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1X1 with Rinkokoro

By HollowLink

Replies: 7 / 6 years ago

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The music blasted up against the plexi glass as he sat behind it watching people dancing below. His hunger told him to go down stairs and feed but he wasn't going to give in. The music was loud enough to push the glass a bit as the bass reverbed off of it. Pressing his face against the cold glass he sighed and took in a deep breath as he flipped his hood over his head and walked over to the steps and walked down. Bumping into a couple people he kept walking ignoring there remarks he had a clear mission get out of the club before his hunger took control.
The cold night wind blew through her hair, as the young girl walked out of her apartment. She held a hat over her head so that the breeze would not steal it from her. This young girl was making her way to a local night club, to meet some friends. To be honest it was not really her taste but she didn't mind if she meant she was in her friends company. As she got in to the club, the bombing music banged at her ears. The young females ears was by far more sensitive then anyone else's. She sat at a table and awaited the arrival of her friend.

Not before long the young girl could hear the familiar voice of an old friend. "Hey Rin long time no see." The perky voice said. Rin was the young blonde female's name. Rin Kokoro. "What do you mean long time no see? I saw you last week." Rin said with a giggle. "Your such a kill joy." The other girl laughed, and that was how most conversations between the two would start.
Rin K / rinkokoro / 6y ago