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Reserved for Sammy(:

By SmileBright

Replies: 30 / 6 years ago

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Best Friends.
They had always been best friends. ME and __You__.
When they were seniors in highschool, they were inseparable, until __You__ got accepted to your dream college, half way across the country. And after a long night of saying goodbye, you left.

__You__ has come back his Junior year in college for his first Christmas back home. He is excited to see his family, friends, and of course, ME. ME is the same girl, just more grown up. They remember each other the moment they see each other.

__You__ realized how much ME has grown up, and how much he loved her when he left, but never told her. Will be able to get this Christmas romance? What about when he has to go back to school?
Brandon looked up at her as she got herself a shot. He went over the pros and cons of kissing her right now but they didn't entirely make sense due to the amount of alcohol rushing through his veins. The thoughts stopped as soon as she asked if he wanted a shot. "What a silly question." Brandon laughed and got up to pour one for himself. He downed the shot, put the glass down and wrapped an arm around Hazel's waist. Bringing her close, he smiled down at her with a goofy grin and drunken eyes. "Alright, why not. We have done this before..." The male smirked. He pulled her into him, trying his best to keep them both up and moved his head downwards.

Brandon made the first move, pressing his lips onto hers and moved backwards to the bed, sitting them down and pulled her onto the bed with him. He pulled away after a little and looked down at her. "There, happy?" The male laughed, though he wanted more himself. He didn't want to push her into anything but he would most certainly go along with anything she wanted.
"I want you to kiss me because you are cute, stupid. And now that you think I'm cute, it's definitely in the picture for tonight. We kissed last time we were drunk too." Hazel said. Hazel remembered that much. They made out last time they were drunk, almost going further because Hazel snapped them both out before they knew what they were actually doing. She knew that they should be sober before making a decision like sleeping together, or even kissing. But right now, she was way too hammered to think something intelligent like that.

"C'Mon. We both think they other's cute. We know we like eac hother, let's just...ya know, try it out" Hazel said, smiling seductively. "I'm gonna take another shot first." she smirked. She grabbed her shot glass and grabbed the peach vodka, taking a single shot and smiled. "Want one?" she asked, biting her lip.
Brandon laughed, holding his drink in his hand and closing one eye to focus a little bit. He sat on her bed as he laughed at her wobbling around and laughing so much. He couldn't help it. They were feeling pretty good by now. She had drank a few of her coolers and he had put a dent into one of his bottles. He forced her to take a few shots as they got progressively more tipsy. "Sit down, you're too drunk....you'll hurt yourself." Brandon slurred, laughing at her and grabbed her arm, pulling her down to sit beside him. "I don't want you...hurting yourself." Brandon said softly as he looked over at her. He drank the rest of his liquor and shook his head. "Oh boy. I'm feeling pretty good." he smiled. He stood up when she asked him to kiss her and looked over at her questioningly. "Kiss you? Why do you want me to kiss you." Brandon chuckled softly, going over to her dresser, pouring himself another drink, which started out with a little liquor and turned out to be a half and half. He poured it, wobbling around as he stood there and walked back to her bed, taking another sip. "I'd kiss you...I think you're cute.." the drunk male admitted, smiling over at her with half closed, drunken eyes.

"You can't out drink me!! You're hammered right now!" Brandon laughed, smiling down at her and put his arm around her shoulders before taking another drink and sighed lightly.
Hazel smiled. "Thanks. I'm glad I can trust you to trust me." she smiled. She leaned back in the seat as they headed back to her house. They unloaded the back, walking up into her old 'highschool room'. They laided everything out, and smiled. She pulled out her bottle opener and popped open a wine cooler. "Starting off slow, but I'll be drunk soon. You know how much of a light weight I am." she smiled.

--Two Hours Later-

Hazel hasn't stopped laughing for the past two minutes. She stood up, wobbled over to Brandon and smirked. "You are so pretty Brandon. And I can so out drink you right now. . ." she said, and bursted out laughing. She kissed his cheek and smiled. "Brandon, you are really cute. Especially right now." she smiled. "Will you kiss me?" she asked, and hiccuped a little, giggling after. "I am sooooo drunk right now. . ." hiccuping and giggling again.
Brandon looked at 'whats her name' with an amused look as she pranced over. When Hazel said her name, he snapped his fingers in memorization of her name. "Ashley." he said quietly before hearing Ashley speak. "Ahah..." Brandon placed his hand over his face as he held back a laugh. He knew Hazel didn't have guys all over her. He would know about it if she did and that was what Ashley didn't realize. As Hazel walked off to the passenger side of the car, he shook his head at Ashley as she walked off as well. "Holy shit show.." the male muttered before getting into the car and started it up. "Don't worry, I know you don't have guys everywhere." Brandon chuckled. He realized how bad that could have sounded unless he explained himself. "Because I'd know about it...is what I mean, not like you couldn't have guys all over you if you wanted..." he said before brushing his hair from his face a little. "And there I go babbling on."

Brandon began the drive back to his place, patting her leg lightly and shook his head. "No need to worry about her. That was one drunken night and she was so easy it was hard not to go for it." Brandon shrugged. "Obviously I had no interest in repeating that night. Couldn't even remember her damn name." he smirked.
Hazel smirked at his fake happiness to see her. She knew that Brandon wouldn't remember her name. Ashley...she would never forget the girl who told her to 'keep off her man or she would cut her'. She never really knew what 'cut her' meant,but it probably wasn't good. "Hello Ashley" she said as sarcastic as possible. [i "I thought I told you to stay off him? Why would you hang out with that little Tramp? She always has guys all over her, you wouldn't know that since you've been away Brandon. But I've been waiting for you hun"] she said,flipping her fake blonde hair. "I do not have guys on me all the time. Brandon...can we just go?" Hazel said, getting into the passanger side. [i "Well, if you come to your senses and realize shes lying...call me"] Ashley said, blowing him a kiss and walking away.

Hazel rolled her eyes, why was she wearing shorts anyway, its pretty cold...it's the fucking winter. "Brandon, you don't believe her...do you? I never have guys all over me, I mean...I guess it doesn't matter because we aren't like dating but I don't. I know you like to meet the guys I date but the last two boys were because I didn't know you would come back..." she said, sighing. "Sorry...I'm nervous and rambling..." she said, biting her lip.
Brandon looked over to Hazel and smiled as she picked up her girly cooler drinks. He scoffed slightly and shook his head. "Please, you can't out drink me!!" he exclaimed, laughing lightly and walked out to the car with her, putting all their liquor in the trunk. He looked all the bottles over before rubbing the back of his head and tilted his head slightly at the look of the alcohol in the trunk. "Are you sure we don't want to buy out the entire place?" Brandon joked. "Cause I don't think we have enough liquor to last us the night." the male laughed. They had so many bottles. Anyone who looked in the trunk would assume they were either going to a party, or they were just alcoholics.

Brandon heard her say something about a girl he had fucked and turned his head to see the bouncy blonde girl and exhaled sharply. "well fuck." Brandon muttered. He wanted to quickly get into the car or at least hit the ground and hide behind a car but knew that it was too late when he heard the screech of the other female. He looked to Hazel and laughed a little before turning towards the girl. "Hey!" he fakely smiled, waving slightly at her. For the life of him, he couldn't remember her name and never really had the intention of remembering it since she was a one night stand.
Hazel followed him as he got his 'manly' drinks. "Oh, look how fancy you are? If you make me try to out drink you again, I will, in fact, kill you" she said, sticking out her tongue. She licked her lips and bit her lip again. "Wait, there is one more thing I want." she smiled. She ran over to where the wine coolers were and picked up a six pack and smiled. "I love these, don't judge me." she said, laughing.

They went up, payed for everything and headed to the car. Hazel looked to the left and her eyes widened. "Shit..." she said. "Brandon, isn't that the girl you fucked at that party who literally almost killed me for talking to you." she said, biting her lip uncomfortably. The blonde hair of this girl was straighter than an arrow, was about seven different shades of dyed blonde, and had a shirt that was way to small for her but made her look 'cute'. "Brandon!" her shriek filled the air. "Oh fuck, she saw us." Hazel said, under her breath.
Brandon, of course, was about as happy about her previous flings as she was with his, but he listened and nodded at what she said. "Ahh, the clingy motherfuckers are the scary ones.." Brandon laughed, shrugging it off and finding it somewhat of a joke. He knew whatever boyfriend she would have, he could scare him off anyway. He doubt she could find someone who could withstand the torturous hours of being around Brandon. The thought only made the male smile more viciously.

As they walked in, he noticed she made a beeline towards the vodka and laughed lightly. He followed behind her and watched her pick out different flavors, then turn to him. "Oh god...do I ever. Various nights of mixing the flavors then puking them up the next morning." the boy sighed, shaking his head at the harsh memories of the vodka years. "I'd be down for a few glasses I suppose, but that's not all we need to get. I recently got into rum and cokes." Brandon laughed. "Honestly, I could drink them for days. I could even drink it straight." he smiled, beginning his walk towards the rum. Once he got a bottle of spiced rum, he walked to the whiskey and grabbed a bottle of that before finishing off with a bottle of scotch. "More manly drinks, I must say.." the male smirked, holding the bottle of scotch up. "I feel like I should drink this with a suit and a monocle..that wont happen...but it would be funny to see." Brandon was never a suit person. He hated dressing up and could only do it if he was forced to. Otherwise, there was no way you could catch the boy in a suit.
Hazel wasn't thrilled about hearing about his flings. She had to admit, she had driven some of his girlfriends away before. They either hated how close they were, or she became so jealous that they didn't want to be involved with either of the two. She had two guys she had a 'thing' with at school. She might as well tell him about those. "I had two guys over at school. Tanner was the first, he was nice but one of those crazy activist for everything. I had to get that away. Then there was Oliver, he was crazy for me, a little to crazy. I had to get a new phone and everything, the kid was all over me." she said, sighing a bit. She was happy that her and Brandon were single, maybe she could get the chance she always wanted.

Hazel looked up at him, and smiled. "Getting drunk sounds perfect to me." she smiled. They walked into the store and she went right for the vodka. She grabbed a few different flavors of Smirnoff and smiled. She went to where Brandon was and held up her finds. "Remind you of old times huh?" she said. They had always stole her moms or his parents vodka in high school. "What are you getting?" she asked, smirking.
Brandon's smile only got brighter as she said she still worked at the bakery. "Damn, well you'll have to make me some food again sometime" the male smirked. She had made him food a lot before and it was always so delicious. She definitely wasn't afraid to try new things and they usually always turned out to be amazing. He was happy she was doing something she loved. When he heard she was still single, he looked over at her quickly before looking ahead, letting out a soft exhale. He was glad she was. He hated any guy who took her attention off him and he felt she was the same towards him. They were such good friends but usually they hated each others significant others. He decided he might as well tell her about his flings he had while away. He felt she might not like it but he wasn't with someone at the moment so it wouldn't hurt.

Brandon shrugged. "Well... I did have a few girlfriends while I was away. I mean, nothing incredibly serious." he started. "There was this blonde girl, Megan. Well she wasn't the one to keep her legs closed. Honestly I think I did it for an easy lay...but, as expected, she cheated on me faster than I could blink." Brandon laughed. "Then there was April...she was nice, but she said she wouldn't do anything until she was married. So I had to get out of that one because I'm not looking to get married yet.." he spoke with a short sigh. "Then lastly there was Nichole. She was alright. We were together for a little bit. She was a little too clingy though.. we are kind of friends still...and I mean she still texts me but there isn't any interest in that anymore so now I'm single." Brandon laughed and shook his head. "It sucks being a male sometime because only one head works at a time." Brandon laughed again, this time a little harder.

He parked in the parking lot of the liquor store and got out of the car and walked around, grabbing the door for her and looking down at her. "Let's get drunk tonight. I haven't gotten drunk for the longest time.."
Hazel lit up when he said he would hang out with her. He came out with her and she rolled her eyes when he reminded her of being so short. "Yeah yeah, I am eating my greens Bran-dum." she smirked at her old nickname of hers. She got in his car, smiling at how he was always a gentleman to her, no matter what. "Hmm...what have I been up to. I've been hanging with Danni, my roommate, a lot. She's from Canada though so Christmas' and Summers are lonely...I guess not this Christmas though. Other than that, I'm still working at the bakery and tons of school work. Culinary isn't easy, but it is my passion. But enough about me! Tell me all about your adventures over the other side of the country. New friends...girlfriends. Of course I'm still single but I don't mind it." she smiled.

Hazel was happiest when with her Brandon. She had always liked the boy, but they never did anything. They got drunk one night and kissed, but Hazel was pretty sure Brandon was too drunk to remember, but she did. "Well, what kind are we gonna get? I'm really in the mood for whatever...except beer, I have been drinking so much lately I'm just sick of it." she said, sticking her tongue out. "Brandon...I just...really missed you..." she said, smiling at him shyly.
(It's alright! It's pretty understandable hah)

Brandon smiled at the girl as she asked him to hang out. That's really all he wanted to do at this point. He wanted to hang out with Hazel more than anything and he knew his family wouldn't mind if he walked away for a little while. "Yeah, I'm down to hang out for the night." Brandon smiled to her and looked over his shoulder at his family. "Hey, I'm gunna chill with Hazel tonight." he shrugged to them and waved to them. "I'll see you guys later" he smiled, turning to Hazel and patted his pocket slightly. "Let's go get some liquor for our night now then." Brandon smiled, grabbing his coat and pulled it on himself then grabbed his keys. He smiled at her and put his arm around her and walked with her to the car. "You are still short. Do you eat your greens, Hazel nut?" Brandon joked around with her, laughing a little bit and pulling the passenger side door open for her and waited for her to get into the car before going around to his side and got in. He started the car up and began the short drive to the liquor store. The vibe between them was the same as it always had been and he loved that.

"How have you been since I've been gone? What have you been up to?" Brandon asked, a smile crossing his face again as he looked at her. She had a strange effect on him where he could just look at her and he would smile or feel happy. It was how it always was with them. Even when he was pissed off or sad, he could just talk to her for a minute and instantly feel happy again. He was more than excited to be back with her and would be able to get to catch up with her again.
--Sorry! Been busy with school work!--

Hazel couldn't stop smiling as she was held in his arms. It was just like they were back in highschool again. She held onto him, her eyes closing. She was then placed down, and she opened her eyes. "Oh, yeah. I have grown, I guess. Still short though." she giggled lightly. She looked and waved to his family, as they waved back. "Hello Mr. and Mrs. Phillips! Hey James!" she smiled lightly at the family.

Hazel ran a hand though her light brown hair and played with the end of it. "I-I came over to see who was over...I'm so glad it was you! And now that you are here...would you wanna hang out or something, just like old times, you know. We can sit on the roof and watch the stars tonight, but this time, we don't have to steal the alcohol." she giggled. She looked at the boy, he got stronger, you could tell by his arms and when she was picked up. "I think you've grown too" she said, winking a little. She looked down at her shoes and kicked the air a little, "So, do you wanna hang out or are you busy right now?" she asked, smiling.
Brandon smiled to his brother as James parked the car in front of the house. [+red "Mom's been raving about you coming back for the longest time. She's so excited she spent all week cooking your favorite shit."] James muttered, getting out of his car and going to the trunk to help his older brother get his stuff. "Ahh you're jealous aren't you? Because mom loves me more than you" Brandon joked before laughing and punching his brother playfully in the arm. He grabbed some of his stuff from his brother and walked to the house, stepping inside and taking off his boots. Before he could even get his jacket off, his mom had practically ran and knocked him over, wrapping her arms around him tightly and nearly screamed his ear off. "Hey mom! It's great to see you too!" he laughed, peeling her from him and shedding his jacket off, breathing outwards. The jacket was hot in the house and all he wanted was it off and to get comfortable again. [+Blue "Your father is in the kitchen! He will be so happy you are home!"] she shouted, dragging him through the living room and to the kitchen.

Brandon followed behind and walked to his father, wrapping his arms around the man who was just as tall as he was. [b "Oh boy. Have you been working out or something? You got a lot brawnier."] his father joked, grabbing hold of the boys arm and squeezing it. "Yeah, been hitting the gym when I don't have class or I don't have to study." he laughed.

The family sat down, eating a few snacks and talking about school, which Brandon informed them about and talked about whatever he could think up about the subject. After a while, the doorbell rang and Brandon got up, assuming it was some family to greet him back from school. He opened the door and looked at the smaller female on the other side of the door, his eyes widening a little bit. "Holy shit" he laughed and wrapped his arms around her, easily picking her up off the ground and held onto her. "I just got back for the holidays" he replied and placed her back on the ground. He looked her over and shook his head at her. "You've....grown" he grinned.