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By Crow37

Replies: 173 / 6 years ago

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Allowed Users

  1. [Allowed] kekaishiakatora
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  4. [Allowed] nomey1
  5. [Allowed] Akiho
  6. [Allowed] Egg

[center [+red [b DISCLAIMER:]] Please PM me with the skeleton and role you would like to play. Insert the name of the deity with which you wish to be aligned with, whether it be in the past, present, or future, in the subject of your message.]

[center [b [+red RULES]]
[b 1.] No God-modding. Even if you are a deity, there are limitations. You are not an all-powerful god.
[b 2.] Follow the basic rules of ES.
[b 3.] No real drama. If you know what I mean, then that's very good. If you don't, then I'm referring to problems between users. Not characters. Some drama in character is nice.
[b 4.] OCs only. However, you may make a parody of a canon character if you want.
[b 5.] All characters can die, but it must be agreed upon if they are to die. All parties involved must agree to the conditions in the case that a character does die.
[b 6.] Removal of a user. If the group decides that the removal of a character and its user is necessary, a majority vote will decide this.
[b 7.] Switching sides. You are allowed to switch sides if you want. However, this will cause you to keep your original power. Just do not do it last minute or once the RP begins. You may do it once your character has a reason to do so.
[b 8.] Power alterations. If a power is gained and not everyone agrees that what the person lost is enough or is not enough of a disability, a majority vote can be done to resolve the issue. There must be valid reasoning for a change to be made. Furthermore, in the case that there is a tie or too few votes, the Admin will make the final call.]

[b Setting:]
In this world, there has been a myth about a wish granting deity that has existed since before civilization was founded. However, the being has been said to only come around when a person would need him most. But they would never know when he could appear. Sometimes it was during a great calamity, other times it was when they desired something. Though there was always a price that needed to be paid in exchange for their wish. The name of this being has been lost to the passage of time. But to those that have come into contact with him, they call him "The Dealer".

It is now present day Earth, and your character has always known about "The Dealer" because of it slowly becoming an infamous rumor around the planet. Circulating mostly through the Internet as a myth or story. However, the legends surrounding "The Dealer" are all but true. Not because of what the stories tell, but because one crucial detail has always been removed in order to make these tales have happier endings.

The detail that has always been removed, is the one creature that lurked in The Dealer's shadow. A demon that has plagued the world and is as old as The Dealer himself. "The Collector" is a demon that opposes The Dealer and only finds pleasure in seeing humanity suffer under his dark and terrifying reign.

These two forces have been at odds for several millennia, constantly at each other's throats to gain control of this world. The fairy tales that portray The Dealer and The Collector as forces of good and evil. However, they have been at war and have caused many a tragedy on the face of the Earth. Becoming the underlying causes of several wars. Even influencing the infamous World War 2 on opposing sides.

Now, they have decided to settle this themselves. They had both gotten tired of using indirect methods of killing the other, and are going to go about this their own way. A war of unknown proportions between two powerful beings was about to occur and no one was prepared.

[center [b Role Details]]

[center [+green [b Available:]]]
Mortals: There can be eight of these at most. However, there can be no more. Also, at least one, but no more than two (or three depending on the amount of applicants), must be aligned with one deity in the beginning. When you are aligned through the past, you can control how the deity acted during that particular time or you can contact the person who is playing that deity. You can be unaligned or neutral, but must choose one side or the other eventually.

[center [b (8/12/14) Notice:]] There may end up with more than eight characters in total. Once there have been six people, and I mean six individual people that have joined the role-play, then [b [u doubling up on characters may be done]]. The RP is now in progress. Other people may join in if they would like to as time goes on.

A change has been made to the Mortal Skeleton detail. The "What You Lost" portion that is to be listed in the character's skeleton is not something that is voluntarily traded. It is something taken without their consent the moment that they said "yes" to the deal.

Furthermore, there seems to be a misunderstanding with the "What You Lost" portion. It is much darker than what some are perceiving as "simple"; at least from my perspective. What is lost [b [u must]] be of equivalent value. For example: if you gain physical strength, then you lose mental strength. This is not what must actually be lost, for there are other things.

Also, "What You Lost" can be an entire person that your character treasured. Or perhaps a pet or creature you dearly cared for. A state of mind, an important motivation or goal, something that your character treasured above all else, things like these are the only things that can be considered of "equivalent value". Rethink about this, for it is a much more serious decision you must think about before you decide what it is you want your character to lose. [b It must disable them in one way or another, think very carefully.]

[center [+red [b Unavailable:]]]
The Collector: [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=42378 Crow37]
The Dealer & Mortal 6: [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=23695 nomey1]
Mortal 1: [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=42791 Final Rebel]
Mortal 2: [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=35300 Shedinja1]
Mortal 3 & 5: [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=32296 Akiho]
Mortal 4: [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=37423 Egg]
Mortal 7: [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=23146 Kekaishiakatora]

[b The Dealer & The Collector:]
Both of these deities have the same powers and abilities. Though they will not enter direct confrontation with each other out of fear that they might both die. Your goal is to amass an [i army] of soldiers (mortals) to become your aides in this battle for control of the globe.
[i [b Powers:]]
[b Rapid Regeneration:] You can regenerate from any wound within one day if it has been inflicted by normal means. This includes dismemberment, the removal of organs, drowning, being beheaded, illness, torture, and any other kind of physical or mental inhibition. However, you can still feel pain and experience what death is like. There is only one kind of wound that cannot be healed however. If The Dealer inflicts a fatal wound on The Collector that would result in death in less than 24 hours, then it cannot be healed; this goes for the Collector as well if The Dealer should be wounded as such instead.
[b Immortal Being:] You cannot die from the passage of time. The only way for you to be killed, however, is for your other half to kill you with their own hands. Though you can still be injured by those chosen by the other deity, as well as your own.
[b Slightly Above Average:] All physical and mental aspects of your character are only slightly more powerful than those of an average human. (If a normal person operates at 100%, then you are able to operate at 150%, but no higher under any circumstances.)
[b Grand Exchange:] You have the ability to choose any mortal human and grant the only one power and no more. All powers given must have a benefit and a drawback of equivalent value. Also, all abilities given take something of equal value from the one who gains the power. Whatever is taken, can never be returned. This also applies to powers, for they cannot be taken back or away. Furthermore, you can only give one power to one person. There are no exceptions and no power can be overwritten.
[b Shapeshifting:] Once per day, and only once per day, you are allowed to change your appearance into whatever you prefer so long as you retain a human-like appearance. You cannot change into an animal. No power can alter this.

[b [center Deity Skeleton]]
[b Username:]
[b Deity:] The Dealer or The Collector
[b Alias or Mortal Name:] This can be almost any name as long as it is reasonable.
[b Picture:]
[b Appearance:] A simple description. It doesn't need to be too descriptive.
[b Personality:] Three sentences or as long as you would like it to be. However, you neither good nor evil. You are a neutral force that only has your own ambitions in mind. These can be good, bad, or any combination of the two. Though one of your goals must be to kill the other. There is no compromise.

[b Mortal:]
You are a normal human being, for the most part. However, you have come into contact with one of these two deities. This may have happened in your past, the present, or maybe it has yet to happen. Though it is your fate to join one of these two great and terrible powers in the war to determine who is superior.

[b [center Mortal Skeleton]]
[b Username:]
[b Deity Alignment:] The Dealer or The Collector (Include the word "Future" in your alignment if you want to have this happen at a later date. If you want your character to be unaligned until a later date, write in "Neutral" in place of either deity.)
[b Name:]
[b Picture:]
[b Age:]
[b Appearance:] Simple and straight to the point. It does not require amazing detail.
[b Personality:] Three sentences or as long as you would like this to be.
[b Background/Backstory:] Some details about your character to give it some depth. Also, you can state how you met your deity if you did in the past.
[b Power Gained:] This can be almost any power, but it must have a drawback of some sort that limits your ability considerably. It must be reasonable. However, immortality cannot be granted and the power must only affect you. Someone cannot be brought back to life with a power granted or through the use of a power. Also, if the power can heal wounds, then it cannot affect the deity that gave it to them nor the opposing deity or themselves.
[b What you lost:] In order to gain your power, you must lose something of equivalent value. This can be almost anything. A limb, an emotion, a dream, a thought, an organ, a memory, or even another living being you treasured. Though it cannot be something that causes you to die. The heart, brain, or such. Choose very wisely. This is not a choice your character made. It was something taken away by either The Collector or The Dealer. It isn't until after it is taken away does the character realize that they lost it.

[center [b Accepted Characters:]]

[center [pic http://s12.postimg.org/juj98r6x9/The_Dealer.jpg]]
[b Username:] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=23695 nomey1]
[b Deity:] The Dealer
[b Alias or Mortal Name:] Alexander or “Sir”
[b Picture:] [http://s12.postimg.org/juj98r6x9/The_Dealer.jpg The Dealer]
[b Appearance:] He looks to be somewhere in his 20’s. He always appears clean and well-kept. He likes his blond hair short, though his outfit or eyes might change, that is the one thing that remains consistent.
[b Personality:] He is the laid-back type of man who will stroll like he is in his element and that nothing could bother him. This shows by the way he smiles and carries himself. However, he is always serious when it comes to The Collector, his counterpart, and the war that will inevitably form. Though he is looking for mortals to fight for him, he can be picky about who he chooses. If he senses that the person can handle the trade that must take place then he will help them out.

[center [pic http://img-cache.cdn.gaiaonline.com/a03a7ac22b4b53690191f37c572a29ac/http://i602.photobucket.com/albums/tt101/Wolfmaster91/Decorated%20images/Apparition.jpg]]
[b Username:] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=42378 Crow37]
[b Deity:] The Collector
[b Alias:] Marick Reaves
[b Picture:] [http://img-cache.cdn.gaiaonline.com/a03a7ac22b4b53690191f37c572a29ac/http://i602.photobucket.com/albums/tt101/Wolfmaster91/Decorated%20images/Apparition.jpg The Collector]
[b Appearance:] The Collector prefers the appearance of a young male in his late teens. Usually using almost any hair color, but maintaining similar facial features. His eyes are usually a bright yellow and he wears a mask and dark, heavy clothing to help him hide within the shadows.
[b Personality:] The Collector, while having been demonized over the centuries, is not as destructive as most would believe. Though he won't hesitate to kill, he is much more selective in his targets when it comes to almost anything. Using stealth, cunning, and finesse to take down his targets. He is not very trusting of others, though if he does trust someone, he will protect them and aid them if it is necessary. In the end, his goal isn't global domination or control. However, he wants to make this world more interesting by giving powers to as many people as possible.

[center [pic http://37.media.tumblr.com/f49feeb91597f407d0c9e305e2deeac9/tumblr_mfwp1m9SqG1s1y62to1_500.png]]
[b Username:] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=42791 Final Rebel]
[b Deity Alignment:] The Collector
[b Name:] Alec Riviera
[b Picture:] [http://37.media.tumblr.com/f49feeb91597f407d0c9e305e2deeac9/tumblr_mfwp1m9SqG1s1y62to1_500.png Alec Riviera]
[b Age:] 19
[b Appearance:] Alec is a young man, just exiting his late teens. Currently, his hair is a shaggy jet black, and he has crimson eyes. His teeth are perfectly aligned and straight, but slowly gets sharper towards the back where others usually can't see. Along his wrist and cheek there are intricate black markings, most likely just random tattoos.
[b Background/Backstory & Personality:] Before losing his mind, Alec was very bright and ambitious. He was benevolent to others, but secretly only did it when he knew he'd have something to gain, but nonetheless he was friendly and charming. He enjoyed power and information, doing what he could to achieve those things, but in a human way, a kind way, a sane way. After meeting the Collector and making the change, he became a new person. The few characteristics that remained was his ambition. He's now brutal, merciless, and crazy, and quite the kiss up. He is obedient when given orders until he is let lose, then he goes completely wild, and very quick to think on his feet. If things don't go as he has planned, he goes over the edge, and becomes very angry. He's a person that can't be reasoned with. He doesn't remember much from his past now, or when he was sane. Anything that reminds him of it, or anyone who tries to talk to him about it, leaves him confused or angry, and will quickly exit the situation.
[b Power Gained:] He can suck in information at fast rates, making him highly intelligent and giving him the abilities to learn other things at an inhuman rate, and react quickly.
What You Lost: His sanity, sense of reason.

[center [pic http://i1332.photobucket.com/albums/w604/AkihoShire/tumblr_ms2098C8Ub1say1cko1_400_zps92283c27.jpg]]
[b Username:] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=32296 Akiho]
[b Deity Alignment:] The Dealer
[b Name:] Claire Melody
[b Picture:] [http://i1332.photobucket.com/albums/w604/AkihoShire/tumblr_ms2098C8Ub1say1cko1_400_zps92283c27.jpg Claire Melody]
[b Age:] 23
[b Appearance:] Long yet thin light strawberry-blonde hair accompanied by teal eyes. Although she reaches the height of most boys three years prior her age, Claire is not bothered by this in the least.
[b Personality:] Once, this girl was a very distraught and sad human. Her life had been quite the depressing and dark one. Now though, she lacks that sadness along with many other emotions. Not even the slightest smirk appears on the girl's face as speaks with rude sarcasm. All the same, she has a gentle nature to her that seems nearly empty. Claire truly has become a singing doll. Only through her melodic voice does she show any form of emotion in the slightest.
[b Background/Backstory:] Rather than reenacting depressing events, there is a small tune one may come to know as the story of Claire, The True Melody. Of course, the girl can never seem to piece together the perfect words as she tells her tale, only so far creating this.
"As the flowers of the light rise high, each and every sadness takes us low~. Where the angels weep, the coffins creak, and the crosses rot away~. There we lie until the day we die, able to join once again. Will we ever meet, or will we always see, only nearly eye to eye~..."
Every time she arrived to that line, something would always cause her stop. Something made her..choke up enough that her voice simply could not get through.
Since a young age, Claire had always been a singer. At one point, she even had hand at the violin, only barely touching a piano, it reminding her far too much of her deceased grandmother. As well as being a singer, she was always very emotional. She had been attached to her grandmother since birth, but once she died, everything went downhill. The tale could go on and on as for dark twists and gruesome turns, though it all led up to a certain point that we will start from here.
On one night, around when Claire was only just entering her early twenties, she was again fighting off an individual she so foolishly believed. The girl always was quite gullible, falling into far too many dangerous situations. She knew that she got herself into trouble all of the time, and as such, removed herself from the rest of what remained of her family and friends. They shouldn't be hurt because of her being around, or so that's how she thought. This person with her was the guitarist she occasionally would partner with, though only when the two came across each other in his traveling. Only now he was acting far different, causing Claire to curse her misguided trust. As she tried to hold up a defense against him, behind the club they would normally play at when together, something strange occurred. His short blonde hair stood out in the dim lighting as he spoke, luring the male away from her. Her "friend" was stupidly snockered and attempted to hurt this individual, though when he did, he only managed to barely scratch him. Claire watched, worried for the other individual, though it seemed that wasn't necessary. His wound quickly healed over, which was odd no matter how small. She was quite baffled as she saw the guitarist knocked off of his feet and passed out on the cold ground below. Truthfully, she wasn't sure who to be more afraid of. Even so, she gave a quick thanks to the blonde.
After which, the blonde responded quite oddly. After a small amount of jabber, a deal was suggested. An exchange really. Having seen that odd "regeneration" of his, Clarie had no doubt that this person was telling the truth 100%. Trusting in him, hoping it to be alright, she eagerly agreed, saying she would give anything to be stronger and keep her emotions from getting the best of her. She would do anything. As such, the two made a deal, she exchanging something that only seemed precious to others rather than herself. Even so, around a month later, she realized just how important those emotions were to her. She could do nothing about it though, now lacking the proper ability to do so.

[b Power Gained:] Hypnosis through song which works on humans and animals alike. She must be able to sing though and be heard, or else the power is useless.

[b What you lost:] Ability to showcase any emotions. Although she seems kind of sarcastic at times, it is only a "show" of sorts. No expression changes in the least. This makes any and all conversations difficult, as well as when her own feelings are involved. She also lacks a great amount of volume in her voice unless singing. In a way, she has become a singing doll.

[center [pic http://i1283.photobucket.com/albums/a541/Shedinja1/TachibanaMakotofull1556220_zpsc57b1763.jpg]]
[b Username:] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=35300 Shedinja1]
[b Deity Alignment:] The Dealer
[b Name:] Marcus
[b Picture:] [http://i1283.photobucket.com/albums/a541/Shedinja1/TachibanaMakotofull1556220_zpsc57b1763.jpg Marcus]
[b Age:] 25
[b Appearance:] He has saggy Blonde hair, glasses, and green eyes. His face has soft features that make him look younger than he is. He is quite fit too.
[b Personality:] Marcus is good nurtured person at heart. He can come off as a bit harsh; that is only because he is very straight forward. He cares for people, but has a low tolerance for ignorance.
[b Background/Backstory:] Marcus lived a pretty average life, until he moved away from his parents, though he still cared deeply for his younger siblings. He had two low income part time job that barely payed for his rent and food. He barely had any friends because he worked such long hours. He is quite intelligent, but he could afford for school, so he choose to read to learn more. His luck only seemed to get worse when his learned that his younger brother and sister died from West Nile after a trip they took to Cairo.
[b Power Gained:] He gained the power to use insects like drones. In other words he can control insects to attack or spy on people.
[b What you lost:] Everyone that he knew before he met the collector forgot about him. It is almost like he disappeared. Not even his family remembers him.

[center [pic http://i1103.photobucket.com/albums/g473/Jourdanchi/d8611bb0-1f69-41ba-9c26-431d8bda6424_zps6ecd4d64.jpg]]
[b Username:] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=37423 Egg]
[b Deity Alignment:] The Collector
[b Name:] Elias Kane
[b Picture:] [http://i1103.photobucket.com/albums/g473/Jourdanchi/d8611bb0-1f69-41ba-9c26-431d8bda6424_zps6ecd4d64.jpg Elias K.]
[b Age:] 18
[b Appearance:] Eli is a scrappy young woman in most respects, her body as lanky as her hair is short. She is pale, though her hair and eyes are an incredibly dark shade of brown. She typically dresses in dull clothing, all of which is baggy and or covered in pockets. She's also rather short, a trait exaggerated by poor posture.
[b Personality:] Despite a contrasting appearance, Elias is, for the most part, a fairly passive individual. Anxious as she is, it's not surprising that she prefers being alone to being in large groups, and is extremely distrusting of men, especially. She's impulsive and quite ill-mannered when comfortable, and is overall quite skittish. She fears people the most when they're angry, and unfortunately, lashes out in fear.
[b Background/Backstory:] She grew up a burden, her mother having left her and her father to rot by the end of her fourth year of life. Her father had since turned to alcoholism, and the rest is a story better left for the clinic, as she typically doesn't care to reminisce. The Collector, however, turned up in her life during her sophomore year of high school, a savior amongst the devils, so to speak. She'd always been bullied and beat down, whether by her father or her peers. Physically and emotionally scarred after one beating in particular, she began to shut down. Her only redeeming qualities, or so she felt, were her love and talent for gymnastics. Even that had been taken from her, having been bullied to the point of quitting the team. Her self-esteem had already been cut down, but by the time she turned in her uniform, there was nothing left. Wishing death to the entire team, Elias began to contemplate death herself, the only thing she felt would free her. It was then that she met him, on her way to the park bridge where she'd decided to end her suffering. They exchanged a few words, though he seemed more interested in her cuts and bruises than she'd ever been. When suddenly asked what she wanted most, she replied, "An escape." Since then, she's never been unable to escape people, she's never had a problem slipping away. She's very afraid of conflict, which is most likely the reason she meets it everywhere she goes.
[b Power Gained:] The muscles in her limbs have been enhanced, her already excellent acrobacy now augmented. She is far more flexible than ever before.
[b What you lost:] Her vocal chords via rapid deterioration, or essentially, her ability to speak. This loss also significantly negatively affects her ability to eat and breathe at times, and she often suffers from random oral expulsions of blood as a consequence.

[center [pic http://i1332.photobucket.com/albums/w604/AkihoShire/tumblr_m5xkweCEXn1ryc9iho1_500_large_zpsf78253ea.jpg]]
[b Username:] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=32296 Akiho]
[b Deity Alignment:] The Collector - Future
[b Name:] Gretel Remedy
[b Picture:] [http://i1332.photobucket.com/albums/w604/AkihoShire/tumblr_m5xkweCEXn1ryc9iho1_500_large_zpsf78253ea.jpg Gretel Remedy]
[b Age:] 17 (going on 18)
[b Appearance:] Wheat blonde hair that passes just below her shoulder blades. Her eyes are an electric blue, standing out from a pale and child-like face. She lacks height, but what she is missing, Gretel makes up for in the strong emotions her eyes may hold.
[b Personality:] A very giving and kind young girl, though all the same, not the most trusting of others. Giving the benefit of the doubt may be a habit, but Gretel has her wits about her, being able to perceive a person's heart through their eyes and actions alone. She's fairly easily amused, though don't allow her sweet face to fool you. People watching is quite the hobby of hers, and as such, she's fairly intelligent when it comes to the actions and works of the human mind. This girl can be as calculating as the next person, when need be. Avoid angering her too much though, or she may become quite reckless.
[b Background/Backstory:] Gretel was always one for fairytales. They entertained and lightened the world around her, adding just enough fantasy to make everything seem less dark. Although this was true, even the lightest of tales had a darkness within them. A darkness that this girl refused to believe was only painted black.
Whilst her father told her of princesses, princes, knights, and gallantry, her mind focused on those that were described as witches, warlocks, and above all else, the villain. No, she didn't fancy these sort. Rather, her curious mind questioned just what they had to reason their actions. Why did the witch trap the girl, sentencing her to an eternal sleep? Why did the king hate the outsiders so much? Just what was it that made these villains so...so dangerous? Why did they feel the need to be that way?
As her childhood passed, Gretel was left with only her brother, Hansel. Their mother had been intoxicated with the fantasies just as much as herself, though Gretel didn't like the idea of being whisked away to some witch's candy house, just to be eaten. Unfortunately, that woman had died when Gretel was born after her brother. Unlike the stories, they had no abandonment besides that and the death of their father later on by the time she was 14. Her brother was 16 though, so he was able to at least offer them a bit of support for a while, living with their grandmother. By 16, Gretel had also gotten work at a small bakery. It didn't pay much, but it would mean that she wouldn't be relying on her brother or grandmother. By this point, the two had moved into a small apartment together, he being of the legal age to do so. Neither of them had become romantic in all of these years, nor had either of them made too many friends. Not any close ones at the least.
Being in this world now, left with only her brother..he was her only happiness as she was forced to see what darkness lied in the world, her unable to do anything about. That was what she hated most. That inability to understand the pitch black around her. Always, her brother protected her. Always, he would step in if that darkness got too close. Once he turned 20 though, something bad happened. Gretel assumed it would never occur, but her brother was taken away. There was no third death. No, her grandmother had been ill, and so he was left to care for her. This left Gretel alone though, 17 going on 18 and in an empty apartment that she was already fearful of at night. The loud neighbors always left her worried for just what may happen whilst she slept. Living like this wasn't going to be easy for her, though all the same, Gretel had no choice but to make her own path without the help of her brother Hansel. Little did she know it wouldn't be such a mundane pattern of pebbles.
[center [b Powers Attained In the Future:]]
[b Power Gained:] The ability to bring life to inanimate objects, or in other words, Animation. Such as making a teddy bear walk on his own or s statue move. The bigger the object, the more energy used.
[b What you lost:] The ability to make decisions for herself. From something as simple as what to eat, all the way to something as important as which life to save. Unless someone orders her to do something, leaving her without options, she's placed into a state of confusion and indecisiveness. This leads her to follow others around, making sure she manages to survive daily life. Her animations assist her in this, helping her by choosing things for her. This is why she always has at least one object animated and with her at all times. Otherwise, she could stand at a crossroad for days, not choosing a direction, nor would she choose the option of leaving.

[center [pic http://s12.postimg.org/6drcn02x9/Beatrice.jpg]]
[b Username:] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=23695 nomey1]
[b Deity Alignment:] The Dealer
[b Name:] Beatrice Philips
[b Picture:] [http://s12.postimg.org/6drcn02x9/Beatrice.jpg Beatrice Philips]
[b Age:] 17
[b Appearance:] Long white hair and eyes that appear either dark pink or red depending on lighting. Always looks geared up and ready to fight or get dirty. Her mouth is almost always covered by her top.
Personality: She appears emotionless which is easily confused by others as being heartless. She is loyal to The Dealer who she fights and will die for. She is the type to defend the weak and be there for those who stand by her, but not get into personal feelings with those around her. She would much rather keep those kinds of feelings out of her life.
[b Background/Backstory:] Ever since she was born she was weak and sickly. She hardly left home due to her body fighting against her. If she ever went out, she would be stared at and/or ridiculed by those around her. The only people she ever really got to know were her parents, who would most of the time keep her hidden away in her room away from the outside world. Because of this she grew to hate herself and wondered why she was ever born in the first place. One night she snuck out of the house, walked (and crawled) all the way to the large bridge just outside the city, and was about ready to jump. That’s when The Dealer showed himself to her. A proposal was made and that’s how she found herself working for him.
[b Power Gained:] A strong body with immense physical strength.
What you lost: Her voice. No sound can ever be emitted from her lips, which is why she developed the habit of hiding them behind clothes and masks.
[b What you lost:] The ability to see colors. Colors were the only thing she could enjoy about her plain life. Now she only sees black and white and it gets disorienting from time to time.

[center [pic http://i953.photobucket.com/albums/ae20/Anime_manga_Lover12/Evil-Anime-Guy.jpg]]
[b Username:] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=23146 kekaishiakatora]
[b Deity Alignment:] The Collector
[b Name:] Infernus Ignus
[b Picture:] [http://i953.photobucket.com/albums/ae20/Anime_manga_Lover12/Evil-Anime-Guy.jpg Infernus Ignus]
[b Age:] 35
[b Appearance:] Red hair, Red Eyes, Tattoo of stitches around the neck, is 5'8", and usually wheres a black or red shirt with black pants wheres a studded bracelet on his right wrist with one black bracelet while on his left he has a tattoo with his sons name, on his left hand a wedding ring was tattooed into his ring finger with his wifes name.
[b Personality:] Quiet and usually does not talk. He usually has no expression on his face, and will ignore anyone who trys to speak to him.
[b Background/Backstory:] His life was a quiet. He lived a grand house with his wife and son he was happy. In the mornings he'd take his kid to school and head to his job at a corporation for computer management. His wife stood home cleaned and took care of the house. One night Infernus had to work late he had just came up with a new program to keep computers from getting viruses and to send them back to the owner of it. Around midnight his phone rang. It was his neighbor. His neighbor said that his house was on fire and that his wife and kid were still in it. The phone dropped to the ground as Infernus ran out to his car. As he neared the house he could see the flames raising and here the screams of his wife and son as the tried to hurry away from the fire. He freaked out and ran into the house frantically looking for them when all of a sudden, BAM, a beam fell pining him under it. He had lost everything he knew and cherished was about to be lost, then he showed up. He said to him that he was able to grant him any power he wanted. With no other option he agreed to it and shook his hand. He smiled and told him that his name was The Collector . Infernus nodded and told him his name and the power he wanted a powerful flame that would be able to extinguish any fire and allow him to control it and absorb it. The Collector laughed a little and agreed. Four days pasted since that tragedy but he had saved his family and was happy. Infernus was grateful for the new power that he had gained it had saved his family. As he headed home from work he called her cell. she didn't answer, he thought to himself well maybe she is in the shower as he arrived home at 6:30 he opened the door and placed his things on the couch his neighbor let them stay at there house while they were getting back on there feet they were gone on vacation for month and wouldn't be back anytime soon. As he looked around he noticed that his son wasn't waiting for him when he got through the door he ran upstairs to check the bathroom nothing, he looked in the bedrooms nothing. He sat on the stairs and thought about as he did he realized something that his father had told him "everything comes with a price"
[b Power Gained:] Hellfire allows the wielder to control and absorb fire but there is a limit he can only do it for a minute before his vains begin to burn like molten lava
[b What You Lost:] His loving with Helen and his 13 year old son Jake.


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"First we most make sure your okay" he walked up to the front desk and began to talk to the owner "Hello may I help you" "Yes do you think I could rent a room for a night" he said as he pulled out his wallet "Absolutely, that will be $150 please" Infernus began rummaging through his wallet and pulled out the exact change. The owner handed him a ground floor key. *If the collector was here he would have called on me by now* He thought as he looked over at the girl. He walked over to her and stared at the cuts. *A little fire will fix it* "okay I got us a room okay but first we need to close up these cuts" the palm of his hand formed a blue flame "This may sting a bit are you ready?"
Alexander reached the place he wanted to be at; the rather common-looking townhouse at the end of Melancholy Road. The name of the road was something he was never not going to find humorous in some way or another. While heading up the stairs, his elderly next door neighbor stepped out. She spotted him and he knew that there was no way for him to make it inside without some sort of conversation occurring first.

“Alex,” she called with a cheerful tone in her voice. “How are you, dear?”

He smiled, still finally found it humorous that a human much younger than him was calling him “dear” like he was a child. “Good, thank you. How about you, Ms. Drevis?”

“The weather is simply wonderful today and my leg isn’t giving me problems,” she responded while patting her right leg. “This day couldn’t get any better.”

Alexander chuckles. “I can see that. You are positively glowing.”

She giggles. “Oh, you…”

“Well, I’ll be heading in now. Don’t hurt yourself.”

“Goodbye, dearie.”

Inside, the man let out a sigh of relief. Usually talking with his neighbor could last to about an hour at the least depending on the gossip. To think that The Dealer himself couldn’t bring himself to force his way out of conversations or be rude to humans could be seen as quite pathetic. Either way, he was now able to get back to business. He pulled out his cell phone and skimmed through the contacts list. He honestly hated the contraption, missing the basics before technology went crazy and developed as far as it had. But, he couldn’t argue against its usefulness so he put up with it for the sake of his existence.

Alexander texted the three people he had semi-recently made dealings with, informing them that their assistance would be needed in the near future. He attached an address within the text instructing them to meet there so they could discuss.

When that was done, he lazed his way to the living room and sat himself in a lounge chair. All there was left to do was wait.
The Dealer / nomey1 / 6y ago
The girl was far gone in her own thoughts. She was far too worried about the man from before to step outside, yet was unsure of speaking to anyone inside. Nothing seemed to take her out of her thoughts until a light sparked beside her. The girl glanced over before taking a step back, spooked by the rose flame. Initially, she threw up her arms in front of her, half expecting it to be the man from before. That wasn't the case though.

[size17 [font "Nyala" "O-Oh, hello..sorry about that."]] With a light chuckle, she put her arms behind her back again. His smile was at least a bit reassuring, though it didn't feel entirely warm. [size17 [font "Nyala" "Oh, right, that..you saw that? Well um..eheh."]] With a small awkward smile, she showed him her arms. They served as her answer.

[size17 [font "Nyala" "Do you think it would be too much to ask the hotel if I can have anything for this..?"]] Something about this person's aura wasn't a kind one. Even so, it wasn't as though he seemed all that scary either. At least he wasn't attacking her like the last person. [size17 [font "Nyala" "There was another boy too..I hope he got away okay. He was hurt far worse than I."]] Her main concern was that she at least helped the boy from before in getting away. She guessed he would be okay, but part of her still wanted to be sure. Even so, she would have to take care of herself first.
Gretel Remedy / Akiho / 6y ago
Marick, The Collector, had been awaiting Alec's arrival. He made sure that the boy had a key to the room. The two of them had been quite a pair over the time that he'd known the insane Alec. Remembering just how he had turned such a precocious child into a rather psychotic and no-longer innocent boy. Marick relished in watching Alec turn into the monster he is now. Taking such a thing had amused him, and it was something that he enjoyed doing. So many had lost such important things before, and some even committed suicide after losing something. After all, what The Dealer took and gave were not usually as weighted in comparison to the contracts that The Collector usually struck with those he met.

While on the couch, he held a glass of cranberry juice. Marick didn't like the taste or smell of alcohol, since their scents drove him away too many a time. And he would also need to avoid getting affected by something like a hangover in order to keep his mind in its best condition at all times. As he took sip after sip of the drink, he recalled the other two who struck deals with him; or at least the other two who were still alive.

Infernus, the man who sacrificed his son and wife in order to survive. It was glorious to see that the man give up what he treasured most. The second person was Elias. Quite the troubled gal, though he had brought her back from the brink of death. Or at least for the time being. She traded quite a bit in exchange for flexibility. While she did gain something of equal value, it was so very interesting to see that she gave up part of her ability to survive and nearly the entirety of her voice. It was one of the trades he would keep in his memories for all of the time he was ensured on this planet.

It was soon coming to be the time that Alec was supposed to show up at, then the door could be heard unlocking. Marick smirked on the left side of his face. It was now time to begin the long awaited war. And Marick had made sure to gather the tools of destruction that they would need in order to fight. While they were in a hidden area, he made sure to stack up on weapons, ammunition, medical supplies, and several other things to ensure their survival. Sometimes the ability to morph into another human was so very useful.

As Alec asked Marick about what it was the could intrigue him so much, Marick adjusted himself. Now sitting up on the couch, he popped a few bones in his neck and shoulders to readjust himself. [b "Well, it is always a pleasant surprise to see you Alec. Perhaps it has been far too long. I'm assuming that you've been up to what you have enjoyed?"] Marick was referring to Alec's lack of sanity leading him to do some of the most [i interesting] events. [b "As for what I have to inform you of, I thought that you'd enjoy to do more of what you like."]

In front of Marick was a coffee table. Setting his drink down, the ice cubes rattled for a moment before settling in the half-full glass. [b "Soon, this place will become a killing floor for those that have been [i chosen]."] He was referring to those that had formed deals or contracts and gained power. [b "I'm sure that you'd be thrilled to color your hands red and turn this city into a canvas."] He stood up and walked over to a darker area of the room. [b "But, I need something from you before a battle of sorts begins. I need you to find two other people. Similar to yourself in the way that they formed contracts with me."]

Reaching into the darkness, Marick touched something and it seemed to illuminate. A blue lighting came over the room as three monitors came online on a desk, with the silhouette of a chair partially concealing one of the monitors. [b "Using your talent with information, perhaps you can track those people down. You do tend to have a knack for this kind of thing, don't you? I'll give you the names of the people, but they will be on our side. So do avoid killing them, or at least for now. We'll need allies if we're going to take down our target."]

Marick took a few steps back from the computer, moving over to the side of the desk where the computer and its multiple monitors sat. [b "The most advanced computer I could get for you is right there waiting for you. You can use it all you like, though you simply need to find two people. Their names are Infernus Ignus and Elias Kane."]
He watched from the shadows as the little girl passed him and hid behind a plant. A man had stopped and began to look around when he saw me I pointed towards the building across the street. He turned and ran in. When the girl had noticed he was gone she stepped out of her hiding place and stared up at the Hotel. She was debating wether to go in or not it was already morning and he could take a few minutes. A rose flame appeared next to her as he stepped out. "Hello" he said with a fake smile. None of his emotions were real so all he could do was fake it "Why were you running from that man?"
Marcus sat perfectly still inside his car. He was parked in the parking lot across the grave yard form where his younger brother and sister were buried. To any passerby he would look like he was asleep, but in actuality his mind wasn't even there. He was controlling a butterfly that had passed by his car. He was overlooking the grave stones of his siblings. Once he had finish visiting the his siblings he released the butterfly form his control.

A pounding headache shot through Marcus's head as he fold over like he was going to throw up. This was a natural enough reaction to him using his powers, but his body had an especially hard time deal with the tradition to see the two more colors that butterflies can see. He though back to the time he met the Dealer that he mad the contract. He wondered where he was now.
Marcus / Shedinja1 / 6y ago
[size17 [font "Nyala" "Mhm..yeah? That's great to hear."]] The girl smiled as she held the phone to her ear. [size17 [font "Nyala" "So how long do you think you'll be gone for? Will you be coming back soon?"]] Her expression faded as he answered. Something seemed a bit more forced about that smile.

[size17 [font "Nyala" "Alright..So I'll see you at least by Christmas, right? Oh...okay. Next year? I understand..alright."]] She bit her lip as she leaned back against the door frame. [size17 [font "Nyala" "Yeah, I'll be fine. Don't worry about me. I'm not a kid anymore, Hansel."]] Her back slid down the frame. With her free hand, she flattened out her skirt on her now laid out legs. [size17 [font "Nyala" "Mhm..Heh, I love you too, Hansel. Yep yep, talk to you later."]] It wasn't long before the other line was cut. After setting her phone down, she curled up her legs.

[size17 [font "Nyala" "I'll be fine...What a lie."]] Gretel shook her head before resting it on her knees. [size17 [font "Nyala" "It's too quiet..Far too quiet.."]]

Another ten minutes passed before Gretel was up and moving again. Living in this apartment alone was the last thing she wanted. Her neighbors were always loud and half of what she heard clearly was questionable. Truly, she was a bit scared of them. As nice as it was to know she wasn't the only person in this building, those were some of the last people she wanted to be near.

Once out the door, Gretel made her way down to the local dollar store. Although it didn't look like a bad day outside, something just seemed odd about it. [size17 [font "Nyala" "Hm..I think I'm gonna go walk around a bit today."]] She smiled to herself before walking into the store.

After getting some apples and grapes, Gretel made her way about the town. During daylight hours, everyone here was pretty nice. There weren't many problems and so she didn't have to worry about any darker individuals. Well, not all of the time anyways. And sometimes, it wasn't even her own problem. In away, this girl was drawn to trouble.

It had nothing to do with her. Nothing in the least. Even so, the sight of a rather frail seeming boy being punched and pulled by a slicked back type of guy wasn't one she would just ignore. Someone had to help him, but it seemed no one else had bothered to glance down the alley way. If they did, seeing the boy being beaten like this wasn't motivation enough to do something. Gretel, a small girl, wasn't alright with seeing this situation. So rather than going along her merry way, she stopped and went towards the alley. As she got closer though, she saw the larger male grab something off of a box behind him.

That object..it had one flat and one sharp end. Only a moment passed before she realized that he was holding a hammer. Before she could make a step, he smashed the metal against the boy's hand. Twice at that, bringing it down harder the second time. Did no one in this town care when they heard a boy scream? Then again, they could easily assume it was only a small fight, without being close enough.

[size17 [font "Nyala" "H-Hey!"]] She called out. He didn't seem to hear though as the hammer's sharp end was swung at the frail boy's ribs. A significantly loud cracking sound echoed as he hollered again, glancing over at her with blood shot eyes. They nearly matched the liquid which splattered the walls and hammer, dripping onto the ground below. Her heart raced, but she stayed.

[size17 [font "Nyala" "I said hey!"]] This time he seemed to hear. With a twisted expression, he glared at her. Immediately, the feeling of a dear caught in the headlights washed over her. What was she thinking? She may have the occasional good luck with bad people, but this was way too risky. Even so, she couldn't seem to do much about that now.

[b "Get over here, now."] He pointed the hammer at her, holding the boy against the wall. Holding her hands up, she slowly moved over towards them. Running seemed like a bad plan now. Once near the two, the other grabbed her by the hair and held up the weapon, ready to swing it down on her skull. Gretel held her arms above her head quickly, fear causing her electric blue eyes to bead with small tears. [b "You shouldn't have looked, bi-agh!"] The hammer came down, but he had thrown it rather than held on. As such, it just missed her. If it weren't for her having been slammed back against the wall, she probably wouldn't have had enough force behind her knee to bring him down. That wall really did help though. In impulse, she kicked up towards his face now that he was curled up, her sneaker slamming against his nose. A crack similar to before was heard. When pulling her shoe away, she saw red on it. Quickly, she rubbed away what remained of those tiny tears.

Looking to the other side of the alley, she saw that the boy had left. He must have run away when the other man's hand let go of him. Now she was left here with this psycho. Below her, he seemed to glare up, seeing his attacker. He lunged towards her, but Gretel fell back and rolled over, just barely evading him. Quickly, she pulled herself off the ground and started running out of the alley. The man chased her.

Although he had just been hurt, he ran rather quickly. As did she though. The only wounds the girl had collected were scrapes up her forearms that started to bleed and a growing bruise on her spine.

The two didn't stop running. Even though she was panting for breath, she wasn't about to let this guy get a hold of her. Talking any bit of sense into him or figuring this one out was obviously impossible. Taking an apple out of her grocery bag that somehow still hung onto the fold of her arm, she tossed it at the man. It managed to nearly hit his neck, but he dodged it. Even so, he had become distracted. This gave her enough time to duck into the nearest entry way without his noticing.

The man stopped running when she disappeared, glancing around. There were too many places she could have gone. Determined to find her, he ran into the building next to the one she went into. With a relieved sigh, she moved out of her hiding spot behind a plant. Only a few people looked to her oddly, not many being there.

[i Oh wow..that was terrifying..] She glanced to her arms. [i Why did I even do that? Oh well..at least the boy got away.] Looking around, she realized that she had run into unfamiliar territory.

[i Where am I..? It kinda looks like a hotel..] Again, she looked down at her arms. [i Crap, I can't let anyone see these. But I can't go back out there now..] The man didn't have the hammer anymore, but that didn't change how lethal he was. [i Maybe they'll understand if I ask for some bandages or something.] Even with that in mind, Gretel wasn't sure just how the lady at the desk would react. With that in mind, she was stuck hiding her arms behind her back with the door attendant giving her the oddest look.

[i They're going to kick me out of here, I just know it. Then he'll find me and I'll have to run again..maybe I can lead him off somehow in a crowd or something...]
Gretel Remedy / Akiho / 6y ago
As he arrived at the coffee shop, he noticed an empty cup on a table as he peered through the window. *He cant be to far* he thought to himself as he looked around. *where could he have gone* his arm began to smolder as he walked down the street towards the closest hotel. People around him began to stare at him as he walked by. He sighed and began to pat his arm out.

He came across one hotel called the omega hotel. As he stared up at the luxerious hotel he began to think *Luck would be he is here i will watch this place till morning if he isnt then onto the next one*. He pulled out his pack of cigerettes and began to count them. He had 11 left *That should last me until morning* He thought as he leaned up against the building watching the entrance carefully.

An hour had past when he finally took out one of his cigs placing it between his lips and lighting it with his thumb. He needed a game plan he didnt have any clue what other powers The Collector had or how he was going to convince him to give his family back. His body was already beginning to ache from all the random out burst of flames. Taking a drag off of his cig he sighed wondering when morning would come.
Alec brushed through people on the sidewalk, no destination in mind until his phone came to life. "Hmm...?" He hummed, flipping out his phone to check the message he received. His eyes scanned the message quickly before the corners of his mouth curled up into a smile. He began typing his reply:

[b OHHHH? Something private, eh~? I'll be on my way, boss. Xoxoxo ;3]

Alec clicked send with a fit of laughs. A few people glanced in his direction, taking in the crazed boy's appearance before quickly walking away. You couldn't blame them though, his appearance could have been better. Yet Alec had more important things to do than looking nice. Alec snickered and then returned the phone to his pocket, making a detour around the crowd of people on the sidewalk.

He had a whole two hours to burn, but the boy was curious on what The Collector had to tell him. There was no need to dilly-dally, besides he always had something interesting for Alec to do. Alec blocked everything else around him out as he kept on the path to the hotel. When the hotel came into view, Alec looked up at the sign reading their usual meeting spot [i The Omega Hotel]. The man sure did have fine tastes.

He went through the revolving doors, where one of the hotel workers began to greet him before stopping short. "Good Evening, si-!" The man's face paled, catching sight of him and soon went silent.

"Aw, aren't you happy to see me?" Alec teased, waving at him as he crept over. The man stepped out of his way, causing Alec to laugh. "I'll see you around." Alec grinned widely, walking off to where the room would be. He arrived to the room, and threw the door open dramatically, his eyes scanning the place automatically for anything he'd need to know, before returning to The Collector. "It's wonderful seeing you. I hope this is something worth getting excited over, Collector." The boy said, closing the door behind him and striding over to a seat. He collapsed into his chair, crossing one leg over the other and leaning forward with his hand cupping his chin. "Enthrall me." He said with interest, and his drive for having information taking over.
For every person he made a contract with, The Collector made sure to gain their basic information afterwards. Each "contract" or "deal" that either the The Collector or The Dealer made involved a few simple details. The first being an exchange of names. Each time someone's power was given and something was taken away, the name of a person as well as seeing them in person was completely necessary. In order for the gift of power to be bestowed, it needed a specific person to be directed to. Because of this, The Collector made sure to memorize and burn into his memory the name of every person he encountered that he ended up making a contract with.

As he walked through the park, he pulled out his phone and went into his contacts. Looking for the one called "Alec Riviera". He was one of The Collectors more prized contractors. The boy gained quite a unique ability, one that The Collector could not allow Alec to get away with unsupervised for it was very powerful in its own right. But what the boy gave up was something he enjoyed taking away. Seeing him turn from a good Samaritan to a psychopathic killer nearly overnight. The Collector had kept his eyes on the boy, making sure that the boy was never caught in his "fun".

Pulling up the contact, he sent a message to Alec. Discussing a meetup point and time.

[b Meet me at the Omega Hotel tonight. We have something to discuss tonight in private. It will be in the usual room. What you will be told may help you in your personal "fun". Be there within two hours.]

The Omega Hotel was a rather ritzy and fancy hotel. Usually for those that had money to burn on vacation or business. The Collector had made a contract with the owner of the hotel not that long ago. It wasn't an exchange for power, but one of blackmail. If the owner allowed him to stay for however long he wanted and do whatever he pleased, then information would never be leaked to the public. The private manager of this entire place was at The Collector's mercy now. The police had never been able to find him due to him being able to change his appearance and weapons didn't seem to have any effect on The Collector since he would always avoid death through incredible regeneration. With the hotel's proprietor at his beck and call, The Collector always had his own "fun" here.

It took some time to get there from the park. Having to cross through the red-light district to get there by foot. But he went straight to the penthouse room. Turning on the news to simply await what the foolish newscasters could never predict. With war on the horizon, this city would soon end up being nothing more than a ruined battleground. Civilians casualties were already being fantasized within The Collector's mind. It amused him quite a bit from time to time when he did, but he knew that it would never actually become as high as it ever would be in his head. The Collector awaited Alec's arrival as he lounged in the hotel room.
As a hand rested on her shoulder, she gave a light smile to its owner. [+darkgoldenrod "You're too kind."] The man gave a deep laugh. [+darkgoldenrod "Truly, I mean it. You shouldn't flatter me so."]

[+slategrey "No, no, I mean it! You really do have an amazing voice. So smooth yet sweet."] A cold shiver ran up her spine at his words. [+darkgoldenrod "...Oh?"]

[+slategrey "Yes. Simply stunning, dear."] He purred.

[i Disgusting..]

[+darkgoldenrod "Why thank you. Ah,"] She glanced up to the clock. [+darkgoldenrod "It seems I must be going. The next group should be arriving soon, and I would prefer not be suspected of spying. After all, we music folk are quite..sensitive."] The woman had a velvet texture to her voice, though it seemed to lack a certain emotion. Most people though didn't seem to notice this. [+slategrey "Do you have to leave so soon? I've been meaning to speak with you all week..Oh, won't you sing one more song? You don't have to be on stage.."] That same chill arrived as she concealed it with a short chuckle.

[+darkgoldenrod "Oh? But sir, I work on a payment. It may not be a large one, but I stick to its rules quite religiously."] His smirk was a twist that only made her mind find him more vile. [+stalegrey "I'll pay, I'll pay. Here, how about we go elsewhere? I'll pay you and you can sing for me there."]

[+darkgoldenrod "Just for you..?"] Her eyes narrowed, though he didn't seem to notice. Of course, she had an idea in mind. [+darkgoldenrod "Well alright. I trust you."]

Two hours later, after a drive to a rather populated building and a small "meeting," the strawberry-blonde walked out without a scratch. This building was a hotel though, so intentions were as she had guessed. Of course, her intentions were far different from his own. Indeed, she did sing a tune, though not one he was expecting. This was something she would only rarely sing for a crowd...if she had the right motivation.

Back in that room, the man lie unconscious. No, he wasn't dead, though he wouldn't be getting up for quite some time.

[i Perverted bastard. What does the think I am? Some kind of tramp?] She looked down to her hands, closing one into a fist. She pressed her nails as tightly as she could against her skin, though felt no pain. They wouldn't push any further. [i Just as I thought...They just won't..Dammit.] Her thoughts continued to speak her own personality, though on the outside, that just wasn't possible. She couldn't even cut past the skin with her own will..after all, no doll would bring any harm to themselves. It would make them less appealing.

With a sigh, she walked down the street, eyes entirely empty.

[i I wonder..Was there a point to all of this? Does he have some sort of reason for giving these powers to people?] She looked around her a moment, wondering just what plans he had for this place. What the dealer had planned for them.

[i There has to be something..but what?]
Claire Melody / Akiho / 6y ago
"Come on now, stop crying." Alec purred, stroking a younger child's hair who was wailing away, trying to struggle from his grasp. "Mommy and Daddy aren't hurting anymore, you should be happy." The kid wailed louder, squirming away from the older boy and dashing across the room to the door. The little boy jiggled the handle uselessly, the door not going to open unless Alec had a say in it.

Alec sighed heavily, getting up to his feet as he swayed over to the child like a drunken man. "Come 'ere, little baby~..." He inched over towards him, smiling wildly down at him. "You can't cry if you don't have any eyes, right, little one?" He asked, and then fell into uncontrollable laughter. "PFFT! I crack myself up!" He yelled, wiping a tear from his eye. Pulling a knife from his waste band, Alec overlooked the boy, his lips pursed in a tight smile. "Now, let's get this done with. I have a meeting to be attending to."


Alec scrubbed away at his hands as he whistled a joyful tune, turning off the faucet afterwards. He pulled down his sleeve and inspected his watch, before yanking it back up. "Fun times, fun times." He sang, exiting the washroom and leaving the building. Things are falling into place now, and adding in the wild cards was going to make everything even more [i exciting].
The wind rustled through the trees as trails of smoke raised into the air. It was night in the city as he looked around the sky taking drags off of his cigarette. "Its nice and quiet at night don't have to worry about people staring at me" He said as he started to walk down the sidewalk. He never liked being around people. Ever since his family was taken from him he roamed from town to town looking for a way to get them back, a way to find happiness again but no such luck ever came.

As he neared the park he noticed a man and a woman sitting on a park bench chatting. *I bet its nice to have someone you love with you* He thought as his shoulder caught on fire. He was enraged, why the hell does everyone else get a happy ending while he keeps looking, he stopped by a tree, his favorite spot in the park right at the end where no one will bother him and hidden from sight, he leaned against it and began to let his mind wander when his phone rang. He sighed and answered it "Hello" a familiar voice came on the line "Hey its me I found him" it was his old neighbor. Sam was a good friend and a colleague, but he never gave him this number he had changed the number on it multiple times that way no one would call "Where is he Sam?" He asked in a stirn and deep voice "He just left the coffee shop" Sam said this was it he had finally caught up with The Collector. He hung up the phone and began to run north. The closest coffee shop was 3 miles away and he had no clue is he was going to still be near that area, but he wasn't going to stop he couldn't if he wanted happiness ever again he would need to catch up to him. "Hold on Helen Im coming to get you and Jake"
A knock at the door forces dark pink eyes to open, realizing that it has become a new day all too soon. The young girl rolls over so that she is able to see the door more clearly. Just then the door opens to reveal an older woman with light brown hair and strands of silver hair. She smiles at her kindly while entering more into the room.

“I bought this dress for you,” the woman says as she pulls out fabric out of a large plastic bag. “I know red is your favorite color so as soon as I saw it I thought of you and couldn’t help buying it. What do you think?”

Beatrice’s heart dives to her stomach harshly. Sitting up, she is able to see the outfit more clearly. It was a beautiful dress, but instead of seeing the red that her mother claims is there all she sees is dark grey. She felt herself grow cold the more she stared at it so instead she diverts her eyes to her mother and attempts a smile, nodding in a sense to convey approval. The woman, clearly pleased with herself, walks to the girl’s closet.

“I’ll go ahead and hang it up for you. Maybe you can wear it later once you feel more awake. It’s your father’s turn to cook dinner tonight so maybe you will feel well enough to join us.”

“Sounds good,” Beatrice replies softly.

As soon as the mother leaves the smile fades and her face shows no form of emotion other than a blank stare at nothing in particular. The teenager then pushes herself out of bed and changes into her usual outdoor clothes, ignoring the dress as much as possible. Once done she looks herself in the mirror while brushing her white hair. It had always been that color so at least that was one thing that hadn’t changed with her different form of eyesight. Then came the part of sneaking out the window, like usual, and making her way into the city.

Small, pale hands remained in pockets as Beatrice made her way down the street. She ignored every one and thing around her, wanting to be left to her own thoughts. She tries to think of some form of positive, like trying out the foods and drinks she was never able to handle before with her sickness. Maybe today would be the day to have brownies and coffee.
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