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claim the future

By lalouche

Replies: 7 / 5 years ago

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Skull laughed as he charged forwards. appearing infront of the girl he smashed his palm into her throat holding her up agianst a stone.
His body began to shake with joy as he pressed harder into her neck
"DIEE!" he shouted as he kneed her in the stomach.
He then leapt backwards and stopped a second sword attack from the girls male warriror
"let us duel demon"
the male warrior azure Swung his sword as the three blades clashed creating sparks. Skull leapt over the top of him as azure spun adn thrust his straight blade sword. Skull backflipped multiple times as he slid to a halt then rushed forwards. There blades began to move so quickly it was nearly impossible to keep up with. Azure kicked as Skull jumped over it then grabbed his head.Bringing the warrior to the ground Skull impailed him in the stomach.Azure began to cough up blood as Skull kicked his blade away. Walking over to the female warrior he spoke.
"you will join him in the deepest pits of hell"
At last the warrior cheif had arrived. Skull glared.
"so many bugs to kill" the cheif spun his hands as a massive wall of flames flew at skull.
He smirked as he opened his mouth. He inhaled then shouted
"FIRE STYLE:GREAT FIRE REPELLING WALL!" a massive tsunami of flames impacted the attack as he then shouted
"PRESSURE DROP!" the air pressure sharply dropped around the flames as they died out. Leaping through the wall skull and the cheif crossed swords as he spoke
"once i kill you,your female freind goes next"
"GET OUT OF HERE!" the cheif shouted at chealsea
They pulled there blades back as they both attacked at the same time. The swords bounced off eachother as The two warriors cartwheeled then attacked once agian. They both then blasted fire at one another. While the flames flew thunder was heard as clouds began to decend upon the battle field. Skull leapt back then spoke
black lightning bolts hit all around the cheif as Skull started to walk forwards. Waving his sword all around in the air more electricity began to strike, Completly pinning down chealsea's commander.
What the hell was this guy.Human? No, he used to many different styles of magic, and he had far too much strength. He couldn't be a demon for he has not been born by a mother. He was one thing. Pure evil and terror.
Skull began to laugh loudly as he pointed a sword at chelsea. A blast of lihgnting flew down striking her in the stomach.
"Prepare to die, Im bored with all of you now"
Skull / lalouche / 5y ago
[center [font "Times New Roman" Chelsea gave a whimpered cry as her body shook, threatening to collapse onto her. She twitched, struggling to keep her shield in hand. The pain rushed continuously. With a mustering of more mental than physical finesse, she raised the shield. It glowed brightly, and when she slashed forward, it changed to Scourge. The long, metal spiked whip lashed at him. When the Scourge drew blood with at least a few measly cuts, the blood shuttered and formed together, coming to Chelsea and into her wounds. They healed, and some relief allowed her to relax. "You will not rid of me so easily."]]
He began to glow red as His body finished forming. He stood there as the dust settled. With long hair and two blades he rushed forwards. Appearing behind her He struck down the spell caster as he continued to cut the female warrior open. Leaping backwards a gust of wind flew into the girl leaving scractches and cuts all over face and exposed skin.
"PRESSURE RELEASE!" a blast of air shot from the girl's body as a strong gust of wind escaped from all the cuts.
A shooting pain flew through the girls body as he spoke
"I changed the air pressure inside your body,using the cuts as means of releasing the air, your probably going to pass out from the pain in about five minutes, Lets see if you can muster the power to attack me and force me to stop my attack"
Skull / lalouche / 5y ago
[center [font "Times New Roman" Chelsea was quick to respond, putting herself in front of the spell-caster. Her sword glowed, before morphing into the shape of a large shield. She held it in order to defend, watching the man carefully. [i This is going to be a real test of my abilities...] Trying to cast away those fears, she then glared at him. "Do not dare underestimate me, creature."]]
Skull continued forward as he spoke.
"Slashing soundwave" a blast of air flew from his arm as the trees behind the girl were sent flying and splintering into hundreds of peices. Skull aproached as he glared then spoke
"do you intend on fighting me girl,if so, you had best pray to what ever lord or god you believe in,you have no chance of beating me" more warriors rushed the male as he spun around tossing special throwing knives. THe blades exploded on impact as the troops died instantly.Skull sighed as he shouted at the top of his lungs
"DARKNESS CONSUMES ALL!" a dark energy formed around him as the ground began to shake as he shouted agian
A spell caster appeared next to chelsea then spoke.
"miss,be very careful,the aura around him is that of forbidden black magic,he was not born by a mother and father, An evil warrior created him,Out of all the things to do, the most forbidden is to create life with magic.He is consumed by rage and hatred. Darkness corses through his veins, not blood. He has no fear of death or injury,dispatch him quickly, a dragged out battle will end up getting you killed, Only pray his anger will cloud his fighting skills"
"Skull glared
"SHUT THE HELL UP!" he pointed his hand at the spell caster as a peircing sound rang out.
Skull / lalouche / 5y ago
[center [font "Times New Roman" [i Why did father have to send me out for this? What if I'm not prepared?] Chelsea thought this as worry took hold of her. Her father was known for being one of the greatest warriors of this time. Or, perhaps was, as even the most powerful mortal eventually crumbled at the hands if its superior, known as time. Just because his child was born a girl, it didn't stop him from training and conditioning her at a young age. Even after many years of training, fighting, and getting herself a name, she couldn't help but doubt her abilities.]]

[center [size12 [font "Times New Roman" As she proceeded forward, she saw man running frantically towards her. They ran past, and the glimpses of their eyes that she caught held terror. The fear gripped her, made it hard to breath for a second. She took a second to take in a deep breath, relieving her mind. The forest ahead was decimated, the trees torn from their places. She stopped, blinking. The sight was a new one. [i Who is doing this?] Chelsea bit her lip a little. While gifted in combat, she did not hold great magical abilities. She could find herself facing quite the challenge.]]]
Skull Glared as warriros charged at him.Leaping over the top of them he thrust his hand forwads as A sound wave flew from the weapon on his wrist. The warriors began to scream in pain as blood fell from there eyes like tears.
"now, you will die" skull said coldly. The two warriors began to scream louder as they then fell silent and hit the ground face first.
"Weaklings" skull spoke once again as he walked forwards dogeing multiple arrows fired at him
"do they not give up....Fine, I'll kill them slowly, I want to have some fun anyways"HE then caught the next arrow fired at him and snapped it.
"If only my body had more time to develop,i guess I won't be at full power for a while,this should be more then enough though" Skull rushed forwards as he leapt into a tree and thrust his palm forwards.A gust of wind began to ravage the forest as trees fell as if they were being cut down. The warriors began to retreat as Skull walked forward slowly.
"mabey now, they see that fighting me is pointless"
Skull sighed then mumbled.
"How boaring, where's my next slaughter gonna be?'
Skull / lalouche / 5y ago