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The Pregnancy Pact - OOC

By serahfarron

Replies: 62 / 10 years ago

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The OOC thread for members of The Pregnancy Pact! : )

RP Link : http://www.eliteskills.com/nrp/r.php?r=1222
(r i am)
jacoby / ryuunexros / 10y ago
blah .. the posting order kind of sucks due to waiting .. but with so many people in the RP, it'd be horrible to have someone get extremely confused. D:

i'm thinking of making another RP of the same sort and having a smaller amount of people able to join.

would any of you be interested in it? ;o
(Im here xD... damn posting orders lol)
Damien Tran / icey171 / 10y ago
(i Most likely.)
I think the RP is dying. D;

Should I take Stella out since she hasn't posted since she joined? ;o
(i Pretty Good. Well then I'm just been getting over a cold.)
im good
jacoby / ryuunexros / 10y ago
(i How are u today?)
jacoby / ryuunexros / 10y ago
(i Lalalala....ello....)
It's perfectly fine. ^_^

No worries at all. Now Damien can post. :)
(i hmmm....werid...blah....I'm sick. )
Ryden's been on, seeing as I creeped him and whatnot.. but I don't know why he hasn't posted. D:
Im on and REEEEAAALLY want to post somwhere but I dont want to skip Ryden xD.
Damien Tran / icey171 / 10y ago
It's in fixed now so it's under her name. If you'd looked under Jacoby's name it's there, aha.

Alright, the post is better now. ^_^ All you have to do now is wait for the others to post. We're just waiting on Ryden now.