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For RainbowRain

By Morphinebreakdown

Replies: 8 / 7 years ago

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"No, no It's my fault. I have every reason to apologize Majo."The name that fell from his lips was sweet like honey, why did it feel like he just ate a spoonful of sugar. his chest warmed up thoroughly, he held onto Majo as if the other's presence wasn't enough for him to feel secure. his frail fingers clutching the others body closer and closer, he began to laugh softly,"I've never seen such happiness, I've been so happy when I am with you it seems my heart is melting away the ice of my frosty soul." he whispered, the imps ran out of the room with the sprites. it was just them alone, The imps went to make food for the two love birds.It was a Imps specialty to cook.

They were small sure and beautiful yes, but they were quite handy. Ai couldn't help but to kiss Majo on his lips.
“…I’ll admit that I am sore… but you do not have to apologize. It’s alright.”, Majo told the other with a soft smile. He then returned his attention to the imps with a happily surprised expression, “Really? These two are them? I never would have guessed!” The smile on his face then grew as he watched the two’s antics and he gave a small laugh at their reaction when Aitai commented on them being like a ‘married couple’. He found those two adorable and it showed on his face. He now returned his attention to Aitai when the other spoke to him and gave a small nod, “It really seems so and they are very adorable together.”

He glanced back to the imps when they started to play with the sprites, who happily returned the favor with tinkling chatter. It was truly pleasant how things were now and he never would have thought that something like this would happen. He had always thought that he would forever be alone, though he had the sprites with him, and traveling place to place without any attachments to them. Now he was far from alone and he had an attachment to this place which he was glad to have. He did not regret his decisions, not at all.
Aitai was startled before he blushed darkly looking away from Majo in a new shy fashion,'I'm sorry about last night it was me taking advantage, I'm sorry you ache all over as well." Aitai mumbled out thenlooked at Majo, the male's eyes had a questioning look in them and right away Aitai presumed it was the two deer children,"Yes that is the two deer." he laughed gently, Eklie then pushed the white imp away.

"You're so mean chester!"
"You're the one who pounced me,Eklie"

Aitai began laughing and said a loud,"Just like a married couple!" the two looked at eachother than scrunched their noses,"Gross, Like I'd ever marry him." she puffed out her cheeks in a rather angry manner, Aitai just laughed even more andlooked at Majo,"Maybe we're the only current couple here.." he looked back at the imps as they messed around with the sprites,they seemed to enjoy their new friends.
Majo couldn't help but to smile when he heard Aitai's answer before he re-entered his body. He then reached up his hand and loosely held the back of the other's head as his lips responded to the kiss and his eyes fluttered open. He smiled now and broke the kiss before propping himself up on his elbows, "I'm happy to hear that." The witch then used his hands to scoot back into a sitting position, which really felt off, before he looked back at Aitai with the smile still on his face. It was then that he noticed the imps as they fought and he watched them curiously before he looked back to Aitai.

He wasn't too sure about those two but they had the same aura's as Elkie and that white deer. Did that mean that those two weren't actually deer? He didn't say anything and merely looked at Aitai questioningly before he looked back to the two imps. He didn't have a problem with them, he was just surprised at this change. It interested him. The sprites were apparently curious too for they were flittering over to the two imps and circling them before langing on them.
Aitai looked at Majo and sighed gently before looking at Eklie,"It's not just because he is pretty, he is kind and he was the first to ever sincerely thank me for anything..He didn't treat me like every other demon out there..that's why I've fallen for him.." he mumbled before kissing Majo deeply, it was just something Aitai couldn't help but do. Eklie blushed gently and clung to the white imp"That's gross, kissing up on a sleeping man.." the white imp flickered his tail before turning and kissing Eklie,"..How's that gross, it feels nice doesn't it.."

aitai seemed to be growing fond of this white imp, Eklie freaked out and ended up pouncing the blind imp and they fought about a little.
Majo remained in the bed, though he didn't have much of a choice on the matter, and he was becoming bored as he patiently waited for Aitai's return. After a while of waiting, he closed his eyes and considered going back to sleep but Aitai's shout quickly snapped him out of it. Worried, he looked towards the door and wondered if everything was alright. He did try and get up but that was still hardly any good for the known reason. The witch then sighed and watched the door for Aitai's return but when the demon didn't appear he became worried again and lightly bit his lip.

He wondered what was taking the other so long and he wished that he could go see. Then a thought hit him. He could simply astral travel, though it has been a while since Majo last done that. The witch now relaxed back onto the bed and closed his eyes before casting his astral self out which was easily accomplished. Now he basically teleported to the kitchen to see if Aitai was there before he consitrated on the other's aura. Upon locating that, he teleported to the room's doorway in time to hear the end of Elkie's question.
Aitai had began to make a pot roast, he included potatoes, carrots, and various spices. It was going to be a great meal. Majo would surely be happy about it, as he walked up to the bedroom since the meal had to cook for an hour or so Eklie jumped him from behind. She transformed into her half human state along with the white deer,"Can I braid your hair Ai?" he fluttered her long eyelashes and begged, Aitai freaked out and rolled over onto his side,"What did I say about the human form Eklie?" he shouted, but she pouted and ignored him thoroughly before she began to braid his long white hair. Aitai was followed into the bedroom by two childish looking Imps, he didn't want to explain to Majo the Eklie was an imp.

He sighed deeply before crawling into the bed and laying there,"Ai, why do you like Majo so much? is it because he is pretty?" Eklie began to taunt him as any hild would, the white imp just sat there quietly.