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  Roleplay / Fanfic Categories: Mystery

Roleplays related to a specific topic, sorted by latest

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Expert  Dance with the Devil [1x1 Closed] Roleplay
Expert  Roleplay Search Roleplay
Expert  Creature Hotel - CLOSED Roleplay
Expert  The Faye's Dragon Roleplay
Veteran  πšƒπš‘πšŽ π™½πšŽπšŒπš›πš˜πš–πšŠπš—πšŒπšŽπš›'𝚜 π™²πšžπš›πšœπšŽ Roleplay
Veteran  Devil Possessed .:Closed to Tatzuo:. Roleplay
Veteran  Love Bites Roleplay
Veteran  :. Partner search .: Roleplay
Veteran  Secretary to boyfriend Roleplay
Veteran  Um, just the family. Roleplay
Veteran  -Williams/Hamato domain- Roleplay
Veteran  Partner search Roleplay
Veteran  Obsession at first sight. Roleplay
Veteran  JJBA - Rise of the Next Generation Roleplay
Veteran  [ Wolf City ] a group roleplay Roleplay
Veteran  [ Monstrum’s Home for little Cretins ] Roleplay
Veteran  Unspoken Words Roleplay
Writer  The Mystery Muder's at Star's and Friends Roleplay
Writer  Hateful Wonderland Roleplay
Writer  Don't Go To Sleep Roleplay
Writer  ~Forever Hellbound ~ Roleplay
Writer  𝕋𝕙𝕖 β„™π•£π•šπ•Ÿπ•”π•–β€™π•€ π•Šπ•–π•”π•£π•–π•₯ [1x1 Yaoi] (Closed) Roleplay
Writer  The Missing Boy [1x1 Yaoi] Roleplay
Writer  My Yandere Boyfriend [1x1 Yaoi] Roleplay
Writer  Recast (Horror Roleplay) Roleplay
Writer  Crimson Snow Roleplay
Writer  Shadow and Bone/Grishaverse? - looking for a darkling- Roleplay
Writer  Universal Wolf & Lyric Productions Roleplay
Writer  ALO((1x1)) Roleplay
Writer  Magic of the Lost Roleplay
Writer  Magic of the Lost ((2)) Roleplay
Writer  the Kritanta chronicle [open] Roleplay
Writer  Shriek Of The Hunt Roleplay
Writer  The Killer 1x1 Roleplay
Writer  Confessions . . . ROLEPLAY Roleplay
Writer  The World Belongs To Me . . . ROLEPLAY Roleplay
Writer  π™²πšŠπš— 𝚒𝚘𝚞 πš”πšŽπšŽπš™ 𝚊 πšœπšŽπšŒπš›πšŽπš? . . . ROLEPLAY Roleplay
Writer  The Day at the Computer Lab . . . ROLEPLAY Roleplay
Writer  Your Love Is Mine . . . ROLEPLAY Roleplay
Writer  πš†πš‘πš’ πš–πšžπšœπš 𝚒𝚘𝚞 𝚍𝚘 πšŽπšŸπšŽπš›πš’πšπš‘πš’πš—πš πšπš˜πš› πš–πšŽ?! . . . ROLEPLAY Roleplay
Writer  Your Yandere Girlfriend . . . ROLEPLAY Roleplay
Writer  Her Diary . . . ROLEPLAY Roleplay
Writer  Persona4U Roleplay
Writer  (CLOSED) Confessions . . . ROLEPLAY Roleplay
Writer  (CLOSED) Not all witches are bad . . . ROLEPLAY Roleplay
Writer  Hotel Horror Roleplay
Writer  Insanity . . . ROLEPLAY Roleplay
Writer  πš„πš›πš‹πšŠπš— π™»πšŽπšπšŽπš—πš . . . ROLEPLAY Roleplay
Casual  Partner search ~ Roleplay
Casual  Hunted Roleplay
Casual  Search for Nirvana Roleplay
Casual  Roleplay Search Thread. AHS 1984 AU. Roleplay
Casual  Roleplay Request. Roleplay
Casual  Cure The curse 【RP】 Roleplay
Casual  Until Dawn[horror RP] Roleplay
Casual  Cure The curse 【RP】for @ Mr-Catonic and me Roleplay
Casual  Paper Boxes & Thorn Mazes (1x1 Open) Roleplay
Casual  Undertale roleplay Roleplay
Casual  Gastale Au: The Pages of the Unkown Roleplay
Casual  Lurking in the Shadows Roleplay
Casual  Purge: Anarchy Roleplay
Casual  The Great Escape Roleplay
Casual  Lost and Lonely People Roleplay