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RWBY fandom

By lalouche

Replies: 57 / 5 years ago

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Diahnna watched as she ran over to the group.
"Tomoyo!" she shouted as she hugged him tightly.
"You got in!" She smiled as she squeezed the life out of the boy.
the two had grown up together going to signal academy.
"Im so glad" she thought to herself as she panted.
dihanna / toppa / 5y ago
[+Orange where do you think your going?] crossing my arms [+Orange there's no rush] [+Aqua let's just get back ok? Tell the truth and hopefully we won't get killed] [+Red ... Let's go then!!!] the others ran whilst I waited for Tomoyo to answer me.
"lieing just brings more trouble" he spoke as he watched her.
"if we speak the trught, there may be less consequence due to the fact that we told the truth" he sighed then bowed.
"it was very nice meeting you all" he began to walk away, putting the hood back up, not paying attention running straight into yang.
[+Purple Yes indeed I am]

Taking the ribbon out my ears wiggled slightly

[+Purple the others know, and they'll keep it a secret...]

Itching my right ear I sighed

[+Purple if your wondering... someone will cover for you when they ask you who you worked with to get your relic...]
"No, about you being a faanas" he spoke sofly as he removed his cloaks hood. Revealing a set of cat ears like hers.
Tomoyo stood there watching the girl.I would like to know if your like me" he spoke somewhat nervously.
[+Purple I will be honest with you, your talented... a little like Ruby I have to say, your attitude though it's like Weiss.... But oh well.]

I was about to walk away when he began...
The group got back from the initiaton as tomoyo started to panic.
"oh god...i don't want to be kicked out.....oh god" he paced back and fourth anxoiusly waiting to be repremanded. Remembering blake he found her then spoke calmly.
"about my question before. If your honest with me, I will be honest with you"
Running towards the stalker.... Yang beat me too it because she literally ran flipped in the air and shot it several hundred times... As the Stalker slumped down dead Weiss snarled at all of us.

[+Aqua took you guys long enough... Now lets get back before we get killed]
Tomoyo nods as he lunges forward spinning his blade. Appearing above the stalker he aims down then fires off a single massive bullet impacting the stalker. It staggers backwards as he tangles it's legs in the chains of his scythe holding it still
"KILL IT!" he shouted as he stood there holding it down
[+Purple ... ok] nodding

Ruby and Yang had distracted one of the stingers and they were now fighting like a duo team, as if there was no one else there... Yang hit the stinger's tail before Ruby using her scythe cut it clean off... the stinger made a loud noise in pain.. but they did not stop there... within a minute one of the stingers was dead... one more left to go.

[+Purple we better help Weiss or she'll get pissed]
Tomoyo caught up with blake then spoke.
"fanna?" as she was distracted tomoyo grabbed her hand then swung her out of the way as a stinger impacted the ground where they stood. Sliding to a hault tomoyo glared at the stalker then looked at blacke.
"if your honest with me i'll be honest with you"
Jumping down from the tree.

[+Purple yes there are... wonder where they...]

I was cut off as two stalkers appeared side by side. Ruby smiled

[+Red Finally!!! Some action]
[+Aqua Not so fast! We aren't here to fight]
[+Orange hell we are!!]

As Ruby and Yang charged Weiss and I looked at each other for a moment before running towards the stalkers together.
Tomoyo leapt up into the trees as he jumped gracefully from tree branch to tree branch until arriving at the relics. Landing infron of the rook he put it upon his head and dance shouting.
"IM KING OF THE CASTLE!" as he finished having fun he turned and looked around then stared into the sky.
"aren;t there supposed to be more grim then this in here?"
lalouche / 5y ago
[+Red maybe this once... I mean, we are already placed in a team... it's not like we are breaking the rules right?] Looking at the others
[+Orange sure why not? Along the way if we bump into anyone else which I'm sure we will... they could ride a long with us]
[+Aqua ... if they catch us we'll be dead] Weiss shook her head
[+Red come on! We have Relics to collect]

Running north, Yang shouted

[+Red I remember exactly where they put the relics!!!]
Tomoyo sighed as he nodded the looked at ruby.
"another scythe user huh. Sound like fun. A sparring match would be alot of fun. Mabey once I get this all done. So, since I saw you first. does that mean im on your team?" tomoyo asked in confusion scratching his head.
lalouche / 5y ago