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1x1 me for me lunalight.

By xLyrax

Replies: 71 / 7 years ago

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Sage held his shirt the hold time to make sure he didn't go away were. She smiled in her sleep. Aaron came up to the room were they slept and knocked. (b Hey Boss) He said as he was kind of worry. (b I just found this on the ware house) he said as he handed the letter to Knight letter said :

Get your ass to the club tomorrow or you and your "Friends" Will be killed.
J. Meck

Sage woke up as she did she looked up and saw the letter. She knew he would not let her go easily. She lay back down and went back to sleep or try to at lease. She knew she had to go back there soon or later. She didn't want her friends involved with this no more. Sage made her mine up and deiced to go back when Knight is asleep or gone
Sage / lunalight / 7y ago
Knight smiled at her pulling her closely. (r "I know, but I'm your dork. and you are a dork too") he said kissing the top of her head as she was cuddled into him, he smiled watching her struggle to stay awake, When she fell asleep he smiled running his fingers softly through her hair. Once the movie ended she was still passed out. He got up carefully trying to wake her up, and picked her up carrying her to their bedroom.
Sage smiled gently as she place the ace bandage tightly and then put the ice on top of it. She looked at him and pulled him to the couch as she lean on his chest. "you are such a dork" She said messing with his hair a bit. She then turn on the tv as it played "Brave" on Disney channel. "Ohhh goodie" She said as she sat there. She then started to fall asleep listening to his heart. Sage would keep her eyes open long enough to see the middle of the movie but then the end she completely passed out as she moved her foot to next to her and lay in Knight lap. She dreamed of him and her being together for ever. She took in a deep breath and let it out as she was happy. She held his shirt and didn't let go of it.
Sage / lunalight / 7y ago
Knight nodded "sounds good" he said looking down to her as she grabbed his hand and placed her around the swelling, he was afraid to touch her ankle, not wanting to cause her pain. He looked up at her and got her point. "I get it Sage. Just drop it, if its still swollen like this in two days we are going no if and or buts about it" he said,
Sage looked up at him and gently smiled. "If the swelling dose not go down in two days then I will go ok?" She asked as she grab the stuff from him. She knew that she had to keep the promise. She grab his hand and place it behind the swell ness were he could feel water like fluid. "What do you feel?" She asked calmly. She wanted him to know she knew what she was doing and this was the only way.
Sage / lunalight / 7y ago
Knight frowned at her. (r "Fine.") he said, in annoyance, he still wanted her to have it looked at, but he gave up knowing she wouldn't go. He went into the kitchen grabbing a small towel and the ice pack from the freezer and bringing it out to her.
((In reality it can happen trust me I twisted my ankle twice and boy did it hurt. My seconed time I twisted it i have on my fb.))

Sage sigh as she knew her own body but she didn't argue any more. "Fine" she said and wiggled her toes. "Happy?" She asked kinda in a pissed off mood. "Im not going to the docture so don't even think about me going there" She said as she try to get out of his arms. "Just let me down on the couch. I can take care of it" She said "Just get me a ace wrap ice and a towl."
Sage / lunalight / 7y ago
Knight looked down as she spoke, ignoring her. He wanted to have her ankle looked at, it looked really bad he didn't care. He cringed as she bit him, going down the stairs, he listened to her putting her down on the couch, sitting beside her. (r "Look Sage, I think you need to get it looked at, if it was just twisted it wouldn't have swelled that bad, Can you move your toes?") he asked her.
Sage looked at him as she sigh gently. She didn't want him to spend his money on her. "I don't need it look at it just twisted pertty badly meaning I can't walk or anything for a good couple days" She said try to make him change his mine. She hated the doctures any ways. Sage bit him as she told him. "Let me down on the couch" She said as she hump "I don't need a docture" She kept saying. She cross her arms and sigh gently.
Sage / lunalight / 7y ago
Knight back off at first at her growling which was normal for Sage, when she finally let him look he inspected it, seeing the swelling it kept growing. (r "I think we need to get it looked at") he said looking down her picking her up and taking her down the stairs.
Sage didn't want him to look at her ankle for it was pretty big. She growled as she saw him get closer. She then relized he was only helping so she allowed him. The ankle was badly twisted as it was swelling three times its size. She sighs as she lay down on the floor. "Damn it" She curse and waited for him to say something. Sage knew that she was in trouble as soon as her ankle got twisted.
Sage / lunalight / 7y ago
(( lol it keeps posting as the wrong characters on my rps))

Knight smiled into the kiss, he did truly love Sage and would do anything for her. He looked to her as she fell on to the ground Knight went down to her side immediately, "You okay?" he said moving her hands from her ankle trying to look at her ankle.
((Sexy pic lol))

Sage smiled as they intertwine their fingers as one. She looked at him as he said those sweet words to her. She giggled gently as Knight took her chin and bringed it up for a kiss on the lips. Sage leand in before he could bring him self down to her self. She smiled and jump up to kiss him which fail majorly for her. She jumped up kissed him when she move back down she step on her foot the wrong way. "ow" she said droping to the floor fast. Sage looked up at him and felt realy bad now. Sage though she should of waitied before getting in a rush. She sigh and looked up at knight. "Sorry" Sage said looking down and holding her anckle.
Sage / lunalight / 7y ago
Knight was taken aback by her question. He looked at her intertwining their fingers on one hand. (r "Sage. Your beautiful, your cute, adorable, everything. Your personalities amazing, theres just something about you, that I love") he said bringing her chin up so he could kiss her.
Landon Mills / xLyrax / 7y ago
Sage looked at him and smiled gently as she pulled him to her. "Why me of all people?" She asked as she lay her head on his chest. "Why me as your girlfriend?" she wanted to know what was he thinking of all people. "Im not rich or cute like others" She said as she looked up at him.
Sage / lunalight / 7y ago