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A strange world

By lalouche

Replies: 9 / 5 years ago

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Tomoyo took his true form as a bade appeared on his hip.
"if you can keep up with me"Many warriros came rushing out with swords.Tomoyo ran straight up the tree then back flipped off the top. Doing multiple spins in the air he landed infront of them then spun around drawing his sword cutting three of his foes open.
The blade was made of a crimson red matariel. He then jumped over the next enemy as He blocked six attacks at the same time.
His eyes flashed red under his mask as he spun his blade throwing his foes away from him.
"CRIMSON SLASH!" he then vanished and appeared in the air then swung his blade as blasts of energy flew from the sword cutting his enemeies to ribbons.
lalouche / 5y ago
"Luckily I'm not here to set up a trade route, I've actually been searching for someone who could possibly help me with my abilities in learning what all I can do, and also integrate it with my sword skill if possible"

He said then fiddled with the necklace beneath his bandanna before crossing his arms, his tail swayed slowly from side to side as he watched Tomoyo closely.

"So what do you say? Would you be interested in helping me?" He asked.
he nodded then spoke
"this planet is not a safe one to trade on. Tthe inhabitants including myself belong to different warrior races. each fighting for control of this world. do not come to this planet unless you are willing to die
lalouche / 5y ago
After being patted on the head the Fox took a step back and sheathed his weapon, looking at the man he smiled lightly.

"It's nice to meet you, and thank you for saving me. I'm Arcarius... Arcarius Rilio."

He said and bowed his head, then reached up and brushed his hair from his face then untied his bandanna and held it in one paw as he messed with a neck-less he wore under the bandanna, on the neck-less was a vial of pure black liquid which looked almost like ink, straightening out his bandanna he then tied it back around his neck has he listening to the man, and upon hearing the question of where he came form he looked up at the man.

"Well i come from a planet on the outer rim of this universe called Nefer, it's a trading planet mainly inhabited by "Furry's", we are currently trying to branch out our trading routes to other nearby planets considering we have a few things i have yet to see on any other planet."

He said then pushed his paws onto the pockets of his hoodie then looked up at the sky.
another commander appeared ass he threw the girl away grabbing the furry. Tomoyo glared as he smashed his shoulder into the man, right infront of the fox. the shockwave from the sheer force of impact applied a great deal of pressure on the fox's chest as he was dropped. Tomoyo unleashed another devastating physical attack upon his foe. the ground shook under the sheer force as he prepared a green blast in his hand.
"OMEGA ARROW!" the blast peirced through the mans body ripping a bloody gaping hole where his heart was. he began to fall down as tomoyo glared then shouted.
"ABANDONE POSITION, WERE BEING OVER RUN!" the two warriors quickly gathered to tomoyo as he shouted
"SUPER EXPLOSIVE WAVE" he then created a massive explosion from his bodies energy, grabbing the fox and flying up into the air with him they fled the position.
"what type of warrior could weild there pure physical strength in that manner. More importantly, how could a mere human posses such power? The group landed in the forest as Tomoyo sighed then spoke softly, the soothing and calm voice did not match his physique or appearance at all.
"young furry,you have an intresting sword skill,but on our planet samo, tha sword will get you killed,I am tomoyo. Decendent of the legendary warrior paragus.. My title of legendary warrior tomoyo, is not just a title. Once every 1000 years a warrior with the powers of the gods appears from the house of destructoion. To keep balance in this world.I am that warrior until I die. I will never die of old age. I can only be killed in combat. For as long as I live it is my soul purpose to fight" he sat down then sighed.
"were the only survivors from the ambush. We need to link up with the house on the far east side of this quadrant,were just sitting ducks here" he smashed the ground with his fist then sighed.
"at least I didn't have to power up for that"
"ya" the male spoke.
"i want to see him power up though" the girl spoke as the male
quickly spoke in rage.
"that is true, I am twice as powerful as my father is. I have never transformed into my most powerful form,it would be devastating if i lost control of that power.,and our new visitor, probably has scene enough bloodshed for one day"Tomoyo patted the fox on the head then looked at him.
"And where might you be from?"
lalouche / 5y ago
As the fox slowly stood and regained his balance he heard the man and nodded, reaching under his bandanna he began to mess with something before stopping and pulling out his paw from underneath his bandanna and drew his sword from his back.

An inaudible and indecisive word left his lips as he then looked around at the chaos around him. Suddenly his ears perked up to a sound nearby, quickly looking his pinkish eyes caught sight on an enemy warrior on the attack. The warrior threw what seemed to be shards of ice at the fox, who in turn took a few long strides back dodging the attack, it wasn't until the warrior landed in front of the fox, that the fox's ears perked back and another unknown word left his lips and something began to glow under his bandanna and he shot forward in the blink of an eye and appeared behind the warrior. The fox gripped his sword tightly and the glow beneath his bandanna disappeared, glancing back at the warrior who had now turned around and begun to take a few steps towards the fox before he collapsing dead.

Standing up straight and lowing his sword to his side he then looked pasted the now dead body to see more warriors coming towards him, turning to face them he then took a few long strides back and stopped just behind the female that he had been told to stay with.
As they walked the ground began to collapse as the building they were walking to fell into a sink hole as more house of fear troops and commanders appeared.
"GET BACK!" shouted tomoyo as he then screamed agian.
"TORNADO BLAST!" the power he began to generate began to create tornado like whirlwinds in the area as the female warrior shouted.
"GREAT FLAME BLASTER!" the girl shot flames off into the tornados igninting them in flame. the commander charged straight at tomoyo. they were the same exact size. The massive men collided causing an earthquake as a soldier appeared behind the fox. Throwing him out into the open and moving in for the kill tomoyo quickly flung the commander away and shouted.
"OMEGA BLASTER!" a massive green ball of pure energy flew from tomoyo's palm impacting the enemy warrior.Tomoyo watched the fox then spoke.
"Stay close to the girl if you want to live through this" he spun around and blocked another energy blast from his enemy and glared.
"ok, we can play that way"
Tomoyo launched forwards catching the enemy commander in his palm he then kneed him in the stomach. Smashing his fist into the mans jaw. ramming him back down into the ground face first. Tomoyo glared as the three man team formed up with the fox behind the girl.
"don;t let the furry out of your sight"
"right" she spoke
lalouche / 5y ago
Watching from a distance the male stood quietly, his pinkish eyes trained on the man, as the Anthropomorphic Fox stood on a small hill top away from any danger. The male was dressed in long gray pants, a black t-shirt and a white short sleeve zip-up hoodie, lastly there was a deep red Bandanna tied around his neck with almost a feminine look to top it all off. Across his back rested a Samurai Sword, the males eyes widened as he watched his dispatch enemy after enemy.


The fox mumbled as a gentle breeze blew though his glossy deep red and white fur, chilling the bare skin below. Seeing the man begin to walk away the fox pushed his paw-like hands into the pockets of his pants he began to follow the man, his tail swaying behind him with each step as he used the hill to almost hide himself from everyone but he was sure he was already noticed by now.

"I wonder where their going" He thought.
The sound of explosions filled the air as the ground rumbled from the constant pressure of battle. Three warrior races battled for dominance. The house of destruction, house of fear, and house of death fought for control of planet samo. They each had there powerful warriors. But none were as fearsome as Tomoyo from the house of destruction. He was one of the legendary warriors. Only appearing once every one thousand years.
A group of warriors charged as the house of destruction sent out a force to counter the assult from the house of fear. Tomoyo lead the battle as he flew straight into the fray.
"STAY BACK, LET TOMOYO HANDLE IT!" the other two warriors stopped dead in there tracks.
"i know he's our captian,but is he really as strong as everybody says?" spoke a female warrior.
a male warrior replied.
"hell ya he is, I watched him destroy an entire army from house of fear,tomoyo is insane when he battles
A warrior attempts to smash his sword into tomoyo as he catches him by the face and slams him head first into the solid stone ground. The warrior cries out in agony as tomoyo laughs. The female warrior gasps as the male speaks.
"That was violent throw" Tomoyo let him go as he then jumps on the back of the warrior nearly snapping him in half as he flies into the air being chased by three more troops. A green ball of energy appeared in his hand as he fires it off hitting a warrior. a massive green light appeares in the sky as it gives way to a massive explosion. the ground began to shake as the male spoke again.
"eraser gun" tomoyo lands as he blockes multiple sword strikes. Grabbing one by the neck he crushes it as he throws him aside and begins to spring. Smashing his massive arm into the face of an enemy troop he rams him to the ground as he slides to a halt in dead silence. the man stays down. dead as the male spoke
"his lariat attack,tomoyo is not one to anger. The last warrior charges as tomoyo lifts him into the air and begins to squeeze with an extreme amount of force being applied to his foe's body.His enemy begins to scream and beg for mercy as the female warrior speaks in despair and awe.
"that must be the bone crusher"
"correct" the male spoke quetly as the dieing foe yelled.
"i'm not insane, i am a demon!" tomoyo respoded before crushing his enemy, letting his broken body fall to the stone surface.
"we're done here"he spoke coldly as he began to walk back to the base.
sting / lalouche / 5y ago