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Children's toys. -yaoi- open.

By Morphinebreakdown

Replies: 3 / 7 years ago

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(center A large mansion, abandoned.)
(center (i Or so it seems...) )

(center (font "fantasy" The floor boards, (i Creak..)))

(center Slowly you walk inside the house it is covered in thick dust, there are white covers over every thing, a mirror shattered on the floor. candle sticks inhabited by spiderwebs. You think you could restore this house and live in it.)

(center You purchase the house.)

(center While you're cleaning, you head into the basement to find amazing things and a child's teddy bear. It seems to be laying on something. you pull the sheet off to find a chest.)

(center Slowly you open it.)

(center Inside lays a little boy, wearing old time play clothes, startled to find a face starting back at you.)

(center (i Startled you slam closed the chest.) )

(center You find your actions funny, as you go back to the chest you open it, the body doesn't move so you think it's a doll. You decided to keep it, you mess around with it sometimes even talk to it.)

(center The "Doll's" eyes do seem life like, they scare you just a little.)

(center You continue to clean, to find a giant portrait of the Doll. It was labeled,)

(center 1821)

(center You brush it off, wondering why they would make a portrait of a doll. One day you come home upset and drunk and begin to talk to the doll. You asked if it would always stay with you, then kiss it. Waking up in the morning to find the doll in your bed but it was, (i breathing.) )

(center It turns out the boy was to be awoken by a kiss, any kind of kiss from anyone. But who would kiss a doll? He was a demon who strives on love and affection he didn't receive, when a boy told him no one cared for him, if they did they would look for him and find him, so the boy locked him in that chest and killed him. Because in the end he was mute...)

(center You freeze up in horror but you still find yourself adoring him, are you under a spell?)

Anime pictures only.
Post can range between four hundred to two thousand characters.
Plot twists are great, don't mind 'em.
Have fun.
If you want to quit PM me.


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Colby's mind wasn't where it was supposed to be. Ever since he had come across the old house, and was working on getting everything back together, he felt like he was alone. He had come across a chest, and when he had opened it, and saw the life like doll it had scared him. Seeing the thing, had made him feel less alone in a way. He had taken the doll out, and had set it up in his bedroom. He would spend hours on end, just talking to the doll. Telling it about his day, and what he had done.

Not once did he ever think, something about it. One day, he had been really pissed off, and upset he had spent the day away from home. He was out driving around, just trying to clear his head. He was doing everything he could to keep himself afloat, and nothing was helping. He would work so fucking hard, that he would go home, fall face first into bed and just pass out. He didn't even bother with changing out of his clothes he had been in, all day long. The male sighed, as his fingers tightened around the steering wheel.

Today was a bad day, he had gotten yelled at for nothing, and here he was, driving around town trying to find something to calm himself down with. Everything he thought about, wasn't good enough, or it wasn't open. It was pretty late anyway. He knew he should go home, because he had work at eight that morning, but he didn't. He wasn't in the mood to go home, and start breaking things. That's how bad of a day he had. He sighed, as he pulled off to the side of the road. He slammed his hand against the wheel, and let out a string of cuss words.

When he let that out, he felt a little bit better, but not much. He was calmer though, so he pulled back onto the street, and he headed home. He pulled into the dark driveway, and looked up at the old house. It was beautiful to him, and everything he was doing, was making it better. He knew it was. He shook his head, as he slid out of the car, and locked it up. He jogged up the front walk, and pulled out the house key. He unlocked the door, slipped inside and shut the door behind him.

He leaned against the door a moment, before pushing himself off, and he headed up to the bedroom, slowly moving through the dark house. He really didn't want to turn on any lights at the moment. When he was in the bedroom, he clicked on the light, and he looked towards the doll, and a small smile passed over his lips. He moved over and he ran his fingers through the hair, and he sighed. He moved over to the closet, and stepped inside to change. When he came back out, he was only in a pair of boxers.

He picked up the doll, and he placed it on his bed, and he sat down and put his head in his hands. He sat there mumbling a moment, before he leaned over, and pressed his lips against the doll's. He didn't know what had made him do it, but he felt a little bit better. He walked over to the door, shut off the light, before slipping into bed. He drew the sheets to his chest, and put his hands behind his head. He sighed a little, as he rolled onto his side, and closed his eyes, slowly drifting off to sleep. His dreams an endless black pit.
A small child he use to be, Meek, powerless, hopeless, and quite well reserved. It seemed no one loved him, he felt alone in the world he was born into. A boy, who was quite jealous of him, came to him one day and told him,"No one loves you Fanyt, not even your parents." Just to prove his point to locked Fanyt into a chest, when ever was searching for him he couldn't scream for help, because what he had forgotten was that he was mute.

It has been decades since that day, when he finally rotted away.In his scorn he begged the Devil for the person to kiss him first, to bring him back into the world. The deal was made, but there was a price. Fanyt was forced to be a incubus, not one who stole the life of his victim, But one who fed the Devil the love he was showered with he would prey on the same victim all his life.
Since love never ran out.

Present Day.

Now he was as lifeless as a doll, he could still hear and see, but was forced to be frozen still until a kiss gave him the life he needed. His hair a purple grey, he was dressed in old clothing and was that the size of a eleven year old child. Finally someone was here, one who wanted love. Everyday he listened to the male's issues, not once missing a detail. But sometimes he'd be tossed around or left somewhere for days until the male felt a void grow near him, all he could do was wait. Wait until the male kissed him so he could breathe again, feel warmth..that's all he ever wanted.

The only dreams that coursed throughout his mind were Hell,he couldn't help but be scared of being unwanted forever. He didn't want to be alone ever, for all those years he was left to stare at the wooden planks the chest was made of. Now he got to see things and hear things but he wanted to use all his senses.He was beautiful.

When Fanyt was young he never learned the difference between what gender was the correct to fall in love with, which is why he found men more attractive. It was casual to him and didn't feel wrong. Which is another reason that contributed to his death, sin was all the more reason to bring him back, right? For what reason is better to make a innocent child become a monstrous demon that lived off the affection of others?, none.

The male had silken hair, it looked gentle to the touch, his eyes were piercing in their color and yet had a sadness hidden behind them. then his skin,oh, the milky color and smoothness drove Fanyt a bit head over heels. There wasn't anything less than perfection put into this male, all but his lonesome form. Fanyt felt the pain in the man's soul, Fanyt could tell by the always frowning face and the gloom that surrounded his very being. No matter the facade he put up. Fanyt was drawn to that, he would only wish all the more that the male would kiss him.

When it came to his looks though, he was no taller than 5"3 and other than that he appearance was nothing he was proud of. He was soft silky hair but it had turned a purple color, his eyes were big and blue resembling a puppies innocence under them is were large dark circles resided as if he were a insomniac. On top of that he was slender and frail looking even the lightest of touches one would think could break him into a million pieces.