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Free! [Closed]

By sandshower

Replies: 47 / 7 years ago

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Haru & Makoto!!! <3 Pictures to set the mood :)

(pic http://i1057.photobucket.com/albums/t393/sandshower96/Free/tumblr_mtyib2NBGm1rcr064o1_250.png) (pic http://i1057.photobucket.com/albums/t393/sandshower96/Free/large.jpg) (pic http://i1057.photobucket.com/albums/t393/sandshower96/Free/tumblr_mqo1ixf3er1robm06o1_400.gif?t=1381798394) (pic http://i1057.photobucket.com/albums/t393/sandshower96/Free/haru_and_makoto_render_by_12yuriko12-d6l9tr0.png?t=1381798490) (pic http://i1057.photobucket.com/albums/t393/sandshower96/Free/free____haru_chan_and_mako_chan_by_jazzlyevans-d6gomjn.png) (pic http://i1057.photobucket.com/albums/t393/sandshower96/Free/fm-1.jpg?t=1381798668) (pic http://i1057.photobucket.com/albums/t393/sandshower96/Free/tumblr_mthip1vo6j1sfgxqso1_1280.jpg) (pic http://i1057.photobucket.com/albums/t393/sandshower96/Free/tumblr_mpqgr6guM31s14ntho1_500.gif?t=1381799464) (pic http://i1057.photobucket.com/albums/t393/sandshower96/Free/original.gif?t=1381799510)

Rin & Haru pictures!
(pic http://static.tumblr.com/cd3a5b8a1818a0899da9abccef193004/qkzksta/KO1mrjphf/tumblr_static_rinxharu.jpg) (pic http://31.media.tumblr.com/29bb6ef00b236de80af94cb8776cef79/tumblr_mt3xy5LRzJ1r2ztq6o1_500.jpg) (pic http://abyssian.ru/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/free4.jpg) (pic http://25.media.tumblr.com/853eb94090fc77999bcf20cf6da561c1/tumblr_mpoy61eWQj1ryxl81o1_500.png) (pic http://images6.fanpop.com/image/quiz/1033000/1033089_1376485802211_500_452.png)

Lol, so true!
(pic http://i1057.photobucket.com/albums/t393/sandshower96/Free/215605_v0_600x-1.gif?t=1381798736)


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Makoto looked down at Haru as he was brought back from his thoughts from the very person he was thinking about. A very faint blush came over his face as he looked down at Haru. (#3df83a "It's nothing just thinking about somethings.") He let out a small laugh as he stopped talking as the other's got there. (#3df83a "You should probably get out before you get yelled at again, by Gou, for not stretching before getting into the pool.") He said with a smile as he offered his hand out to help Haru up out of the pool. (#3df83a "You can get right back in no time and i'll help.") His smile still on his face as he looked at Haru as he took his hand. They than started to stretch with Rei and Nagisa before getting back into the pool. At the end of practice Rin hadn't even bothered to show up.
Haru softly sighed as Makoto hurried over to him with his signature goofy smiling face. Haru turned headed towards the pool with only one thing in mind. The water. It didn’t take long after getting to the locker room before he was in his swim trunks and ready to go but like always he waited for Makoto. For some, they might have seen burden on Haru’s part to always have to wait for Makoto but he didn’t see it that way. Haru didn’t have to wait for Makoto if he didn’t want to, he waited because he wanted to be near Makoto. To him, Makoto has always been at his side and always been ready to make him feel better. Makoto was Haru’s support, without Makoto, Haru wouldn’t be the same. Once he saw Makoto was almost done changing, he started towards the pool knowing that the much taller boy would be safely following behind him. His face didn’t change as the tall male’s voice reached his ears but it made his mood lighter. Haru drive into the smoothing water already feeling his problems being washed away. The water flowed crossed his skin like silk as his feet patted against the stream of water making him go faster. Haru’s face turned to the side to catch a breath of air and when he did he saw Makoto on the side on the pool staring down at him. Once he made in back to the front of the pool, he stop and popped his head out of the water. (#42a9f0 “What’s wrong Makoto? You look like you’re lost.”) Haru said just up himself out of the pool. He stood in front of the male who his head only came up to his shoulders. Haru stared up at him (#42a9f0 “Is it about Rin? Or is it something that’s been on your mind?”) he asked but Rei, Nagisa, and Gou walked in.
Haru / sandshower / 6y ago
Makota had a soft smile on his face as he gave a small node as he started to walk with Haru. (#3df83a "I will so you don't have to worry about that.") To be telling the truth he was usually always at Haru's side threw out the day. For the rest of the day he staid by Haru's side keeping a eye out for a serration red haired transfer student. Luckily Rin had been no were in sit for most of the day. He haden't even showed up for swim practice yet but there was still time. He was lost in thought as he changed out of his school uniform and into his swim trunks. After he was all the way changed he walked towards Haru whom was already starting out to the pool. (#3df83a "Sorry it took me so long.") He said in a louder voice so Haru could hear him just before he dove into the pool. A small smile grew on his face as he saw the other male do this. He keep his eye's on Haru as he started to swim. Rei really was right Haru's swimming was beautiful no matter how many times he saw it but that wasn't the only thing that was beautiful at the moment. He was soon brought back from his thoughts as he heard Haru's voice.
Haru’s mind was lost in space with everything that happened; it was like trying to solve a puzzle with missing pieces. He listened to Makoto’s advice and nodded (#42a0f9 “Ok, I won’t.”) he said then looked up at Makoto (#42a0f9 “Does that mean you’ll stay by my side?”) he asked but began to walk away and towards the gym with Makoto closely behind. Makoto did what he said he would and stayed by Haru’s side through the rest of the day. Even so once in the while he would look around to see if Rin was there but the tall red head wasn’t there. By the end of the day all Haru wanted to do was jump into the water and clear his head. He waited impatiently for Makoto to get his stuff ready so they could go down to the pool.
Haru / sandshower / 6y ago
(#1e7f10 " That's good.") Makoto said in a low voice as he looked down at Haru. He hadn't noticed that Haru was holding on to his jacket until the other let go of it. (#1e7f10 "It's fine Haru. It dosn't really matter just as long as your fine.") A soft smile was on his face trying to calm Haru in anyway he possibly could at this point.(#1e7f10 " You should try not to go off alone especially when Rin is around. Just until we find out about what's going on.") Even though he said this he already had an idea of why Rin was doing this and if he could do anything about it he would try to make sure Haru didn't find out the reason or he would do something so that nothing 'bad' would happen to Haru. For the rest of the day Rin didn't say a word to them or really even look at them.
Haru started breathing harder as Rin’s face got closer to his. Rin’s rash tone made it even worst (#42a0f9 “Don’t tell me to-“) his back lash was cut off by Rin’s lips. The moment Haru felt those forceful yet soft lips his mind went blanket. Not a single thought. When he finally gain back some of his thought process and clearly understood what was happening, Haru started to push against Rin but had no luck.Haru was weak compare to Rin, he couldn’t even stop him from shoving his tongue in. An unwanted blush appeared on his face when he felt Rin’s tongue getting pushed in his mouth. It felt so strangle having another person’s tongue in his mouth and a man’s tongue none the less. Haru was so tightly press up against the wall it was getting hard to breathe. It felt like forever before he felt a huge weight being lifted off of him.

The first things he heard was Makoto’s voice then he saw Makoto’s face before his own face was buried in Makoto’s chest. Haru could fell Makoto’s strong arms holding on to him tightly as if scared he was going too disappeared. It was surprising how different Makoto and Rin was from each other. He could feel Rin’s glare on Makoto and himself. Hearing Rin’s voice again in the same rash tone made Haru’s body tremble in fear something unpleasant was going to happen again. Slowly he peeked over his shoulder in time to see Rin walking away. Haru turned back and looked up at Makoto who now was speaking gently to him. (#42a9f0 “Yes… It was unpleasant and wasn’t asked for but I’m not hurt.”) There was still a slight blush that refused to go away. He didn’t notice until now that he was tightly holding onto Makoto’s school’s jacket. (#42a9f0 “Sorry…”) Haru let go and step back (#42a9f0 “Let’s just forget about what just happen and head go to gym class.”) He was embarrassed and confused and the last thing Haru wanted was to talk about what just happen.
Haru / sandshower / 7y ago
Some how Makoto actually paid attention to class. There had been tones of different things going around in his head during the class. Despite this he had been able to remember everything the teacher had taught them. He was thankful for this since the teacher told them at the end of class that they were going to have a test over it the next day. He took a little extra time putting his things up in to his bag thinking that Haru would wait for him but he didn't. Makoto let out a small sigh as he grabbed his things and walked out of the classroom making his way to the gym. Even thought he usually didn't go to the long way to the gym he went that way today. He just had a feeling that he should do that way today for some reason.

(#f4101b ~Rin~)
Rin had noticed as Haru walked out of the room without Makoto, for once. He had a small smirk on his face as he walked out of the room following somewhat close to Haru but giving enough distance so that Haru wouldn't notice him. He let out an almost silent chuckle as he saw Haru going down a small ally way. Once Haru was half way down the ally way Rin grabbed Haru's should and pulled him back hard forcing his his back to the wall. He looked down at Haru as he spoke. He wasn't really sure what he should do so he did the first thing that came to his mind. (#f4101b "Shut up.") Rin mumbled before he pressed his lips against Haru's. He pushed his body against Haru's so that he couldn't get away. He slide his tongue in to Haru's mouth ,which had been forced opened by his tongue.

(#1e7f10 Makoto)
Makoto had just gotten to the ally a few minutes after Rin had started to kiss Haru. Makoto was frozen to his spot for a moment as he brain had to process what was going on. He had to take in a breath before he spoke up and made his way quickly over to the two. (#1e7f10 "Rin! What are you doing to Haru!?") He pulled Haru away from Rin with one quick tug were he pulled him in to a hug of sorts. (#f4101b "It's none of your concern Makoto.") Rin mumbled as he narrowed his eyes before walking away. Makoto looked down at Haru as Rin walked away. (#1e7f10 "Are you okay Haru?") he asked a little worried about the other.
Haru tried to keep his focus on what the teacher was lecturing but it was difficult. His mind kept wondering back to the dream he had this morning. But it wasn’t actually a dream; it was more of a memory of the past. Haru was in a daze when the bell rang. (b “Remember what we went over today because there will be a test over it tomorrow.”) Haru stared at board seeing there was new material on it. (#42a9f0 “Damn…”) he stood up a little annoyed with himself for not paying attention. (i (#42a9f0 “Maybe Makoto will let me look at his notes later.”)) He grabbed his book bag and threw it over his shoulder before heading to his next class which was P.E.

He decided to go the long to the gym because he felt like walking to clear his head. He made his way towards the back the school building when he felt someone watching him. Turning around fast to see who it was but no one was there. (#42a9f0 “Strange…I could have sworn that someone was following me.”) Haru rubbed the back of his head feeling a bit silly for being so paranoid. He turned back around and continued to walk towards the gym. There was a small alley between the main building and a storage shed that Haru had to past through to get to the gym. He was half way through the alley when someone grabbed his shoulder and pulled him back hard. The force of the pull made him drop his book bag and it sent him back to where his back was up against the wall. (#42a9f0 “ Ow! That hurt!”) he shouted before looking up at the people who jumped him. His eyes widen at the sight of Rin’s face. (#42a9f0 “Rin? What do you think you’re doing?”) He couldn’t understand what was happening or why. Rin seem different, he has never been so aggrieve before. It almost made Haru want to call out for Makoto.
Haru / sandshower / 7y ago
Makoto watched as Haru quickly sat up out of the tub. Like usual Haru was bathing in his swimming trunks. (#1e7f10 "Its fine I just got here. We have plenty of time to make it but your going to have to hurry.") A small smile was on his face as he looked at Haru who was trying to get dressed in a hurry. (#1e7f10 "It's fine you must have been tired to fall asleep. Anyways I think we can make it to school on time..") he stopped talking as Haru started to talk but trailed off. He wondered what Haru was going to say but he pushed it to the back of his mind as he picked up his pace just a little so they wouldn't be late. Luckily they got in to the classroom before the tardy bell rang. He quickly took his seat beside Haru. Tin had been leaning back in his chair not really caring about what was going on around him since Haru had yet to get there. Just before the teacher came in he glanced back at were Harus seat was. A small smile was on his face as he looked at him for a moment before looking away. The small smile was still on his face.
Haru who was still fast asleep in the bathtub dreamed of floating in a pool of cherry blossoms. He was young again like he was in the sixth grade. He could voices far off but they were faint by the water muffling his ears. The first voice was high pitch like a girl’s but he knew it was a boy with their voice still undeveloped. It was a confident voice with slight aggression in it, it was Rin’s. (i (r “I’m forming a relay team and I want you to be in it.”)) The second voice had an even higher pitch and it was more tamed but whiny, Nagisa’s. (i (#fdfe20 “I want to join! Let me be on your relay team!”)) The third voice was softer and more mature than the first two but still young in years, Makoto’s. (i (#06e04e “I don’t know. Are you going to join Haru-chan?”)) The final voice was emotionless and blunt (i (#42a9f0 “I only swim free.”)) Haru was still floating in the pool but the cherry blossoms were gone and he was much older. The pool turned into a bright light to where Haru was surrounded by nothing but white. (#42a9f0 “Free…”) he mumbled just then two different hands reached out to him. He didn’t know who they belong too but they both reached out to him. Haru lifted his hand out of the water and raised it up into the air. He didn’t know which hand to pick but that didn’t stop him from picking and grabbing one.

Haru woke up at the sound of Makoto’s voice. (#42a9f0 “Makoto, when did you get here? What time is it?”) He sat up in the tub and shivered realizing how cold the water had become. (#42a9f0 “Sorry, I fell asleep.”) He stood up and grabbed a towel which was close by and dried himself off. He hurried and threw on his school uniform then heated up some breakfast before heading out with Makoto. (#42a9f0 “Sorry, If I make you late today. I was…”) Haru trailed off not knowing how to explain it. (#42a9f0 “Never mind it doesn’t matter. We should pick up your speed if we want to make it in time.”)They made it in the classroom just before the tardy bell rang. Haru walked to his desk and sat his book bag down. He looked over his shoulder at Rin who was leaning back in his chair without a care. Hara sighed and sat down ready for class to start.
Haru / sandshower / 7y ago
As Makoto and Haru walked home together the sun was already starting to set. He loved the everything seemed to turn orange and yellow as the sun set. As they got in front of Haru's house they said there goodbyes. Just as he started to turn away and start off to his own house. He felt something grab a hold of his hand making him stop. He turned his head to look behind him seeing Haru holding onto his hand. Even though Haru had said he wanted to say something he didn't say anything for some time. Makoto didn't mind this since Haru was still holding onto his hand. But soon Haru apologized and let go of his hand. He almost protested this but stopped himself but instead Haru started to speak. A small blush came on his face as he listened to Haru. Before he could say anything to Haru said goodnight and walked inside of his house. He just stood there for a moment with a small smile on his face as he looked down at his hand. He then started to walk towards his house still looking at his hand.

Just like every morning Makoto made his way to Haru's house. He took a little extra time as he stopped to play with a little kitten on the stairs. After some time he walked up the stairs the rest of the way and tried to open the front door. For once the door was unlocked. He couldn't smell the scent of food yet so Haru must have been in the tube still. Once he reached the bathroom he opened the door to find a sleeping Haru he was about to wake him up but stopped at he heard Haru mumble 'Rin.' Makoto almost walked out of the room but stopped since he need to wake up Haru. (#1e7f10 "Hey Haru it's not good to sleep in the tub.")
Haru looked up at Makoto who was smiling down at him. (#42a9f0 “Yeah, let’s go home.”) They walked out of the locker room together and headed home. The setting sun made the world look orange and yellow. They stopped in front of Haru’s house and said they goodbyes but as Makoto was turning to leave Haru grabbed his hand to stop him. (#42a9f0 “Wait Makoto…I want to say something.”) Haru stared at the ground not really knowing how to form the words. Makoto’s hand was so warm in his own and also much bigger. Haru never quite realize how much bigger Makoto was compare to him. He blushed when he notice that he was still holding Makoto’s hand. (#42a9f0 “Sorry.”) he said as he let his hand drop. (#42a9f0 “I just wanted to thank you. For always being there. You’re a good friend.”) Haru scratched his head (#42a9f0 “Sorry for stopping you just for that but I had to say it. Well goodnight.”)he waved and entered the house. He leaned up against the front door and looked down at his hand which was still warm from Makoto’s heat. (i (#42a9f0 “This day been nothing but strange. Everything is becoming weird.”))

Haru woke up the next morning and started with the same routine. But this time he fell back asleep it the bathtub. It couldn’t be help; the water was so nice and warm like a blanket that snuggled him. Also he wasn’t able to get a good night sleep because his thoughts were running wild with many different thoughts. He thought about Rin’s arrival and what it may bring. He also thought about Makoto and the warmth of his hands. He wondered if Rin’s hands were as warm as Makoto’s. (#42a9f0 “Rin…”) he mumbled in his sleep.
Haru / sandshower / 7y ago
Rin had his arms crossed after they had all finished warming up. He looked at the male they called Rei as he spoke. (#f4101b "Don't worry spedo glasses because i'll leave you behind in my bubbles.") Before Rei could respond Gou got on to them. He listened to what his sister had to say since she was now his coach. (#f4101b "Okay i'll just work on that...for now.") He mumbled the last part to himself as he walked over to start practicing.

Makoto had left one of his notebooks in the classroom and went to go get it after he had changed. Luckily he had reached the classroom before one of the janitors locked up. He went back to the locker room in a hurry hopping that Haru hadn't left yet.He knew that Rin had already went home with Gou so Haru was most likely still there. A warm smile grew on his face as he saw Haru still in the locker room. He place his hand on Haru's shoulder as he spoke. (#1e7f10 "Ready to go home now?) He spoke with his usual smile on his face as the walked out of the locker room together making sure to turn off everything and lock up before leaving.
Haru jumped into the pool and swam a couple of laps freestyle before stopping. He grabbed on to the rope which separated the lanes and looked up at Makoto who just came out the locker room and was stand on the side of the pool. (#42a9f0 “I knew he would. I also spoke to him earlier and he said he was. This is a public club run by the school, we don’t have a say on who gets to or who gets to not join. So it doesn’t matter what we think or what we may want. But if you’re asking me what’s my opinion about it then that’s different. There isn’t any doubt that Rin will make our team strong and on top of that he is an old friend. With all the facts we should be happy about it. Yet what I feel isn’t easy to explain. For now let’s just let things been and have fun.”) Haru said then returned to swimming a few more laps before Gou would have the chance to fuss at him for not warming up properly.

Ten minutes later after everyone was warmed up and Rei had made it practice. Rei pushed up on his glasses (#c43cec “I’m sorry I made everyone wait for me.”) Nagisa teased and point at Rei (#f0f830 “Don’t worry about it! It’s not like we were waiting for hours.”) Rei smiled in thanks but then looked over at Rin. (#c43cec “So you actually decided to join. You have more experience and more speed than me but I not going to let you have my spot easily. Slack off even a little and I’ll leave you in my dust.”) (#f0f830 “You mean ‘in my water’.”) Rei nodded (#c43cec “Yes, in my water…Nagisa! Don’t make me say such stupid embarrassing things.”) Rei turned a light shade of pink while Nagisa just laughed. Gou watched them for as long as she could before she blew a fussed (r “Settled down you guys! This is no time to be playing around. I know the the next compation seems far away but it’s not. We needed to work hard so next time we’ll win for sure!”) Gou yell powerfully with confidence then let them return to practice. (r “Brother, can we talk for a bit?”) she pulled Rin off to the side. (r “For now just work on your butterfly stoke and don’t worry about the relay. All good things in time.”) Gou didn’t know why she felt so uneasy about it all so she decided to play it safe for now.

Afternoon practice ended swiftly enough and Nagisa and Rei were one of the first two too leave. Haru was the last one to get out of the pool and into the locker room. He didn’t notice anyone else in the room either (i (#42a9f0 “I guess Makoto and Rin went home. Strange I didn’t see them leave and Makoto always walks home with me. Makoto…he sure has acting different today but then again I guess we all have with the exception of Nagisa.”)) Haur thought as he dried himself off and slipped back into his clothes. Just as when he was buttoning up his shirt he heard footsteps walking up behind him. He felt a warm hand on his shoulder and turned around to see (you pick) looking down at him.
Haru / sandshower / 7y ago