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What is the definition and meaning of Roleplay?

Write interactively in the settings of your favorite book, video game, or original idea!
Dictionary / Etymology: "act or condition of behaving as another would behave in a certain situation."
Roleplay is turn based creative writing with friends in your choice of setting.

How much writing is required for Roleplaying?

Roleplayers typically start roleplaying in a chat room or texting style, but often improve into writing multiple sentences or even paragraphs per post. Any length is fine as long as both players agree and are enjoying themselves.

Is it like Role-playing Games, TTRPGs, DnD?

Correct, all the same ideas. Together you create your own role playing story, with exciting characters, friends, enemies and of course plot twists. You can use an existing story, or pull in a mix of your favorite tropes for an original world.


How to roleplay in 6 steps

  1. Join a roleplay site. Welcome, we're glad you're here
  2. Check the roleplay partner finder board to see which roleplays are accepting new People
  3. Join the roleplay you like, or create a new entry in the Roleplay partner finder board with your ideas
  4. Make the first post, introducing the setting, time and context of the story
  5. Wait for your partner to respond
  6. React to each response with a continuation of the story

How many people do you need to roleplay?

Most roleplays are interactive one on one experiences, there's no limit to how many people can join a roleplay. It's up to the roleplay creator

Is adult roleplaying content allowed?

Adult roleplay is not allowed on this site. People often roleplay romantically explicit for example as a doctor and patient, or a police officer and citizen. That is not what this website is about. Roleplaying can also be used for professional training in a simulation context like in sales, or therapy as a safe recall context for a past trauma, those roleplays are not the purpose of this site.


How old are Roleplayers?

Role playing is creative writing that anyone of any age can participate in. Many roleplayers are in their teens, but there are plenty of Roleplayers with longer and more sophisticated writing in their 20s, thirties or older.

Why do people Roleplay?

If you ever wanted an exciting story to continue, or had a great idea about how the movie should have ended, you are in the right place. Roleplaying is about storytelling, world building, and continuing that feeling of excitement, curiousity and creativity you felt from your favorite stories.


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