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shining flames

By lalouche

Replies: 28 / 5 years ago

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Dynasty frowned. "Of course I don't stand a chance against you. The only things I know are from books and the blacksmith's son."

She brushed off the dirt and stood. She knew that there was so much more to learn. She had read about the powerful fire magic and the various spells that accompanied it. There were some who could sprout wings of fire while others could create a tornado of flames. Before she could even attempt such powerful spells, she needed to find out how strong her magical energy was.

"How can we know for sure what I am capable of?" she asked him, longing to know the extent of her abilities.
Tomoyo Stopped the flames with his bare hands then shouted.
"BLACK STORM STYLE:BLACK LIGHTNING THUNDER STORM!" black bolts of lightning began to strike all around dynasty as the elcricity around his blade turned black. He then rushed forwards then disappeared and appeared behind the girl as He slashed into her back with both swords in an X shape.He then kicked her out into the open then shouted
"BLACK STORM STYLE:X CROSSING STORM!" the cuts on her back began to glow black As a powerful burst of elctricity shot through the cuts along her back. Her body began to smoke as everyhting stopped and tomoyo spoke
"you have potential,but agianst a warrior like myself,You have no chance of winning with the skills and spells you posses. My black and darkness magic will destroy you before you even touch m,I was holding back the entire time,you only got about 15 percent of my full power and not even that of my skills in hand to hand combat"
lalouche / 5y ago
Dynasty resisted the urge to call out in pain. She balled her fists and gritted her teeth. There had to be a way out of it. She needed to get away, even if it would only be for a few seconds. Any amount of space would work...

[i Wait a second.] she thought to herself. If her hands were free, she would've done a face palm. She sucked in a deep breath and encased herself in flames.With a strong exhale, both of them were propelled backwards. Tomoyo slammed into the trunk of a tree and Dynasty managed to wriggle out of his grasp.

Thinking quickly, she spun around on her heel and shot a column of fire towards him. The force was so great that she slid backwards a few inches.
Tomoyo appeared behind her as He slashed some hair off her head As he scrapped his blade across her exposed skin. He leapt away then shouted.
"LIGHTNING TRIGGER DROP!" A large blast of lightning struck the girl as He appeared above her, Lightning encasing his leg.Drop kicking her in the head he then backflipped then took a stance then vanished into thin air.
"ICE MAGIC: ICE SHARDS CRYSTAL WALTZ!" Small shards of ice began to form all around the girl as they began to scratch and scrape her.Tomoyo then took a stance
"PRESSURE DROP PAIN!" the open cuts on her body shot a blast of air as a gust of wind began to escape from her wounds. Sharp pain shot from her body as her legs began to give out agian.The pain grew worst and worst as Tomoyo smiled appearing behind her, Pulling her arms back and pressing his leg into her spine he began to pull.He seamed to by attempting to rip her arms out of her body.
lalouche / 5y ago
Dynasty smirked. "I wasn't planning on it."

The girl did a back hand spring and landed a few yards away. She turned her foot for more traction as she used her blade to kick up dirt. She spun quickly, clouding the nearby area with a dense dust cloud. She even pulled up a clump and flung it into his eyes, using her environment to her advantage.

[i That's it!] she thought to herself. He didn't know the area. There were all kinds of creatures in the surrounding woods. Certain plants, insects and small mammals were within a few feet and could prove to be helpful. She may have been smaller and less experienced, but she was quick and resourceful.
Tomoyo appeared in his real form infront of the girl. He swung his swords quickly as Blasts of light flung from them. THe light hit the ground as FLames began to form.
He then appeared above her then kicked her shoulder forcing the warrior onto the ground.
"Weapons can be used to enhance your magic and make it more effective, If you can channel your energy through the weapon"
He slashed his sword as lighting struck the blade, the electricty began to dance across the swords as he stood there.
"Dont let me cut you, it will hurt like hell"
lalouche / 5y ago
Dynasty smirked. "Just how I like it!"

She spun around and sent a ring of fire out from her body. The guy was amazing. His powerful magic was hard to keep up with. She knew that she was most likely fighting a losing battle, but she wasn't going to give up. It wasn't her style.
Tomoyo's body turned into ash as another leapt out in another direction. Multiple voices then spoke.
"I'm not going to play nice, I Can make copies of myself, all of them are just as dangerous as I am,stay on your toes" three more then leapt out from all directions.
lalouche / 5y ago
Dynasty picked herself up. She had never sparred with another wizard. Sure, her swordsmanship was good. However, her instructor was not a magic user. It was a whole other style of fighting.

Another thing she was good at was not listening. She could easily avoid lectures from her dad by tuning out. As long as she focused on something hard enough, the sound wouldn't bother her.

As a fire elemental, Dynasty could sense things that gave off heat. She could tell where he was even though he was invisible based on his heat signature. When he came close again, she landed a sharp kick.
Tomoyo nodded.
"THat's fine, but you also need to have extreme physical capabilities, Your training starts now, All you have to do is avoid my attacks" Tomoyo leapt into the trees and disappeared. Later leaping from the top of the canopee he struck the girl in the head then cartwheeled behind her as He flicked his sound amplifier. A peircing sound wrung through her head as the muscles in the legs began to give out. Tomoyo vanished once agina then spoke.
"my power can disable your body mental and physically, avoid listing to my sounds, You have to fight me using other methods"
lalouche / 5y ago
Dynasty grew curious. If she could learn this unique style of magic, minus the dark part, she would have three elements under her belt. Two was odd enough, but three? Wind and fire could be catastrophic. Lightning and fire... who knows what she could do.

The life as a clansman's daughter was not one she enjoyed. Her father expected her to be obedient, calm, and classy. She hated the dresses that he made her wear whenever they attended banquets, gatherings, and speeches. If he saw her barefoot and wearing her cousin's hand-me-downs he would never let her outside. She hated wearing the traditional make up and fancy hair pieces. She just wanted to be free. She wanted to be able to hunt, fish, and fight like the boys and chose her groom like the girls. She just wanted to be herself. She didn't want to have to sneak around to do what she loved, like magic and sword fighting and fishing.

"Well, if you want a student, I could tag along. I'm obviously not going to make any progress in this dump."
"Correct, most dark wizards are in fact what you would call evil, However evil is only a state of mind. Being evil and being dark are two different things. Darkness can consume a dark wizard if he or she does not have the power to contain it with in them. If they can however, They can become the most powerful of all warriors, harnassing the darkness with in them and using it as a weapon" They walked into the forsest as he spoke
"For example,my darkness allows me to sense all the dark beings here, the vampires watching us right now. However they dare not attack me, For they know my darkness is far more terrifiyng then theirs.Their darkness is only slight. Mine is pure, THis darkness is what you would consider to be "Pure evil" and it would in fact be, If i did not have the power to bend it to my will, I would be a disgusting warrior, rampaging and killing thousands at a time, one does not become evil unless there heart is evil in nature, or their darkness consumes them. Darkness magic is very difficult to use, that is why most dark wizards are evil. I am not afraid to take a life, to end it. I have no problem with killing if i have too. But if i don't have to i will not, darkness magic can give you great power, Watch,very closley at what I'm about to do"Tomoyo dropped into a strange stance as his body began to glow purple. He flung his hands forwards as air shot from the top of his sound amplifier.
He then opened his mouth and then shut it as a massive pulse of energy was felt. All of a sudden trees began to shatter and splinter under some type of pressure.
Tomoyo stood up normally then spoke
"My darkness enhances my sound magic greatly. This sound magic was a style that I created, Nobody else can preform it,not even my master. It is my duty to find a pupil willing to learn this element of magic."
lalouche / 5y ago
"I'm a fire elemental, so all I can do is play with fire," Dynasty shared. "I've been trying to learn how to do other things. I found this book in our Forbidden Library and it's the journal of Kindle. He was one of the greatest fire elementals to have lived. There are all kinds of attacks in there."

Dynasty paused for a moment. "Wait, I thought dark wizards were supposed to be evil."
Tomoyo nodded as he continued walking then spoke.
"My master was known as sting the crow. A master in all black arts. I too have mastered them all, but my most powerful spells and attacks are those of my sound,the human body is made up of maority of water. Water amplifies sound, by about 75%. I can use the human body as a weapon in that case, my physical attacks also cause some serious damage, sound vibrates the air. I can use sound as a more powerful wind magic. Even using sound and shockwaves to enhance the power of my physical strikes. Sound magic is nearly flawless but it takes an extreme amount of practice and physical discpline in order to master" tomoyo continued to explain.
"As for the summons. I can weild fire,lihgntning. thunder, wind water and darkness just as well as any master,dark wizards are extremly dangerous and powerful on the battlefield. I even have knowledge in healing magic"He continued to walk with the girl as the rain cover made of straw on his back rustled a bit with each step he took
lalouche / 5y ago
"Combination magic..." Dynasty said. She tried to remember everything that she had read. "But how did you learn those summoning spells? The fire and stuff..." Her eyes widened with realization. Could it be?

"Black magic," she said quietly so nobody else would hear. "That... is awesome! But then, are you a dark wizard?"