-swords-vector.png)

The heirs of both races were to be united. Soldiers or not, they would be forced into a union of desperation for some plea of peace. But how could two people so full of hurt and hate learn to love that which has haunted their nightmares for the entirety of their life? It seemed an impossible burden for anyone of their races to bear.


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Alabaster’s ear did twitch at the thought he’d pierced through to her…that he’d never wanted to be ‘king.’…He’d wanted to be seen as something powerful and strong and fast, but not king. [I ‘You were always the Demon Prince, actually.’] Her own people were not so creative in their naming. Despite the hopeless romantics saying she stole the heart of the demon prince, the rest of the stories about him were not so gentle and flattering. Still, the thought of being seen as stealing his heart now made the whole arrangement that much more ironic…She glanced at the mark on the back of her hand. Her mind, like her body had started to race and over-work, which almost drown out the prince’s voice in her mind…until he spoke aloud and there was obvious stress under those words.

The Prince considered the idea of a run, then agreed to it, though not without great effort. What followed was rather bizarre. The old vampire hesitated to address them both before a snap of his fingers revealed the night sky and a view of the tops of trees. It made her mind pause, her head tilting slightly as Lucien took hold of her arm to pull her along, then fully grabbed her, picking her up. [I ‘Heights? Why does my fear come into….Oh hell no…OH HELL’] [b “NO!!!”] the jump that Lucien made was followed by the last and loudest ‘no’ in her head coming out of her mouth at the same time. She gripped him tightly, carried in his arms as before, but this time, her arms wrapped very tightly around his neck, and her eyes closed tight. [I ‘Don’t like…don’t like….oh mother…’] She dared not peek, lest she get dizzy or worse from such a high point, though they were floating….flying? Falling with style? Her heart pounded so loud in her ears it was painful.
Veridae was chuckling to herself at the sound of Alabaster’s scream, shaking her head as Alaia’s arms crossed and she shook her head. The hole closing behind the pair made her sigh softly and put her head in her hands, running one over her face. Belino’s question made the two women look at each other, at a loss for a moment, as to what to say. [b “Oh, no, you’re right to be worried…if the prince can’t handle the idea of getting laid.”] It was Veridae who spoke first this time, placing her hands behind her head and sighing softly. [b “It’s no laughing matter, Veridae…By all rights, we should find a room where they can be separated without causing another bought of disobedience…”] Alaia’s brow furrowed as she thought.

[b “Seperated? Why? Isn’t this the whole point? Bonding them to both species? Right now, Lucien is bonded to Alabaster via the methods of the vampires, correct, Old Mage? In our own lands, it would not be honored. Not until he had claimed her fully…”] Veridae shrugged softly, though Alaia was shaking her head. [b “It wouldn’t be fair! Placing her in such a state like this to be mated….It’s crued….old-world trickery.”] She spouted, determined. Veridae stood, moving to face the small Beta-Fi, towering over her a little. [b “And what else do you expect? Go home…use tradition, and make Lucien fight for her bond? What if he were to lose? No. This is the Alpha’s doing. The timing is too perfect and it would make it easier for her to move on before we get back home…back to Brom.”] She said the name softly, but Veridae had a point.

Alaia’s fists clinched as she looked down In defeat before sighing and turning to Belino, his question still hanging in the air. [b “Ah….Sir Belino…the Heiress is entering a …state of physical intimacy…”] She heard Veridae cut in, [b “She’s a bitch in heat. Giving off all kinds of pheromones and running through a shit storm of hormones that, more than likely, will make it hard for her to resist finally sealing her fate.”] [b “Veridae! Don’t be crude… As you may have noticed, my brother left the room quickly…our own people can sense such things easily and are effected by them. For males, it drives an internal need to bond physically with the female in question. Almost …animalistic…instinctual…Though as you were not so effected by such things, I doubt vampires can even sense such things. If Lucien keeps a level head, Alabaster can wait this out accordingly, thus..they should be fine.”] Alaia’s words were almost hopeful, She wondered what Belino would make of such a thing.

As they reached the ground below, Alabaster’s breath was hard and catchless, breaking from the Prince to step back from him and raising a shaky finger as she moved closer to him again [b “Don’t you DARE do that again! You scared the hell out of me!”] Adrenaline was rushing through her veins from the fall, getting closer to the prince as she was quite stern on the process, but her mind took this moment to push her, watching his lips again…before she put one hand on either side of his face and kissed him deeply…twice…tearing herself away and back from him, breathing heavily. [I ‘I …shouldn’t…’] she thought, a hand moving over her own lips as she kept moving backwards, afraid to be too close to him. [b “I…I’m sorry I…I d..don’t know what came over me…”] [I ‘Lies. You know. You know damn well and you need seclusion before you do something you’ll truly regret…why now? Did I truly lost track of my Heat?’] [b “Is…is it safe to just go? I need to …clear my head. Running always helps with that, but any traps about deserve proper warning.”] She crossed her arms, turning her back to him as her breath was still heavy and she dared not chance another encounter like it.
Lucien tapped rubbed his chin thinking about the others. [b "Hmmm...to be honest, I didn't care about the others. I only cared about the one that carried the same trait of speed. I believe the others are Mars, Pluto, and Diana. You'd probably have a moniker as well, but you don't have the same longevity as the others. It was always my wish to earn such a name for myself as early as possible. I guess I'll just have to settle for the mantle of king,"][i ...Even if I never wanted to be...] he thought directly after. Lucien started to sense a rising tension from the heiress. It was faint, but apparent by Jarek's hurry to exit the room. Something very interesting was starting if Jarek actually left his sister and Alabaster with Belino and himself. Veridae questioned her fear of the new bond, but Lucien heard her unwillingness to focus as well as directing a thought to him, but he didn't answer. She was letting herself go further and further as time went on. He wanted to get to the root.

She soon asked for a run. He felt her gaze and her thoughts rush out at the same time. He saw very dangerous images flood into his head. They were dangerous not because of the content, but because of how powerful the emotion was behind them. He winced moving a hand to his forehead in a slight bit of pain. [i W-what in the...] he couldn't even hear his own thoughts from how overwhelming hers had become. It was a strange sensation, but he needed to get her out of this place. She wouldn't be able to stay in the castle to get what she wanted. [b "Okay...a run it is...just follow me...Belino...do it..."] There were great breaths between the prince's words. It was as if he had just been training with Belino, whom at this time, was surveying the events unfolding around him. His silence occured mostly when he needed information from observation. Off Lucien's command, he raised his hand preparing to snap his fingers.
[b "As you wish, Young Masters,"] he spoke referring to both of them. He snapped his fingers as a dark energy opened a hole in the wall.
[b "I hope you're not afraid of heights,"] Lucien told her as he grabbed Alabaster not waiting for any type of response. He pulled her along jumping through the hole.

Belino snapped his fingers again closing the hole, before looking at the two wolves. [b "I suppose this is the part you tell me what's going on with this situation."] His face was a worried one for his prince and the heiress seeming to be spurred by an unseen force. [b "Am I right to be worried?"] he asked lowering his gaze to the floor. He felt like he was failing again.
Alabaster wondered, if they gave wolves who troubled them names…did she have one? Of course not…people like Veridae had been in the war for so long…ghost stories, legends and myths surrounded them, not just on the vampiric side. The Hunt had at least four legendary Hunters. Veridae the Impossible Devil, Zachary the War Hammer, Truce the Hell Hound, and Nadia the Shadowstalker. All four had been around for many generations and had obtained an idea of immortality about them that it was hard not to believe it was a blessing by the Mother Moon herself. [b “If she is Mercury, what do you call the others?”] Alabaster finally found herself asking out loud.

The change as she sat down after her outburst was a rough one, though. She still could not look directly at Lucien…or Belino either. Her face carried that bright red, as the prince assessed that they had nothing to hide from each other. [I ‘Nothing? Nothing at all?’] She wondered, as it did not help the burn. If anything it only drove her thoughts deeper into places she was trying to avoid. Belino did not help the situation either with his attempt to reassure her. Her already racing mind was pulled back to the idea of them being …truly united. Something started to stir in the pit of her stomach. Jarek’s gaze had landed square on the heiress before he spoke, almost softly. [b “She’s afraid, damnit.”] He noted, before averting his gaze suddenly and slowly getting to his feet. [b “Gah…I think I’m going to head uptop for a moment. Get some air and meditate a while beneath the moon.”] He bowed to all parties and for the first time since they arrived, left Alaia’s side…Left her…with Belino as well.

Veridae’s raised brow followed him, though she took on the position he left behind, having no intention of leaving the defenseless Beta-Fi alone with the vampires. Alaia glanced from Jarek to Alabaster before her gaze softened considerably. How could she not have seen it before? [b “It would make sense…We have never heard of such a thing in our own lands. Even the closest of mated wolves cannot read each others’ thoughts. To share that kind of space would be …a completely new concept. Alabaster, does the thought scare you so badly?”] Veridae spoke, tilting her head curiously. [I ‘Please don’t. Just don’t. Just move on…’] Alabaster’s heart raced, though her gaze did not meet those around her for a long moment. [b “I …um….”] She started, trying to find words. [I ‘Who wouldn’t be? It’s only my thoughts…that’s all…Shit, you can probably hear this too. Damnit…How are you okay with this?’] she closed her eyes and rested a hand on her forehead..it felt hot in the room. Rather too hot.

[b “I…need to get out. Is there anywhere I …WE could go for a run? A proper run? Under the nightsky with the wind in my fur and the earth under my feet?”] Her eyes lifted as she inhaled slowly. Belino’s words still echoed in her mind…[I ‘together in all forms…’] He’d said. Despite herself, as she turned to Lucien with her verbal question, her eyes betrayed her mind, remembering his figure…naked and pristine, cool to the touch and …she wanted to touch him, for him to touch her.. The sensation was so strange yet strong enough that it krept over her body from the pit she’d felt a moment ago. Her eyes landed strictly back onto the counter. [I ‘Don’t think about it. Think about anything else. About running again…anything but…’] Alaia’s face was inches from her own when she looked up again, noticing a deep, studying stare before she moved back a step, whispering to Veridae who stared too before the two whispered in low growls that were hard for even Alabaster to hear.

[b “I think a run would be beneficial, Young Master. If there is such a space on the palace grounds where one could do so safely. Veridae and I believe it would benefit Alabaster’s mind to gain fresh air. Maybe calm the nerves as running is a good way to relieve stress.”] Alaia finally spoke up. But to Lucien, not to Alabaster which the heiress found curious. Alaia had made up her mind that she would discuss the matter at hand with the butler, but as Alabaster was stubborn and Lucien was a vampire, neither would be in great danger should they go for a run. Those eyes and the warmth Alabaster gave off were tell-tale signs to any experienced Fi of any level. She fought not to smirk at the thought that the prince may have more a chance than speculated.
Jarek was still quite the anomaly to Lucien. His stunningly high level of distrust in the vampire clashed with the unusually trust of Alaia. With rational thought, there wouldn't be any reason to trust the vampires even in the current situation. Lucien often chalked up Jarek's mannerisms to him being careful around a former enemy. Alaia gave explanations to most things without a care in the world. She didn't hesitate to explain Veridae's sadness from being away from her pairbond. It sounded like the type of emotion to make a person do something extremely dangerous. He couldn't help but wonder if he and the heiress would be like that one day. The thoughts he heard from him sowed doubt in him swiftly, but Veridae and Jarek restored his hope just a bit as they spoke of her being with him instead of seeing off her people.

Back to the subject of Veridae, Alabaster questioned the moniker by which she was addressed. [b "Yeup,"] he spoke as he gobbled up the last bit of his food and taking a sip of his tea. [b "We charge the wolves that cause us a great deal of trouble with a name. I suppose it's the one sign of respect we give in lieu of everything else."] Alaia had started to explain something about the source of Veridae's strength, but Jarek interjected doing his absolute best to keep as many secrets as possible. Veridae herself quickly erased his attempt by explaining on her own. She seemed flattered to hear the nickname they gave her, but said some strange things. She proposed to him the power of the thought of not coming back. According to her, making her pairbond suffer by dying sounded unforgiveable.

Moving to the new ability they shared, Alabaster seemed to flipped out internally. She seemed to tell herself to calm down already so he didn't bother saying it himself. [i You said it...not me...] he thought chuckling a bit. That thought along with Veridae and Jarek throwing some words in there didn't seem to make accepting this power any easier. Alaia had threatened to remove the two wolves for raising the stress level on the heiress. [b "I'm not so sure what the big deal is,"] Lucien spoke aloud. [b "We can hear each other's thoughts. So what? I've got nothing to hide from you."] He rested his head in his marked hand.
[b "Young Master has a point. With the union of the bloodpact, it is important that nothing obstruct the two of you. Though the crests on your hands have manifested, you have yet to complete the next step. While it isn't anything specific, coming together in all forms of yourselves will incite true union between you two."] Belino shrugged before making his next statement. [b "The only reason you can freely hear each other now is because you feel no inhibitions. Perhaps you two are already quite comfortable with each other."]
Alabaster had become a bit quiet as she started to eat what was put in front of her. Her concentration on the pieces of meat that Lucien mentioned, though his antics did get a half smile on her face. He was so innocent seeming…it was hard to believe he had beaten and killed two of his own kind the other day. The images flashed through her mind as she ate, though him pointing out Jarek’s distance made her glance up some. [b “Please, don’t mind my brother…Jarek has been in an irritable mood recently.”] Alaia muttered softly, though noted the definite ear twitch that Jarek gave off. The conversation had turned to Veridae, who had found herself on the opposite end of the counter from Jarek. Alabaster noted how tired she looked at this moment, and knew better than to question her. The wolf was in a more deadly state now than she was before.

[b “Ah…She is indeed very torn. As is her mate, no doubt. We grow very deeply connected to our pairbonds, we wolves do. To be without them, especially at long distances, is not unlike having your heart outside of your chest. I am not sure if you will understand these feelings with time…a union like this has not been done before, after all.”] She looked from Alabaster to Lucien, noting how uncomfortable the thought made her Alpha-heiress. [I ‘I’ll believe it when I feel it…’] She thought, staring down into her bowl. Veridae chuckled, her voice was calm despite her appearance. [b “It’s more likely than you may think, given the Heiress already deems it more important to be by his side rather than see her pack and Alpha’s departure.”] She quipped, which made Alabaster pause her chewing and her cheeks flushed a full shade. [b “Not that the Alpha minds of course. He bids the both of you good luck and wishes to remind his daughter to be mindful of her duties to her people.”] It was Jarek who spoke this time, a gruffness to his tone that seemed a bit off.

Alabaster followed Belino and Lucien’s conversation, which though quiet, was not secretive. They spoke of Veridae, of course…but did not call her as such. The nickname seemed to get a soft smile from the silver-haired female, who brushed the locks back over her shoulder as the praise that was headed her way. [b “You call her …Mercury?”] Alabaster finally spoke, raising an eyebrow. The older female smirked, raising he bowl to her lips to dish out the bottom contents to her mouth, letting the thought hang in the air. Alaia’s curiosity was great, though they all knew of Veridae’s victories and ungodly abilities when it came to completing the impossible…it was just strange to hear how the vampires saw it all. [b “And don’t let her current state fool you. If anything, it’s the bond that drives…”] Alaia’s voice was silenced by a deep, guttural growl from Jarek. A warning against spilling more secrets than she should. Surprisingly, it was Veridae herself that sat back slowly and kept her grin that dismantled such alarm.

[b “Of course. What could make someone more powerful than the thought that they have someone to return to? The will to live is a dangerous thing, young Prince. As far as I understand it, you’ve been alone…truly alone for the majority of your life. You call me Mercury…I am flattered. His speed is well-known…and his willingness to defy the gods to protect his lover is also a factor I dare say I can relate to. Knowing the pain and anguish you will inflict on your pairbond by not returning to their embrace can be a powerful weapon. Even more powerful than the wish to die, is having someone to live for.”] She had her sights set on Alabaster, who shivered and dared not meet the woman’s gaze. It would not do, of course, to be an Alpha blood with her eyes on anything but other people’s. [I This entire conversation is awkward as hell.’] She sighed to herself.

She was thankful for Belino’s move into discussing their new abilities, even though his question confused her. Hearing each other more clearly? Was it that their voices would be picked up easier? Watching Lucien push for understanding, the conclusion was no less confusing. [b “Wait…wait….you mean to tell me that …this would mean we aren’t just going to talk to each other verbally…but in our own heads? Like…the other will see …or rather hear, our thoughts?”] She tried very hard to keep a straight face. [I ‘No, that…that’s insa…’] Then there it was. She was watching Lucien’s lips closely…seeing they had stopped moving as his thought ran through her mind in his tone, carrying skepticism. Horror krept over her form a moment.. [I is nothing sacred?!’] The realization that he could hear her thoughts…made her mind race a bit before settling on the fact that she was still staring at his lips. More staring than was necessary…her mind slid back to that kiss, that cool and soft touch over her own. Her heart jumped and she stood slowly, shaking her head. [b “It’s too much, this…As though our privacies were not invaded upon enough by confining us to the same room at all times, and now we must share our own headspaces? P..personal th…thoughts…”] She ran a hand through her red hair. [I ‘Focus. Calm yourself and focus, damnit. You’re acting like a fool again.’]

[b “I don’t see why it should be a problem for you, Heiress. It would be a useful tool, being able to communicate at a distance when he would not possess the skills necessary to howl”] Jarek grunted, picking up his bowl like Veridae had. [b “Oh ho….but it isn’t just one-way, is it, Belino? And with the tinge of her face, I wouldn’t be surprised if our Heiress’ concern over sharing her own…ahem…’private thoughts’ has very little to do with combat…or am I wrong?”] Veridae’s voice kept it’s calm and collected tone, despite being a joke. Alabaster’s ability to remain focused was only made more difficult by such a quip. [b “Shush, both of you. This isn’t a laughing matter, and it certainly isn’t meant to be intruded upon by others. I swear..there is enough stress in this place as it is, don’t make me remove you two.”] Alaia had made her way across the counter, taking Alabaster’s hands in her own and studying her face deeply. [b “Deep breath Ally. Come sit down again. Everything is fine. All this means is that the two of you will have to learn to respect each other in regards to their thoughts, am I incorrect?”] She raised a brow to Belino as she lead Alabaster back to the stool beside Lucien…Lucien, whom she could not dare to look at as of the moment…why?
[b "Ah! I very much enjoyed those trips, Young Mistress!"] Belino exclaimed. Lucien rolled his eyes as his guardian shared his mutual happiness with Alabaster. A bowl of the dish was placed in front of him before he took a bite.
[b "I s'pose dis raw meat stuff is for da wulves, hm?"] He tried to speak as he chewed.
[b "Manners, Young Master. It's difficult to understand you with your mouth full."] Lucien chewed more before swallowing.
[b "As I said, this raw meat stuff is to satisfy the wolves as well, yeah?"] Belino just nodded with a smile. [b "I see,"] he spoke as he slightly ignored Alabaster's thoughts in lieu of Jarek's choice to sit far away from everyone else. [b "He okay?"] he asked aloud more or less talking to himself.

Belino and Lucien's eyes both moved to Veridae when she enter with bloodshot eyes. [b "She's that torn up about being away from that other guy? What's his name?"] Lucien asked.
[b "I believe you are thinking of Master Zachary. I'm surprised you have yet to recognize this particular wolf, Young Master,"] Belino spoke with a sly look on his face.
[b "The hell are you on about? I've never seen or heard of her until now."] That was partially true. He had never seen her because he was purposely steered away from any task that involved her.
[b "Perhaps you know the other name we gave her; Mercury..."] Lucien nearly choked on his next bite as he pounded his chest trying to force the food down. Belino slid him a glass with warm green tea letting him gulp it down to help clear his airway. Lucien took a moment to inhale and exhale slow and steady for a few seconds before turning to Belino. [b "That's her?"] he spoke pointing his thumb in her direction. [b "That's the wolf faster than me?!"] Now he had turned to get a good look. Never had Lucien's speed been matched at any point in time. There was not a single encounter in which he could not outpace pursuers, targets, or anything otherwise. But there was a wolf that carried enough speed and power to repeatedly break through entire ranks of vampires in mere minutes; a wolf whose speed outpaced even the prince. That wolf was dubbed [i Mercury] after the roman god known for his immaculate speed. [b "Un. Fucking. Believable..."] he spouted with his face in his hands.
[b "Don't be so gloomy about it, Young Master. I'm sure if you ask nicely, Lady Veridae could help you along."]
[b "Shut up...let me be sour about it first..."] To him she was a myth. For her to be before him so casually was daunting.

Belino patted his liege gently. [b "There, there. It will be okay. We must talk about the most important ability shared between you and Young Mistress."]
[b "And what ability is that, exactly?"] Lucien asked.
[b "You have probably been hearing each other at various times speaking very clear and concise. What if I told you, you aren't actually talking?"]
[b "Get to the point."]
[b "Fine, fine,"] Belino defaulted with a small pout. [b "It's simple. You two share a telepathic connection now. I'm sure that both of you can hear each other's thoughts as we speak due to being in such close proximity."]
[b "Hm..."] Lucien stopped to think about it with a hand on his chin. [i Can't say I don't have reason to believe that, but I'm still a bit skeptic...] he thought.
It intrigued her, the time he had seemed to spend with the humans. She recounted how many times she’d spent days with the self-exiles and it made her wonder if Lucien had ever encountered a wolf in the human world. [b “I dislike the concerts, actually…they are a bit too loud. As is the Opera…No, I have to admit, I much prefer their musical talent. Symphonies without vocal interruptions. The music itself telling a story.”] she admitted, softly, before turning her curious gaze back to the old vampire.

[I ‘I swear, this deal is getting worse all the time.’] Alabaster wanted to put her head on her arms across the counter and give a giant sigh, but did not as the meal was placed in front of her. Her stomach growled in response. [b “It does look absolutely wonderful. I’m starving.”] For all their talk, the wolves were almost always hungry. Jarek crossed the room to the counter, though he made a slight move to sit at the opposite end of the heiress, putting distance between them. It was strange to note, but very noticeable. Perhaps he was mad at her for being so stupid the other day?

Alaia took her own bowl, giving a grin as Belino mentioned their ability to work together. [b “Yes, I believe the years of experience and many a generation caring for the nobles of our races has given us a bit of an edge when it comes to this sort of thing. Though I must say, the things we can learn from each other are always surprising…years of war have kept both our races a complete mystery in the simplest regard.”] She was preparing another bowl, as Veridae joined them. She looked a little worse for wear. A bit tired and her gaze held a reddened tint that the others deemed to ignore. It was always hard on her, departing from Zachary…at least the first day. But she would pull together.
Lucien shrugged at the comment about being a symphony. [b "The only symphonies I know are the ones where the sing at obnoxiously high pitches. I swear those humans could stave off the best of us all with just their vocal registry,"] he spoke as he rolled his eyes just thinking about it. [b "I can't count how many times I was dragged to Broadway shows, plays, and anything like it. I only ever enjoyed the concerts."]

Belino nodded at Alabaster's question. [b "Of course, Young Mistress. There is a powerful perk you and the young master must learn to harness. It will be a strong tool for the both of you should you master it. I would assume that you have already experienced it very loosely. Before I explain, you should eat."] He slid out the bowls of koi soi to each person. [b "Dare I say, we make quite the team in these matters. Don't you think, Lady Alaia?"]
Alabaster was watching him this time as his words sounded so clear to her mind, and yet there was some kind of disconnect as his lips hadn’t moved….had they? Was she seeing things? [b “It…can be. Get enough of us together singing in one unit and it Is almost like a symphony.”] She took to heart his warning about pissing him off and how he would let her know when enough was enough. She didn’t wish to aggravate him really…not after the rescue she loathed to thank him for.

Alabaster could smell the food before they got to the kitchen itself, forgetting her hand rested in Lucien’s still. It felt almost natural to be so close. The dish was indeed familiar to their lands, though another special treat. Alaia had been up early with the butler, starting his lessons before agreeing to help with breakfast. She was happy to serve the delicious meal. Alabaster tilted her head to the side when he mentioned explaining things about their ‘bond.’..his pronounced stare at their hands making her realize she still held Lucien’s, and she slipped from him to lean on the counter instead. [b “Something not realized? …There is more to this that I haven’t been told yet?”] It was almost a defeated whine and made Jarek scoff slightly, shaking his head. Of course vampires would always be sneaky.
Lucien thought a bit about her words concerning the howling. [i It's literally like a song even if I don't understand it...] he thought. [b "Even I have to admit that's pretty impressive."] Alabaster followed it up taunting his inability to sing as well as using a phrase he had used before. He gave her a small playful shove with a grin.

The heiress then mentioned not knowing when something is or isn't wrong. [b "You'll learn, I'm sure. I'm actually pretty hard to piss off, y'know? I'll tell you myself if you go too far."]

As they reached Belino's floor hand in hand, they met up with Belino himself, Alaia, and Jarek. Belino seemed to be leading the cooking session with Alaia assisting him like before. Alaia was the first to greet them talking about plans. [b "Indeed. Your dish for now is just about ready. Koi soi is what we will be having. It is a wonderful Thai dish that lady Alaia proposed. Afterwards, we shall talk about something you may or may not have realized with your newfound bond,"] he spoke looking at the couple's crests glow in each other's hand.
Alabaster chuckled at the thought of them all howling at the same time. It did get a little chaotic at times, she’d admit that, but it made her reply rather sweet. [b “We howl to the Mother Moon when we need to relay messages or when we need to express emotions too great for common tongue to handle. Like love, Joy..pain and sorrow. If we know there is one we wish to connect to, it is easier to hone in on their tone. Every wolf’s tone is different.”] Alabaster was surprised when he mentioned learning their Mother-tongue to be able to hear her. It made her almost smile. [b “What’s this? The vampire prince doesn’t sing? Perhaps I could teach you that too. These ears are…what did you say? Not this big for no reason?”] she couldn’t help but to poke fun at him.

This was less harsh banter than before, but it was still the banter she would use…when wanting to be familiar with someone. He brushed off her apology, though admitted that her warmth was unusual for him. [b “Food is a must…And I’m still unsure with you when something is or isn’t wrong…as for being warm….you were rather cool…though not unpleasantly cold.”] she full on blushed as he lifted the robe back to her shoulders, keeping it tight to her. Surely his people would think they’d enjoyed their daylight hours quite a bit more…but she still took his hand.

The walk downstairs was surprisingly not interrupted by Alaia and the others, instead it was rather peaceful until they reached the kitchen she had been in for their first meal. Entering would give way to the view of their usual three companions…Belino and Alaia seemingly hard at work on something food-related as Jarek stood by the door with crossed arms. She and the senior hunter shared a look for a moment. A gaze that questioned into her very soul but he dropped his first with respect to her rank. [b “AH, Good evening, you two. I’m going o guess you managed to actually get some rest during the daylight hours?”] Alaia greeted, though she need not ask. It was obvious as she’d felt Alabaster’s pulse slow enough to actually be sleeping. [b “Belino and I were discussing the plans for today…”] She continued, glancing at the older vampire.
Lucien rubbed his eyes hearing Alabaster's explanation of the howls. [b "So you all go howl when the moon comes up? And that's singing?"] he questioned. She talked more about a natural bond. [b "So all those bonds do it at the same time? There must be some distinction that I'm not capable of comprehending."] Her thoughts came again of wanting to sing to him. [b "Maybe if I learn the language I'll be able to hear you. Just don't expect me to sing back."]

As she loosed herself from him he sat up with his legs crossed. He yawned as he stretched his arms apologizing for rolling into him during sleep. [b "Don't apologize if you didn't do anything wrong,"] he responded. [b "But yeah. Food would be nice."] Lucien heard her next thoughts about something. He ignored those only because he didn't know what she meant.

He then heard Alabaster thank him for sleep and hoped that she didn't bother him. Lucien raised the robe up to her shoulders. [b "It's fine. Warm isn't what I'm used to, but it's nice,"] he spoke with a smirk. [b "Come on,"] he told her as he flipped off the bed and offered his marked hand to her.
His voice drew her attention, though it was a muttered grumble that made her almost smile softly…smile? At his quip? Trying to decide how to get through this awkward positioning, Alabaster stayed still for a moment longer before hearing him clearly in her head…commenting on her sleeping. [b “We howl at the rise of the moon. In the case of Veridae, she is singing…”] Her voice was soft, though she dared not move from him yet as she tried to regain herself. [b “She misses her lover…it is a natural bond..to have with one’s mate.”] She heard the song, one of sweet-nothings now that business had been attended to. Alabaster groaned herself, slowly tilting her head to look up at him, seeing his face a hint of the pink that echoed on her own. [I ‘I used to look forward to the day I would sing such things…but he would never understand them.’] It was a bittersweet thought that she pushed from her mind.

Clearing her throat, Alabaster slowly unwrapped herself from him, trying not to make it any more strange as it may have been for him already. [b “M..my apologies…it appears I must have rolled at one point. P…perhaps we should…find something to eat.”] She paused. Alabaster had managed to untangle herself from Lucien alright, but in doing so, remembered who she was to him and at the very thought, a pulse ran through her veins. [I ‘Damnit…why does it keep doing that? Such a weird feeling.”] Her thoughts passed…she’d managed to sit up, letting her legs hand over the side of the bed.

Red hair was a complete mess to one side as she gazed at the floor, her scars on her back ached as usual, but she paid it no mind really. [b “I must thank you…I have to admit the sleep has done wonders as far as my physical form goes…I do hope I didn’t keep you from finding some rest…being a completely different sensation for you, I should guess. Bothering you is not my intent.”] She spoke softly, letting her eyes closed as she almost wished for coffee.
Belino did not go to his room immediately. He made a detour downstairs to a certain individual to deliver a message. [b "The crest has been placed, your grace,"] he spoke.
[b "Excellent,"] spoke the individual in the shadows. [b "Then it is time to make preparations."] The figure stepped into light revealing to be Victor. [b "Go and find his sister."]
[b "As you wish, your grace,"] Belino replied with a bow as both figures vanished.


There it was again. He heard what he was now certain to be her thoughts. It was both odd and natural at the same time. Hearing her voice so clearly, but not feeling her body resonate from speaking was something new. He would have to ask Belino about it later. Alabaster was warm. He had not been in the sun too many times due to him trying to hide the nature of his being. This in tandem with him being surrounded by beings that didn't resonate heat in any kind of way gave him a great sensation. It was like holding a miniature sun in his arms; like a star. He stayed awake long enough to confirm that she had journeyed into the land of dreams. [i You deserve to sleep,] he thought. She had been through entirely too much in such a short period of time. A smile cracked his lips as he kissed her head gently. [b "Sleep well,"] he whispered before joining her in that land.


Lucien's eyelids winced at the sound of the howling. His face had scrunched to one of irritation. Never had he had such a peaceful slumber, but he was being rudely awakened. [b "Mmmm...can't they howl later?"] he grumbled. His eyes slowly opened and he blinked a few times realizing Alabaster had shifted. Her head was buried slightly into his chest. His face pinked just a bit before he took a deep breath to relax himself. [i She slept...that's good,] he thought. He couldn't see fully without moving too much and he wasn't sure if she was awake or not. He chose instead to hold his current position until she said something or moved. If he was awakened by the howl from above, she surely heard it as well.