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Three Word Story

By RawrFizz

Replies: 52 / 10 years ago

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We write a story, each person only adding three words at a time. Anyone can feel free to join / add a word.

(I changed it to three words to help the story move faster...)

::Story so Far::

"Once apon a time there was a blue ocean no where near the farmhouse but there was a man of great reputation who loved a small bite on the arm. Then a small person who was angry came to destroy to village. He created a huge triangular area to create zombies for his undead army...."
They then ate
black, pricket plants.
from the overgrown
in blood
orange towels soaked
to destroy the

(right (#669966 Undead Army))
Bob Page / comradbrody / 10y ago

the triangular arena.
Bob Page / comradbrody / 10y ago
And then starts
his undead army.
RawrFizz / 10y ago
create zombies for