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Not so Free chat

By Necromon

Replies: 9824 / 7 years ago

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(center (b The status has changed due to the one rule being violated. People will now have to apply to come in. Apologies.) )

(center Don't ask about the name.It's a long story.)

(center (s Anyways,this is free to anyone and anything,as the name implies.)There's only one rule outside of the standard ES rules:Don't cause drama.If anyone here is causing drama,I'll be sure to get on and have them kicked.)

(center Other than that,enjoy yourselves~.It's a chat,after all.)
I'm saying you won't, cause hes busy trying to make money to come down to see me. In the Summer and money for gas. 'm not saying you can't talk to him, it'll just be a long time til you get an answer.
oEo / Lastofus / 6y ago
If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. ~ Thumper Rabbit ; Bambi
I can taallk to him if I want. I Adam used to him being choosy about what he talks about. Sometimes he will say hi back, other times he won't. Let him decide.

Anyways.... What is new around here?
Not going to get word from him.
You know, I think Boo is a stupid name.

I'm moving! for the first time i'm actually excited!
oEo / Lastofus / 6y ago
Well that's something at least. Hello to you too brother.
Blarghedy blargh blarghedy blargh blarghedy blargh blarghedy blargh
-| Sion |- / Necromon / 6y ago
Row row row your boat gently down the stream. Merrily merrily merrily life is but a dream. ( or in some cases night mares)
You want me to be like that more? or whatelse?
S|G / Lastofus / 6y ago
= w = I don't do it when you don't do it. Just saying.
-| Sion |- / Necromon / 6y ago
Oh really? why not be like that with me more often than, if you don't roleplay anymore =w=
✯⚜✯ / Lastofus / 6y ago
o.o I don't really, I just tend to type complete sentences regardless. So the character limit is never an issue for me.
-| Sion |- / Necromon / 6y ago
Me too Echo xD

I never knew you roleplayed anymore hun, you seemed less interest, like me kinda of =w=
✯⚜✯ / Lastofus / 6y ago
Sense when have you roleplayed anyways?

Okay my new favorite snack, is corn tortilla. v3v
Smores / 6y ago
o-o It's not too bad to me, but that's just me. Mostly anything I write is more than 50 characters.
-| Sion |- / Necromon / 6y ago
I know totally :/ I am annoyed about it as well ._.'
(b sigh and lazes around.)
Lastofus / 6y ago
U.u "I helped a little." Urgh. Why does everything that never had a post limit before have a post limit now? Its annoying and stupid.