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27 club.

By -andria

Replies: 8 / 7 years ago

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(center (size10 omf, stfu, jfc, ffs. #swag))
i've been busy making sure my head doesn't erupt,
get corrupt, or just fucking give up.
i'm so sorry.
preoccupied / 6y ago
it's an entire alibi when you
turn to face me and say
"i love you, my darling."
oh, for fuck's sake,
just kiss me sweetly,
whether you're true or not.
preoccupied / 6y ago
you will never understand the pain in my chest
when you kiss me with your precious lips,
preoccupied / 6y ago
why, oh why.
do you even keep this going.
preoccupied / 6y ago
i've melted down,
but not just into myself.
for i know, surely-
i can melt into you, too.
preoccupied / 6y ago
and so i can't be the water you replenish your bones with,
i will stick to the wind that flows through your veins.
don't throw me to the curb, oh no, please.
preoccupied / 6y ago
i keep forgetting,
what you taste like every time

you are not kissing me

keep your breath in my lungs,

for i am

(#ffffff xxx) not what you wish i was.
preoccupied / 6y ago