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In Another Life |Book 1|

By linkthehero

Replies: 334 / 6 years ago

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Alexandria smiled towards him, watching how he reacted to her with caution at first. She moved around to take a seat upon the chair he pushed out for her. For the moment, she allowed her eyes to rest upon his. There was something about the way that he looked at her that always made her feel like the most important person in the world and even now that she was no longer dressed in riches, he still looked at her the same way.

Alexandria allowed Marcus to order them some food and she remained quiet for a moment as he continued to study the map. She did not want to disturb him. When the woman came back with their food, it seemed she had a lot more to offer than a bite to eat and she gave them some advice about where they might find some work and somewhere to settle.

She looked towards Marcus when he said that they were married, her heart skipping a beat a little upon hearing that. It was their cover, but it was the first time he had said such a thing. She smiled a little and once they were left alone again the two ate their food before they decided to get some rest and retired to their room.

The two of them looked towards the bed and she was suddenly very aware that this was the first time either of them would be so close. She looked towards him. “I want you to get some sleep. No sleeping on the floor.”
Alexandria / d1gn17y / 146d ago
Marcus turned his head abruptly, looking up at her, unsure at first of who had their hand on his shoulder. He should have known it was Alexandria by her gentle touch, but he was in an unfamiliar situation that had him on edge. He pushed the chair next to him out for her to sit in and he nodded.

"I think so," he said, unable to pull her eyes away from her for a moment. She still looked beautiful, even dressed down. He tore his eyes away when a woman who was balancing some drinks on a tray came by.

"You need anything to eat?" she asked them. "Got a nice stew cooking."

They agreed and she disappeared to do her job and Marcus returned his eyes to the map again, mostly so that he wouldn't continue to look at Alexandria. When she returned with the food, she notice the paper in front of him.

"Looking for work?" she asked. "Everyone is looking for work these days."

Marcus looked up at her and felt the lie come to him easily. He nodded. "We just married and were hoping to find something north of here."

She leaned over their map. "You could hop between these towns here and here. There's some good farming villages up here. But not much else."

"That's perfect. Thank you," Marcus said and folded up the map, offering her a smile before they began to eat. At least now they knew where they were headed. And perhaps finding work wouldn't be such a bad thing after all.

That evening when they headed back up to their room, Marcus put her old dress into their pack, not wanting anyone to track them by the trail they left behind.

"We should get some rest," he said, gesturing to the bed. He felt awkward. He had just called her his wife downstairs and yet here he was, feeling strange about their one-bed predicament.
Marcus / linkthehero / 146d ago
It wasn't such a bad room to be staying in and while she knew Marcus wouldn't like having her cooped up inside, they both knew that it was for the best and that she would be safer in here. She would be more recognisable than Marcus right now, especially since they were not exactly far away enough from the city for that to be almost impossible. She kept herself busy looking around the room and after a short while of being alone she lowered herself on the bed and tried to get some rest since they had been riding for so long and spent the night outside. At least they wouldn't need to do the same tonight.

She fell asleep briefly but she was awakened by the sound of the door opening softly and as soon a she saw Marcus she rose to her feet. She gratefully recieved the dress and the cloak and smiled. "Thank you Marcus." She watched him for a moment before he met her eyes again. "I'll be down shortly." She said as she watched him leave.

Alexandria did not hesitate taking the dress off and swapping it for the newer one, although it looked older than the one she had worn. That was the point though, she was meant to come across as poor.

As soon as she was dressed, she made her way downstairs and found Marcus easily and placed a hand on his shoulder. "Is the map helping, love?"
Alexandria / d1gn17y / 161d ago
The vacation was everything they needed and more. Marcus wrote every morning, sometimes outside, sometimes in bed because he couldn't bring himself to leave Alexandria's sleeping form and wanted to be there when she woke. But he was writing more than he had in a long time. He set his other book on hold and this became his passion project. He had no idea where it was going, but that was part of the fun.

Their nights were full of lovemaking and their days were full of walks and cooking together and in the evening Marcus would sometimes read aloud from one of the books he had bought because she found it interesting and apparently liked the sound of his voice.

They existed in a time all their own. Until it was over. And they had to return to the real world...

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[right [pic http://66.media.tumblr.com/ec3efa1cdf4ca36462a7dc23575aa15c/9fb4c05bf93208e9-a8/s(00x600/)136637d9998c8edf91e5684cfb2837b1ab31a45.jpg]] Marcus returned to the room with a map, some clothes, and some other items they would need on their journey. He found Alexandria still inside, just as he had asked of her and he felt guilty. She had been like a bird in a cage at home and he was, keeping her cooped up again. But she seemed to understand it was for her safety.

"Here," he said softly, handing over a dress that was even more plain that the one she was wearing as well as a cloak that would cover her face in the daytime. He got himself one as well.

He started to organize the other items, packing them away before taking out the map. He looked up at her from under his lashed in the shy way he had.

"I'll, uh... Be in the dining room. While you change," he said softly, turning and taking the map with him to study. He left her alone once again, sitting in the common area of the inn and spread the map on the table.

He had no history reading maps, but he could understand enough. He knew where they were and where they needed to get to.
Alexandria wasn't much for wine or champagne, neither was Marcus but they had found something that they both enjoyed and she had ensured that there was a bottle for them to share. She giggled a little and shrugged innocently as he took the bottle of wine from her.

"I have absolutely no idea how that got in there." She said with a wry smile, watching him find something to open the bottle with and then they made their way down the beach and sat close enough to the water that it would just about touch their feet.

She held her glass to his and chuckled a little at his toast. "And to a happy future." She took a sip from her glass and looked out at the water. It was so peaceful and she didn't want anything to come and destroy it. She figured that nothing could get to them out here and they had both decided to turn their phones off while they were away. That way her father couldn't try to ruin things.

"I'm so glad we decided to do this."
Marcus smiled at the feeling of her wrapped around him and he turned around to face her. Her lips on his cheek only made it so he knew it would be difficult to keep the grin from his face.

Marcus looked back outside for a moment as Alexandria went to grab something and when she returned with a bottle of wine and two glasses he couldn't help but laugh. She knew he didn't much like wine, but she had somehow managed to grab one and only kind he loved without him seeing while they were at the store.

"When did you pick that up?" he asked, chuckling, and taking it into his hands. He went in search of a wine corker, knowing a place this nice probably provided them with one. Sure enough, he found one and popped the top off it.

They headed out into the sand and took their shoes off. Marcus served them both a glass and stuck the bottle in the sand as they sat and clinked their glasses together. "To getting away from it all," he said happily.
Alexandria shook her head. “Absolutely not. I could never hate being with you. I love you.”

The rest of the day passed by leisurely and there was no pressure for either of them to do anything. They could do whatever they wanted without any deadlines looming over them. Once they had finished in town, they made their way back to their temporary home.

Alexandria stepped up behind Marcus and wrapped her arms around him. “Do we ever have to go back? It’s perfect here.” She said as she kissed his cheek and made her way back to into the house to grab a bottle of wine from the fridge.

“I think we should drink this down by the sea. What do you think?”
Marcus took a sip of his drink and continued to smile, glad they were on the same page. "That is, unless you've grown to hate living with me at that point," he joked, threading his fingers through hers.

That decided, they paid and continued on down a few shops, popping in wherever they wanted. And when they were ready to call it a day, they headed back to the beach house with their purchases in one hand and their free hands together. He hoped the rest of their vacation would pass this leisurely. Nothing to worry about but making each other happy.

They set aside their bags upon getting through the door and Marcus went to open the back door facing the beach to let some of the fresh air in.
This was the perfect thing about their relationship. They were so perfectly balanced between being serious and having fun and they could changed from one to the other with ease, without having to worry about what the other thought about them. However, it didn't stop these millstones in their relationship from being nerve-wracking at times.

Marcus seemed to get what she was saying and rather than making a big deal out of it and accepting what she was saying, he acted casually as though it was something that was always going to happen anyway. His words brought a smile to her face and she knew it wasnt likely to go away any time soon.

She couldn't pull her eyes from his then. "I'd like that..." she said as she reached out and took his hand in hers. "A place of our own."
Marcus couldn't help the smirk from showing as she forbade him, though jokingly, from cutting his hair. He felt her leg against his own and she mentioned putting her hands in his hair and it took everything he had not to suggest going back to the house right then and there.

But then she was getting serious again. And he looked at her, brows raised. She finished her thought, trailing off rather shyly. It was cute. He smiled and cut in so she wouldn't have to worry he didn't understand.

"We'll get your things when we get back," he said, as if he didn't even have to think about it. "Put some things into storage that won't fit. You can even sell your place if you want to. And maybe in a year we can find a place big enough for all out stuff." He met her eyes, still grinning.
Alexandria stopped eating for a moment and looked up at Marcus, blinking when he made the suggestion of cutting his hair. "Absolutely not! Don't you dare cut that beautiful hair of yours. I will never forgive you if you do." She almost scowled at him but it was all in jest, hoping that he was only joking about the fact that he could cut it.

"It's not even an option." She said as she continued to eat her food. "I don't think you need to do anything with it really. It's perfect the way it is and you know how much I like getting my hands in there." She chuckled and ran her foot up her leg, teasing him a little.

"I've been meaning to ask you something actually. About...us." She took another bite and looked up at him to gauge his expression. "I know that we haven't been seeing each other for long...and this might be totally crazy...but I'm practically living with you anyway..." she hoped she didn't need to finish where this was going.
When they set their bags in the chairs beside them and ordered, Marcus looked over at Alexandria. He still could not believe how lucky he was that she had entered his life and willingly stayed. She supported his dream, giving him the time he needed to find it. He could only hope he had done the same for her.

Halfway through their meal the conversation circled back around to the cast party. He smiled. "Well we got the clothes, but I have no idea what to do with all this," he said, running his hands through his curls. "Should I slick it back?" He asked, pulling it back away from his face with a chuckle. "Or maybe I should just cut it all off." he joked. He didn't need her to tell him that she liked his hair, not with the way her hands did the talking in bed, always finding their way into his messy hair. He could hardly imagining cutting his hair for that reason alone.
Alexandria shrugged a little. "He's been causing me grief all my life and continues to remind me of my life choices since being and actress is not well suited to the image he likes to keep. All he ever wanted was an obedient daughter to follow his political career and I'm far from what he expected." She grinned a little then when he claimed he wanted everyone to know he was her boyfriend. "Then we are definitely on for the party!"

She watched him pull on the blazer and she couldn’t stop herself from kissing him longingly. "It's perfect and you look so handsome." They spent more time finding other things. Apparently this boutique was the perfect shop for them to find everything they needed and by the time they paid they were back outside and she was holding his hand once more.

"Yes please! I'm starving!" They found an Italian place with an outdoor area which they decided to sit in since the weather was so nice and they found themselves lost in conversation and enjoying each others company throughout lunch.
Marcus hung up the blazer and tuned to her, taking her by the shoulders. "I don't care what he thinks, either. I would just hate to cause you grief." He leaned in to kiss her briefly. Then he turned to look at a nice dark grey blazer with his name written all over it. "Besides, that's all I want," he said with a smirk. "I want everyone to know I'm your boyfriend."

He tried on the jacket over his shirt to make sure it fit and he looked at her with his brows up high in question and his arms out. "Well?" he asked.

When it was apparent that this was the one, they put it back on the hanger and added it to the other items. They wandered around a bit more, managing to find shoes for her and the rest of an outfit for himself. By the time they were walking out they wouldn't even have to think about the cast party until the day it came, already prepared.

"Lunch?" he asked, taking her hand again.
She was aware that she was likely more experienced with parties like the one she was inviting Marcus to. Because of her who father was she had been to her fair share of fancy parties but this one would be one she actually wanted to go to and she would be proud to have him on her arm.

She nodded towards the tie he had picked up and hung it over her arm after they both decided it was perfect and looked at the jackets to go with it.

"I don't care what my father likes or dislikes. I only care about what you think. If...you don't want to be labelled as my boyfriend you don't have to come along. I don't want you to do anything you are uncomfortable with.'