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Now You Love Me? (Needs Male) 1x1

By SmileBright

Replies: 8 / 6 years ago

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Hazel met {BLANK} when they were 6 years old. When Hazel was 17, she told {BLANK} she loved him. He told her, [i "I love you like a sister, nothing more. Sorry.]

Wendy then started to date Bryce, the player of the school. He cheated on her, put her down all the time, and just would bug her. But {BLANK} was still her best friend. Once he realized that she would come to him for everything, {BLANK} realized he did love Hazel. Then Hazel finally got dumped by Bryce, so she was very close to {BLANK}, but she always talked about how she would never be in a relationship. Will {BLANK} make her fall in love again? And will it be with him?

+Real Pictures Please!
+Cybering is a 'NO!'
+Cursing is alright, no overdoing it.
+One liners KILL roleplays! I wont do it so you wont either. Try to at least give me one to three paragraphs
+plot twist are acceptable.
+No god modding!
+ Be creative with posts
+Tell me if you are leaving