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in the world after

By lalouche

Replies: 4 / 5 years ago

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Two warriors. One path,one goal,will the takahata brothers beable to seize there destiny,or will they fail and Die..
Naratashi glared as he was rushed by mulitple armed enemies.
"CHECK THIS OUT!" he yelled as he leapt into the air. The light of the sun blocked him out so he only looked like a shadow dancing in the sky. Landing on the ground with grace he spun behind an enemy and cut him open with his claw. The man screamed as he took his enemies head and smashed his knee into it. Spitting blood the man fell down as Naratashi cut his neck wide open. Avoiding a second attack he pointed his hand at the man then shouted.
"FLAMES SURGE. !"THe man began to yell as his body was completely engulfed in flames.
"Yo, aratashi, get the fuck over here, i don't want to get to bored here!"