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Friends X3

By Dragoncita

Replies: 29 / 8 years ago

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[#800000 [b Wildheart]]
Sweet guy
Happy to have him as a friend ^^
[center [b [u Okimichi]]
Friendly young guy

[size7 *Fillerfillerfiller*]
????? / Dragoncita / 4y ago
(#d15a00 Simmal)
Overall, just an awesome, sweet guy who's been there when I needed him, and vice-versa ^^

If only we could go back and return things to the way they once had been...
(pic http://i.imgur.com/Cwzc7uq.jpg)
(pic http://i.imgur.com/oYUxJg1.jpg)
(pic http://i.imgur.com/aww3QD0.png)
(pic http://i.imgur.com/raS2FiW.jpg)
(pic http://i.imgur.com/we9A0z2.jpg)
(pic http://i.imgur.com/Tr6aUzp.jpg)
(#006bd6 SilentOne)
Just an overall nice person to be around who I know has brains unlike some >w>
Dragoncita / 7y ago
(#ff051c Fang) & (#ff05c9 Janae)
Gotta have a group pic now and then >w>
(#335b4c Reflections)
Originally Taintedblood or something like that. She's changed her username so many times that it's confusing sometimes xwx"
She made dis pic
Meridew / Dragoncita / 7y ago
(#991e48 Manini)
A lovely young lady
She had always been there, and was kind and caring
Unfortunately from what I know, she has taken her life, due to those who turned her back on her
I had promised her I'd never turn from her, even if she is gone, I still remain loyal to her
Dragoncita / 7y ago
(#d14dc0 MissUnknown) and (#b74334 Twin_Lance)
Don't really know what to say, both are awesome though X3
Dragoncita / 7y ago
(#a70c6e Rinkokoro)
Sweet, young girl
You have plenty of potential kiddo, keep going ;3
Daboia / Dragoncita / 6y ago
(#115034 YourFriendLaggy)
Cool guy
Kinda scary how when we talk about our lives...they sound exactly the same O.O
Dragoncita / 8y ago
(#644e6e Karl-Savvy)
Don't know too much about her, so far though we've been getting along lol ;3
Dragoncita / 8y ago
(r LordIgnitus)
My RL cousin who I finally got to come on ES
(#662439 Druecilla)
Overall, just a nice person to be around with ^^
Striker / Dragoncita / 8y ago
(#0084cc Lunalight)
Very kind person
We have taken it upon each other to be Guardians for one another
So mess with her, you are also messing with a dragonelle

She made this pic, I did the top one though X3
(pic http://i895.photobucket.com/albums/ac158/cherayahcooldog/69c7f28a-33e6-41d2-af00-545c7c01db53_zpscc21a082.jpg)