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Home Again (Needs Guy)

By Islyn

Replies: 32 / 10 years ago

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Serenity Josey Lewis and _______ used to be best friends, the closets people ever... Until she moved in grade six. Many years have passed now and they are both in grade eleven, but what ________ doesn't know is that she'd coming home.

After a lot of arguing and saving up money, her parents allowed her to move back home and live with her grandmother. She's so excited to see her best friend again, and hoped he wouldn't have changed too much. She's changed a lot in looks, now a beautiful young girl when she wasn't always the cutest little girl.

As new love grows between them, so does the drama. There are a lot of girls that don't like this new girl all of a sudden coming in as if she never had left. Old close friends turn on them and jealousy grows in many hearts as well.


-Romance NEEDED but no cyber
-Drama also needed
-Literacy is requested, more than two paragraphs please. I do understand writters block.
-Real picture only but beware, I can be picky. Just no pictures of Edward or Jacob -_- Scene/Goth guys are great.
"Yeah pizza sounds good."He said softly and then he grinned."I like some cheese pizza oooo or pepperoni ."He said and sighed."I just realized how hungry I am."
Kyle T / MaxyBear / 10y ago
She grinned at the thought of pizza and smiled. "You up for pizza?" She asked, tilting her head to the side slightly. It had been a while since she'd had it, her mother had decided when they moved that since they were 'starting a new life' that they may as well get a new diet too.
Josey Lewis / Islyn / 10y ago
"well we have pizza and there you can make your own sandwich. Kinda taste like sub way."He said nodding."And there you can get some Chinese food."He smiled."Off course were juniors we can go off campus if none of this sounds good to you."
Kyle T / MaxyBear / 10y ago
She raised an eyebrow and smiled a little "I'd like that. I dunno though, what do guys have at this highschool anyways?" She asked, looking around a little. She remembered when they could order pizza and stuff in grade school, she'd always loved to do that.

(Sorry, Braindead)
Josey Lewis / Islyn / 10y ago
"Oh math was wonderful. You know the usual hard complicated problems that everyone loves oh so much."He said and chuckled."So what do you feel like eating."

He smiled softly at her."I can pay for you if you didn't bring money today. My mom gives me a $100 every week."he grinned happily.
Kyle T / MaxyBear / 10y ago
When the bell finally rang she let out a happy sigh, finally glad to be allowed out of the classroom. Quickly gathering her things together, she left the classroom and went out into the halls and began lookig for her best friend.

As she walked, many people still seemed to watch her as she passed. It made her feel a little awkward, but she did her best to ignrore them as she went on and finally spotted Kyle leaning against his locker.

Making her way over, she smiled a little "That was torture... Science sucks" She said chuckling a little. "How was the oh so wonderful math?" She asked with a sarcastic tone.
Josey Lewis / Islyn / 10y ago
Kyle sighed softly. He wanted to quickly get to math. Not only to meet Serenity but so he can hurry up and eat because he was so hungry.He bit his lower lip. He guessed that it was obvious that he wasn't paying attention because the teacher called on him to go up and do the assignment on the board.

With a small groan he stood up and then began to do the math. He was surprised how easily he finished and got it right. The teacher was happy and gave him the A for the day. Soon the period ended and he happily walked toward his locker and then leaned against it. Waiting for Serenity.
Kyle T / MaxyBear / 10y ago
She'd nodded and waved good-bye before going down the hall to get to her next class. She found it easy enough and sat again in the back of the class, simply wishing for this class to end, and for lunch to hurry up and arrive. Her and Kyle had so much they had to catch up on.

He was different, but it wasn't a bad different. She liked the changed she saw so far and it made her happy that he seemed to like his life at the moment. Maybe she wouldn't regret moving back after all, unless of course there were complications between them at some point... She shook her head to clear her mind of the thought and doodled to keep her mind busy.
Josey Lewis / Islyn / 10y ago
"Yeah you wanna drop by go ahead. I'm usually outside on the bench by the football field. You'll notice me I'm sure and I'll see you at Lunch no doubt."He grinned big. Showing off his straight and white teeth.

He then looked around just as the bell rang."Well hey I'll see you later. Yeah?"He said before he began to walk off. He didn't want to take his eyes off her.

Afraid that she was gonna disappear. But when he turned the corner. He knew she wouldn't again.
Kyle T / MaxyBear / 10y ago
She frowned slightly and sighed before nodding. "Oh well, I guess we can't have all our classes together. But lucky you with all that time off of class" She said giggling a little "I wasn't up for staying all day, maybe I can drop by last period?" She asked, tilting her head to the side a little bit as if curious.

A few people passed by and looked at the two of them curiously, as if it were a very strange and rare sight to see. She simply ignored them as best she couldn and kept her focus on him. It had been so long and she still couldn't believe how much he'd changed, but was still the samme at the same time.
Josey Lewis / Islyn / 10y ago
"I have Math next."He said grinning slightly."And I don't have a 6th period class since I do Football and we work out after school which gives me a period free to just do homework so I don't have to do it later."He said grinning softly.

He then looked at her. Smiling a little. He was happy his bestfriend was back. He looked at the ground. Tapping it with the end of his foot in a nervous way
Kyle T / MaxyBear / 10y ago
Serenity had just gathered her stuff together when she felt him take her head and begin to lead her out of the classroom. As she passed, she shot a glare at the teacher until they were out in the hallway. With a light smile she looked over to him and gave him a hug. "I missed you" She said in a happy voice.

She pulled back and tilted her head to the side slightly "So what do you have next anyways?" She asked, hoping it was the same as hers. Science was boring as ever to her, the only class she actually enjoyed was English, and she didin't even have that this semester which upset her a little, it was that course that she was really good in.
Josey Lewis / Islyn / 10y ago
Kyle glanced at Serenity and chuckled softly. The teacher stood there stunned and then gathered himself up and just continued to talk. Which shocked everyone."I have a feeling. That you will be very popular."He said softly.

The bell rang and he quickly gathered his stuff."I'll show you around of course."He said as he grabbed her hand and began pulling her out of the classroom. The teacher threw him a dirty look.
Kyle T / MaxyBear / 10y ago
Serenity looked up at the teacher "wouldn't we share it if we wanted to?" She said in a calm voice. It earned a few giggles and she rolled her eyes. She always hated it when teachers did this, it annoyed her to no end really.

A few people were looking at her in shock, as if it was so strange that the new girl had said what she did. If they were expecting the shy girl who wouldn't speak up against annoyance, they were sadly mistaken and they'd learn that very soon.

She watched the teacher for his reaction and glanced at Kyle. She figured it had been the fact she looked so different that he wouldn't have known who she was.

(Short, sorry my brains dead)
Josey Lewis / Islyn / 10y ago
"Yeah it sure was a surprise. I just didn't expect to see you back. I mean I'm really happy. It just came as a shock that's all."He said. He then grinned a little.

"It's great to see you back.He said. He bit his lower lip and studied her."To tell you the truth. If you didn't tell me who you were. I wouldn't have recognized you."He said softly."You've changed so much."

"And in a good way!" He smiled softly at her. The teacher finally noticed they were talking."Do you guys have something to share?"The teacher asked.
Kyle T / MaxyBear / 10y ago