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warriors of the dark

By lalouche

Replies: 216 / 5 years ago

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do you like this picture deven(This is one badass filler)
tomoyo / lalouche / 5y ago
"You the crown hahahahaha" Shadow back roosted new wings
"your just a boy did you actually think that I could just loose my wings like that I have killed millions I have killed gods I'm even a half god in my own right I DEMAND YOUR NAME FOR I DONT KNOW WAT HAPPENED WHEN I WAS IMPRISONED WHAT REMAINS OF THE CROWN]
natsu-san / 5y ago
omg omg omg omg omg omg omg gomg omg omg omg omg omgomgomgomgomgomgogmo
cameron / lalouche / 5y ago
Before I decide answer my question where is the leviathan
shadow / natsu-san / 5y ago
Tomoyo jumped from his stone as He leapt into the angels attack. Holding his hands out he shouted
"THE CLOCK STRIKES MIDNIGHT!" the sky around us began to turn red as everything began to stop. Tomoyo then smirked as a massive clock tower shot from the ground. Tomoyo grabbed the angels neck as he lifted him in the air as the clock began to chime twevle times.
A shooting pain was sent through the body of the angel. Letting the angel hit the ground tomoyo stepped on his neck. forcing his face int othe ground he shouted
"YOU SERVE ME, I AM THE CROWN, IF YOU LAY A FINGER UPON MY BRIDE I WILL HAVE YOU SKINNED ALIVE!" he shouted as he threw the angel into the air
"ERASER GUN!" he then fired off two blasts of green energy at the ange. Grazing his wings tomoyo appeared above him as he pulled up on his wings. feahters began to fall as bones snapped under the pressure of his grasp
lalouche / 5y ago
Shadow leg sweeped Sarah followed by a right jab followed by an aura uppercut this send sarah into the air. Shadow rolls his arms a strong wind starts tremors begin to erupt he waves his and and claps sound wave emerges slams Sarah through a boulder shadow reclaims his weapons
"Don't make me do this"
"My top priority is protect the earth realm and serve the crown"
I won't kill you but if I must I will clip you
shadow / natsu-san / 5y ago
Sarah rushed in at the angelic warrior as she grabbed his neck.Kneeing him in the stomach as she dropped him to the ground
She then glared at him as she pulled him up by his hair. Kicking his swords away she then pinned him up agianst the tree.
"you pick,fight me, or him!" she stepped back as she took a stance
sarah leshte / toppa / 5y ago
Shadow's body began to darken he was covered in a black aura which busted out shadow had went into his 3rd form he was now wielding two katanas I have been isolated for 2000 years I'm am looking for the man that killed my mother and my brother my family was the most loyal to the crown the last time I have seen the prince was when he was a infant
A leviathan killed me and had isolated in a dark crystal cell I did not age I watched I was helpless to save my family he then cast me out as a fallen
And you are gonna tell me where he is
The leviathan betrayed the royal family WHERE IS HE
shadow / natsu-san / 5y ago
Tomoyo began to grow in rage as the ground began to split in half. As the ground split it created a massive cavern. Tomoyo turned into his most powerful form. an angel wing on one side and a demon on the other. Flaves leapt into the air. It was lava. Tomoyo took to the sky as he grabbed the angel
"ILL SHOW YOU A TRUE FALLEN!" tossing him into the air with massive force he held his hand up
"FIRE STYLE:GREAT FIRE ANNIHILATION!" tomoyo inhaled as he then belched out a massive wall of flames. Engulfing the angel he then shouted.
"BLACK STORM ATTACK!" the angel came rocketing out of the flames badly burnt after receiving a blow from tomoyo. Appearing under him tomoyo caught the angel by his scorched and smoking wings then spoke sadly
"I pity you,if you think you win,by all means you can duel me,but it will not end well for you. I will beat you with in an inch of your pathetic life angel"
Tomoyo held him over the edge of the cavern and let the flames touch his shoes. Tossing him to the other side multiple stone pillars shot from the ground. each one had the royal family's crest embedded on the face. Rising up from under the ground tomoyo was shot high high high into the sky. The moon creating a massive shadow tomoyo spoke in a solemn voice.
"I am your poison,if you wish to fight you had better get up here before i grow bored" he held his hand out as a a ball of pure evil energy formed
"EVIL IMPULSE!" he fired the ball off as it impacted the ground.instead of an explosion the ground, tree's and all animals in the area began to slide into the blast. It was an implosion. The ball collapsed in on itself as it wiped out everything in the area,not even trees remained.there was nothing left but scorched soil.
Tomoyo looked down at the poor angel.
"that was only a quarter of what i can do"
lalouche / 5y ago
Sarah began to scream as the ground shook. His mighty mountain began to crumble as she took her true form. She appeared in front of the naive boy as she grabbed his neck
"IF YOU THINK YOU ARE HIGHER THEN THE MIHTY PRICNE HIMSELF YOU ARE SADLY MISTAKEN,A SHADOW DEMON IS ALMOST INVINCEABLE,BACK THE FUCK DOWN!" she then smashed the handle of her sword into his neck flinging him to the ground as she landed on top of him
sarah leshte / toppa / 5y ago
The angel Spiro his scythe and he then shoved and open palm and sent berserker back into a tree stomp.
The leaves started to fall as they fall they began to turn black.
"I'm not looking for a fight I'm natural"
The ground started to quake a big mountain raised from below shadow and mountain towered over the forest shadow stood high over the bezerker
"Tell me have you heard of a fallen"
shadow / natsu-san / 5y ago
Sarah heard the battle begin as she leapt from her tree.
"tomoyo,im coming" she spoke as she drew her scythe.
landing in front of the demonic prince she bowed
"my lord,im here" she then turned and glared at the angel
"I can guarantee you that I am much better with that weapon then you are"
her red scarf swayed in the wind as she stepped forward
"if you so much as touch a hair on the prince's head I will cut you into 1000 peices,got me>" she took a stance as she waited for a reply
sarah leshte / toppa / 5y ago
Tomoyo spun and glared at the male warrior and drew his sword.
"ANGEL!" he shouted as He vanished. Appearing infront of the angel he screamed as he pointed his sword to the mans neck
Tomoyo's outfit changed as a pulse of un-speakable magic energy filled the air. As the dust settled and the trees stopped shaking, Their stood tomoyo in his combat armor. His armor struck fear into all whom saw it,on the battlefield he was known as berserker the black. Killing all in his path with not a single ounce of remorse, he destroyed entire armies,villages and much much more. Tomoyo had a hatred of all angels.
His body shook under his armor. Not from fear,but from rage.
Tomoyo lifted this new comer into the air as he yelled
"ARE YOU HERE TO FIGHT ME!" he then threw the angel into a tree face first as he pressed his leg in the man's spine.Pulling on his wings he began to yell even louder. Drop your weapon if you wish to live"tomoyo stepped backwards as a single cloud crept in on the are where the two made their first meeting.
Tomoyo then shouted
"STORM MAGIC:BLACK LIGHTNING STORM!" a single bolt of pitch black lighting struck infront of the angel as Tomoyo took a stance with his two blades.
lalouche / 5y ago
Shadow showed his presence holding his scythe on his shoulder with his wings folded out he waved his scythe dark blue flowers risked up in the direction his scythe was pointed.
"Are you here to kill me ?"
shadow / natsu-san / 5y ago
Tomoyo walked through the dense forest as the moon shined bright upon his sword. He spun on the balls of he feet as he took a stance.
Multiple fighters rushed him
"DIE" tomoyo screamed insanly as he drew his cursed sword.
Back flipping he Impaled the first fighter. Spinning around with his foe still skewered on his sword he held his hand out and yelled a war cry
"DARKNESS KILLS ALL!" the ground began to shake violently as mighty trees toppled to the ground,birds flew away quaking in terror. The final warrior rushed in as he slashed his blade.blade. Tomoyo ducked under at as the two spun,pressing there backs against each other.Waiting for the perfect moment to strike the two stood in complete silence,as still as the quiet night sky. They both spun as there blades clashed with a vengence. Sparks flew from the metal as tomoyo spoke
"the clock strikes midnight" the sky began to turn red as a massive clock tower rose from the ground. The clock began to chime as the moon vaisshed from the sky as well. The warrior that stood in tomoyo's way began to scream in pure agony.
"DEATH WILL ENCASE YOU!" everything vanished until it was pure nothingness. When the world returned to normal the warrior dropped dead as Tomoyo sheathed his sword.
"suffer.....YOU THERE COME OUT NOW!"
lalouche / 5y ago